Respect Tyranta (Tyrantis Walks Among Us)

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Respect Tyranta (Tyrantis Walks Among Us)

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Tyranta is a member of the same species as Tyrantis, being a part of the Retrosaur family. First found in an underground chasm in Los Angeles, Tyranta would go on to become Tyrantis' mate and have his son Tyrantor.

Note: As Tyranta hails from a book, the following feats will instead have citations of the pages where they occurred.

-Bit down on Tyrantis’ shoulder like a vice, before throwing him into a nearby tree and stomping on him, as well as lashing him with her tail (pg. 113)
-Had fought the Terror in a brutal fight in the past (pg. 127)
-Ran at MechaTyrantis with the speed of a freight train and the bulk of a cargo ship, knocking him off his feet, before repeatedly stomping on him with enough force to dent his metal armor (pg. 324)
-Slammed into MechaTyrantis with her full weight and bit into his neck (pg. 324 - 325)
-Once more toppled MechaTyrantis by charging into him (pg. 325)
-Was struck by a blast of energy from MechaTyrantis’ arm mounted cannons, but was able to keep going (pg. 325)
-Kept getting shot over and over by MechaTyrantis’ cannons, gaining burns and scars, but continued undaunted (pg. 325)
-Momentarily withstood being shot by all four of MechaTyrantis’ cannons at once, the force of which forced her back a bit, and continued trying to advance forward until she collapsed from the energy blasts, though she was still alive (pg. 325)
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