Respect Sun Wukong (RWBY)

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Respect Sun Wukong (RWBY)

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"Hey, a 'no-good stowaway' would've been caught! I'm a great stowaway!"

Sun Wukong is a monkey Faunus from Vacuo and a student of Haven Academy in Mistral, as well as the leader of team SSSN. He traveled to Vale to participate in the Vytal Festival, stowing away on a ship while his teammates made the trip by air. Once there, he made friends with Blake Belladonna, along with the rest of team RWBY.

Credit for the sources of the following feats goes to this respect thread: ... kong_rwby/
-Kicked Roman Torchwick to the ground
-Knocked around several White Fang grunts
-Defeated Octavia in several strikes
-Pulled back the Sea Feilong's head with help from his clones
-Deflected the Sea Feilong's lightning breath
-Caught Blake as she fell with enough force to break the ground beneath Sun
-With his clones, stopped a runaway cart
-Knocked out a Faunus before blocking a knife strike from Trifa and knocking the knife from her hand
-Pushed Ilia hard enough to crack a wood pillar, eventually breaking it
-Knocked over a White Fang member

-Outran two detectives
-Avoided attacks from multiple White Fang grunts
-Intercepted Roman's explosive shot
-Pressured Roman with several hits and shotgun blasts
-Kept pace with the Atlesian Paladin-290, which is fast enough to outrun cars on a freeway
-Overwhelmed Octavia, who is fast enough to dodge Neptune's shot
-Dodged Dew's cyclones
-Intercepted and deflected an Atlesian Paladin's shots
-Intercepted the Sea Feilong's lightning breath
-Kept ahead of the Sea Feilong as he jumped across several rock formations
-Dodged Ilia's strike
-Spun his staff quickly enough to block a fire/wind blast sent by Corsac and Fennec
-Fast enough to keep up with Ilia and deflect her attacks

-Withstood being zapped by the electricity along the Sea Feilong's mouth

Abilities and Equipment
Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang
-Bo Staff wielded by Sun
-Can split apart into two pairs of shotgun-nunchaku

-The physical manifestation of the user's soul
-Used to augment attacks, heal wounds, and act like a fullbody forcefield to protect the user from harm
-Limited resource; once depleted, the user is vulnerable to harm
-Sensations such as heat or pain aren't blocked by Aura
-Regenerates outside of battle
-Can also be manifested in the form of the user's Semblance, an ability that is unique from person to person

Via Sun
-Sun's semblance gives him the ability to create clones of himself that are able to act on their own and perform actions
-Power of his Semblance varies depending on the time; by day he can move and act alongside his clones, but at night he must concentrate to maintain his clones
-Creating more than three clones requires immense concentration and will strain his body

Night Vision
-As a Faunus, Sun can see in the dark
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