Monster Mayhem Round 3: Giratina93 vs. Bot 1

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Monster Mayhem Round 3: Giratina93 vs. Bot 1

Postby Coobzilla03 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:17 am

- Godzilla (2000)
- King Kong (2005)
- Gigan (2004) V1
- Rodan ('64)


Bot 1
- Godzilla (Showa)
- King Joe (Original)
- Gyaos (Showa)
- Gorosaurus

Arena: Mondo Island Jungles (King Kong Escapes)

Voting may begin!
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Re: Monster Mayhem Round 3: Giratina93 vs. Bot 1

Postby Zarm » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:23 am

I think Giratina93 can take this. Rodan and Gorosaurus are likely to stalemate for some time, same for the two Kings- but I think Gigan could take Gyaos, and an injured Gigan and 2000 may be just enough (barely) to put Showa down, since he doesn't do well with double-teams.
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Re: Monster Mayhem Round 3: Giratina93 vs. Bot 1

Postby Giratina93 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:04 am

Well.. I feared the bot, and now it's here... and yet, I still think I, Giratina, can take this.

Gorosaurus and King Kong, we already know how this is going to end. Gorosaurus can deliver a devastating kick... if he gets the proper set up. Kong won't give him that, and Kong is FANTASTIC at handling therapods, as seen in his 1v1 against the V-rex. This is a fat L for Gorosaurus, and even if he fights someone else... we know Goro doesn't take kindly to beams, so even FW Gigan's cluster ray can keep him at bay while just buying time for help to arrive, and Showa Rodan just pummels Goro since there's nothing the therapod can do against a flying wrecking ball.

Showa King Joe is... mediocre offensively. He never used his beam against Ultraseven, and he only used his seperation when traveling around. He's just going to be a melee bot... the problem is, he's a REALLY skreeonking TOUGH melee bot. Rodan is not breaching what he has, and Kong... MAY be able to do some damage, but King Joe is going to be a near impenetrable wall. Only G2000 has the firepower to put him down, and as I said before, MAYBE kong can outdo him in melee but... he's going to stay for a while.

Showa Gyaos is as fragile as they come, and while the sonic cutter can be deadly... I'm sure anyone I have, even Gigan, can take on the monster bat thing, meaning someone gets to help someone else against either Goro or King Joe.

This just leaves Showa Godzilla... good god. Showa Godzilla is insane, especially at the end of the Showa era. He's a kung fu master with a potent atomic breath... but G2000 can at least hang with him. He has the more potent regeneration, a TERRIFYING atomic breath that Showa wants nothing to do with, some form of melee so he doesn't get completely clobbered by Showa, and a nuclear pulse to at least keep Showa from just pinning him down and pummeling him to death. I doubt G2000 can straight up kill him, but if one of his beams lands... Showa Goji is going to be HURTING, and once backup arrives, which it should... things go downhill for the superhero lizard.
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Re: Monster Mayhem Round 3: Giratina93 vs. Bot 1

Postby Kiryu2012 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:15 pm

Showa Godzilla could win against Godzilla 2000 1v1, but the outcome of this fight depends on how well the drafts do against each other. Kong isn't gonna do well against King Joe for the latter's durability and beam, whilst Gigan might be able to win against Gyaos after a tough fight. Rodan could probably win against Gorosaurus thanks to his durability and flight. If Gigan and Rodan are able to help Kong take out King Joe, then they could help Godzilla 2000 overwhelm and bring down Showa Godzilla. So I'm gonna vote for Giratina93.
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Re: Monster Mayhem Round 3: Giratina93 vs. Bot 1

Postby UltimateDitto » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:47 pm

Kong goes with what he is familiar with, Gorosaurus will get some good strikes in, but I doubt he can land the kangaroo kick! Against a faster Kong, Gorosaurus is going to lose.

Again the Gamera monsters are being treated as 'fragile', I literally skimmed through the movie and Gyaos seems as durable as most mid tier Godzilla monsters from the Showa era. Yes he cut his foot off, but it regrew a couple of scenes later good as new, and managed to survive for a little bit when having two large tusks stabbing into his
neck. Against Rodan, he might be able to win with the fog distraction, impressive flying abilities, and hyper cutter ray, but I don't see him killing Rodan, I actually believe Gigan would be the one to finish off Gyaos after seeing a teammate struggling, flying buzzsaws and a Cluster beam could finish off Gyaos.

Gigan against King Joe would probably win as well. King How is more of a grappler, preferring to choke out his opponent more than anything, not that he won't swing his arms or use the beam attack. Gigan seems to have a bigger arsenal than Joe, and faster reflexes to get the job done, Gigan would probably walk away with s chipped Scythe but that wouldn't hinder him too much.

Showa Godzilla will be last man standing with all four members of team Giratina93 alive and kicking, don't see him winning, he'll put up one hell of a fight, maybe critically damaging Kong, but the numbers, beams, everything, will ultimately defeat Showa Godzilla. Giratina93
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Tournament stats: 2 wins - 3 losses
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