FM Tournament Introduction/FAQ

Participate FM Tournaments and see who is the best of the best!
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FM Tournament Introduction/FAQ

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Welcome to the Fantasy Match Tournament section, may I take your order? Here, we hold fantastic tournament where titans face off against each other for pride, bragging rights, and sometimes prizes (depends on the user). There's a variety (well, there use to be one before the hackings happened) of tournaments that you can participate in or even make.

General Tournament Rules:

-Some rules seen in the Regular FM section may be ignored, mainly the one-sided rule and how many combatants per match rule. Please consult me on this matter before starting your own tournament or ask in this thread.

General Rules when running a tournament:
Keep in mind, most of these are just guidelines/helpful hints to running a good tourney. Plus, some people's tournaments are radically different from others. So some of these guidelines may not apply. The only one that's actually a rule is the one concerning about the length of a tournament. That one will be enforced pretty heavily.

-Don't let a tournament go past 3 or 4 months without a good reason. There's other people that want to host their tournaments. If you need an extension or something then talk to me about it.

-Rounds usually last a week. At most it should not last any longer than 10 days.

-Don't use polls to determine victors. They can be easily manipulated. Make a person put their vote in BOLD and they must explain who they think will win and why for it to count. The bold helps you spot their vote and keep tabs.

-Put in place a post count limit that way nobody makes a dupe account and try to cheat when voting. For example, "You must have a post count higher than 1000 posts for your vote to count".

If you got any questions, please refer to the Tournament sticky or ask Me or one of the frequent visitors.


Cheating is a big no no here. If you're caught making a dupe account or try to rig the votes in your favor then you will be booted out of the FM section until the tournament is over. Repeated attempts of cheating will result in a permanent ban of the usergroup and a board warning.

Note: This post may have additional tips, rules, whathave ye added. So please check in on this thread regularly.
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