Indominus Rex vs Sharktopus

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Indominus Rex vs Sharktopus

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Indominus Rex vs Sharktopus

Arena: Jurassic World, near (empty) Mosasaurus enclosure

Rules: Sharktopus’ size is increased to be 17 meters in length from nose to tentacle tips, weight increased accordingly.

Verdict: Tough to call. If Indominus can get her jaws solidly on Sharktopus’ throat, she can crush it and and take the win, but Sharktopus can just as easily outmaneuver Indom and tear into her with the tentacle points and jaws. I find myself leaning Indominus barely, but I’m not certain.
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Re: Indominus Rex vs Sharktopus

Post by Gojira2001 »

Tough call, if the Sharktopus can pull the Indo deep into the mosasaur enclosure, it can kill the dinosaur hybrid at its leisure. On land it’s an uphill battle and I’m honestly not sure who would win. Abstaining.

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Re: Indominus Rex vs Sharktopus

Post by Gigantis »

TBH Sharktopus is OP as poop. It tanked blows from both Pteracuda and Whalewolf like nothing and only died to the latter because it threw him against electric cables in the baseball field. (it makes sense in context) It could probably take all of Indominus' attacks with only some minor damage, stab her with it's tentacles (her armor only works if the attack hit's her back, Sharktopus is known for going for the softer underbelly) and then just drown her in the mosasaur tank.

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