GvK Godzilla vs GTS

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GvK Godzilla vs GTS

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Arena: Site Omega (G:TS)

Rules: None

Despite the numbers being against him, GvK Godzilla isn't going to go down quietly, and I feel has a pretty good chance at winning this. Toonzilla may be far more agile and faster, but he cannot take anywhere near as many hits as GvK Godzilla can, and once GvK Goji gets his hands on him or on Skeetera or the Giant Bat, they are simply dead. King Cobra is the best hope with his powerful coils and blinding gunk, and we know he can take at least A atomic breath from Toonzilla, but GvK's beam is on a different level, and if he isn't careful, he as well can get mauled. Ultimately, this is going to come down to how well can the trio of Toonzilla, Giant Bat, and Skeetera can put down Godzilla and wear him down so King Cobra can immobilize him, and if Mechagodzilla's blows weren't doing enough to completely snuff the fight out of him as seen in the end of the movie, I doubt these three are gonna be enough.
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Re: GvK Godzilla vs GTS

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Team GTS stands a pretty damn good chance at winning largely because of Zilla Jr (obviously) and King Cobra. Skeetera will be an annoyance at best, as I highly doubt her proboscis/mouth parts could even penetrate MV Godzilla's skin to feed. The giant bat's sonic screams will definitely give Godzilla a mild headache, but he has more than enough endurance and willpower to power through it and blast batsy out of the sky.

Then it comes down to Godzilla vs Zilla Jr and King Cobra. Zilla Jr is arguably even more agile than Kong, and nearly as cunning to boot. He has a potent heat ray of his own as well. However Zilla Jr alone isn't what will be netting the W: King Cobra will help with that. His adhesive spit will be crippling to Godzilla in the sense that it will severely hamper his mobility and make it very hard for him to effectively fight back. If KC goes for the eyes like he did with Zilla Jr, Godzilla's effectively screwed as he'll be bumbling around swatting at the air. While I don't think Team GTS can kill Godzilla, they can absolutely incapacitate him long enough to count as a win.
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