MUTO Prime vs MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)

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MUTO Prime vs MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

MUTO Prime:


MechaGodzilla: ... verse.html


Stats: Sizes are unchanged.

Battleground: Alaska

Verdict: MechaGodzilla has this. MUTO Prime’s punches will definitely land Mecha G on his bum... ... ...but then those rocket boosters will come into play, and he’s right back up like nothing happened. And when he returns fire with that Mega Buster/Proton Scream whatever they officially call it, Jinshin Mushi’s going down.
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Re: MUTO Prime vs MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)

Post by Breakdown »

Slight edge to MechaGodzilla. Both are roughly even in terms of raw physical strength and both have a really strong ranged attack. However MG's key advantage is it's thrusters which it uses to great effect in H2H. This superior mobility and dexterity is what will allow it to eventually overcome MUTO Prime. However one solid punch will knock MG on it's ass and the sonic scream will definetly rattle it's systems.

Giving it to the G-800.
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Re: MUTO Prime vs MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

MUTO Prime’s sonic roar actually won’t do a lot here. It shattered MV Godzilla’s dorsal spines because it was at the specific resonance to do so, not because of its power. Power wise it would probably just disorient another kaiju, not liquify their body, which means Mechagodzilla will ignore it just fine. And between his speed and precision, he can overwhelm Prime and then destroy her with the Proton Scream.
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Re: MUTO Prime vs MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)

Post by Zasraniec »

Mechagodzilla. MUTO Prime isn't nearly as effective against anything that is not Godzilla. Prime might do a bit of damage in melee but the plasma fists and thrusters of MechaG will carry him the victory.

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