Regarding Gwangi matches...

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Regarding Gwangi matches...

Postby Giratina93 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:39 pm

For all you FMers out there, I'm sure you've noticed an influx in the popularity of a certain allosaurus. The debates and arguments that spring from him being present are entertaining, but now complaints are starting to come in regarding the matches. Basically, they are glorified meme spamming and drowning out other matches people are legitimately interested in.

As such, the rules of the FM section will be tweaked slightly. If a fighter appears more than four times in the first page, no new matches can be made with them until that number drops to below 4. This is to keep the FM's from being spammed with just one fighter over and over, and to encourage variety in the matches made. This new rule is effective immediately.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
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Re: Regarding Gwangi matches...

Postby KaijuCanuck » Wed Jul 24, 2019 3:02 pm

I knew it. I knew it!!!

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Re: Regarding Gwangi matches...

Postby Mac Daddy MM » Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:25 am

Yes, people. Back to your regularly scheduled Godzilla vs. Whatever Monster He's Already Faced in the FMs 1000x, Destoroyah/SpaceGodzilla/Shin Godzilla matches and MonsterVerse kaiju matches.


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Re: Regarding Gwangi matches...

Postby Nathus214 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:39 am

Huzzah. Overhyped dinosaur is dead.
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Talk about a reaction.

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