Leugocyte vs. Zeppandon

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Leugocyte vs. Zeppandon

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Leugocyte vs. Zeppandon

Planet X

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Leugocyte has the superior weapon with the Genesis Requiem, likely able to break through the shields. Zeppandon, in the other hand, has defense to block the other beams coming his way, the strength to contend with him, and teleporting. It really comes down to who can get the death shot first. Unfortunately for Zeppandon, durability and a shield of his own means Leugocyte will be the likely first killer. Leugocyte wins after an extensive battle.
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Re: Leugocyte vs. Zeppandon

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Yep, Genesis Requiem is just too powerful for Zeppandon to tank and live on after multiple hard hits. He does have the defense to live on after the first few hits, but unlike Leugocyte he doesn't have the offense to take Leugocyte down, and Leugocyte has the defense to tank Zeppandon's firepower, and the absurd offense required to take Zeppandon down.
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