Anguirus 1955 vs. Gwangi

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Anguirus 1955 vs. Gwangi

Post by HillyHulk »

Anguirus Showa (1955) vs. Gwangi

The Forbidden Valley

For reference of the location:

Links to bios:

Anguirus is a tenacious little bugger, constantly pressing the attack. Gwangi is smarter as he'll attack the legs and back (of which we don't know if this is as tough as its successor was.) Gwangi being tough makes this... well tougher for his adversary as he doesn't have much in the means to kill Gwangi. Anguirus won't go down easily. He will go down, nonetheless... :Anguirus:
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Re: Anguirus 1955 vs. Gwangi

Post by Nagoda »

Anguirus takes this. Gwangi died in a church fire. Anguirus took Godzilla’s less powerful atomic breath which did little to him but immediately ignited all the boats behind him, as well as fought Godzilla through a burning industrial district. I already know some people are more than likely going to say the atomic breath can melt rocks, but I don’t remember if it did do that in Raids Again. Besides, it’s Gwangi vs The Killer of the Living. Also the First Anguirus is a tenacious asshole, constantly on the offensive and rushing for neck bites and unlike the styracosaurus and elephant, can lift himself up onto his hind legs to flip off enemies, like Godzilla grabbing his shell. I don’t think Gwangi’s stubby arms can push Anguirus back or stranglehold him like Godzilla’s could, nor would Gwangi have a good time getting around that spiked shell. Him biting that shell would more than likely lead to him getting flipped over like Godzilla did.
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Re: Anguirus 1955 vs. Gwangi

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Anguirus went toe to toe with '55 Showa Godzilla, who's an absolute savage many leagues above Gwangi. Hell, he even tanked his first use of his heat ray, which blew up an entire harbor in one shot.

Anguirus takes this.
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Re: Anguirus 1955 vs. Gwangi

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Anguirus tries to bite Gwangi.
Anguirus is unable to penetrate his hide.

Gwangi proceeds to bite Anguirus' head, throat and exposed forelimbs.
Gwangi dominates.

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Re: Anguirus 1955 vs. Gwangi

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Congrats, you succeeded in making me post on TK for the first time in *checks* nine freaking months.

Ahem, anyway, Anguirus stands no damn chance against Gwangi. Anguirus '55 gets hyped up as being super savage for some reason, despite the fact that he did absolutely nothing. He just... snapped his jaws a lot. He never once inflicted any damage. He also got his damn throat ripped open by Godzilla.

Anguirus is incapable of harming Gwangi. Gwangi is fully capable of harming Anguirus.
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