Heisei Godzilla vs. The Simeon Army

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Heisei Godzilla vs. The Simeon Army

Post by HillyHulk »

Heisei Godzilla ("Supercharged AKA "Godzilla vs King Ghidorah") vs. Mechagodzilla Showa (both versions) and Titanosaurus

Links to bios:
https://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/godzi ... sei.htm#91
https://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/mecha ... owa.htm#74

There are going to be A LOT of projectiles heading into Godzilla's face. Coupled by the wind pushing him back and Godzilla is in for a test of endurance. Titanosaurus being weak to projectiles against someone whose main method of offense are atomic rays does the Monster King a huge favor. The nuclear pulse helps a lot too, keeping Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla away when he'll really need it. If he can shoot the not as tough Mechagodzilla II, he might have a chance.

In the end though, I think the Simeons are going to overcome this version of their enemy... :blackholealien: :mugal:

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Re: Heisei Godzilla vs. The Simeon Army

Post by ShinGojira14 »

I think Godzilla will eventually pull through thanks to his regeneration, durability and and versatility—but he’s gonna have to work for it. MechaGodzilla’s gonna blasting the poop outta him, and whenever he gets up close he’s gonna learn that this MechaGodzilla is far more physically capable than the one he remembers.

EDIT: Wait, Heisei’s fighting both versions of Showa MechaGodzilla?

Yeah, this just became a whole lot harder for Godzilla than before…
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Re: Heisei Godzilla vs. The Simeon Army

Post by Voyager »

MG1 and 2? Plus Titano?

Godzilla's being turned into a bloody pulp here. If Showa was boned against one of these MGs, Heisei will be destroyed by both and their fishy reptilian friend.
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Re: Heisei Godzilla vs. The Simeon Army

Post by Giratina93 »

Titanosaurus is a non-factor here. One atomic ray, which Heisei loves to spam, is going to put the aquatic dinosaur 60 meters under, if not send him squealing and flailing on the ground.

So then it comes down to the two Mechagodzillas vs Heisei, and if MG75 were more proactive, I'd might lean more in their favor... but he's not. He's there to play spoiler if/when Heisei starts dominating MG74 (Since Titano is going to die very fast, either to atomic breath or to a nuclear pulse) and while MG 74 is damn terrifying, Heisei's beam spam is going to put the machine on the backfoot. Victory isn't impossible, as two notably weaker kaiju in Mothra and Battra were able to subdue Godzilla, so the two mechas have a pretty decent chance, but that's only if MG75 gets active and starts contributing before MG74 finds himself in a real bad spot.
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