Moon Knight (MCU) vs Indoraptor

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Moon Knight (MCU) vs Indoraptor

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Khonshu is not happy with everything going down involving the illegal dinosaur trade. And so, he sends his avatar to destroy it, sending the two minds in one body on a collision course with a deadly and cruel hybrid.

Moon Knight VS. Indoraptor

Arena: Lockwood Manor basement

- Steven and Marc are in sync, allowing them to swap between Moon and Mr. Knight at will without hassle. No Jake, since we can’t quantify him (yet).
- No retreat, fight to the death.
- Starting distance of 30 meters between them.

Verdict: This is a tough one. Moon Knight’s demonstrated he can fight monsters, but the Jackals didn’t seem anywhere near the level of threat and power the Indoraptor has. He’s going to get tossed around like a ragdoll no matter what, but he can handle that, and dish out damage in return. His weapons will have a real hard time piercing the Indoraptor’s hide, and meanwhile he’ll get ripped up fiercely by his foe. But, his regeneration factor makes me think he can hold out and mount an effective offense. I’m abstaining.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote: Yup, my dad works at Legendary, the Nebulans are gonna be in the next movie and they're gonna get beat because Madison throws coffee in the leaders face.

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