Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Skullcrawler

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Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Skullcrawler

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Ten Super Gyaos' and one Hyper Gyaos against Ten Ramarak's and one Number 10. All are the same size and start off 100 feet away from each other both in their groups.

Who wins?
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Re: Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Skullcrawler

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The Gyaos having actual beams, deadly ones at that, grants them a sizable bonus. As does flight. Given how Gyaos are willing to cut their own feet off to escape an enemy’s grip, a Skullcrawler would need to get its jaws around the Gyaos’ torso or head to be able to do lethal damage, and while some definitely will be able to accomplish that here, far more of them will end up being sliced and diced from the air by the Gyaos.
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Re: Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Skullcrawler

Post by ShinGojira14 »

The Gyaos decimate the Skullcrawlers. Their sonic beams are gonna carve ‘em up like pumpkins, and before long they’ll be having a Skullcrawler buffet.
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Re: Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Skullcrawler

Post by Nagoda »

Imagine, the proton scream scene with the red skullcrawler, but with more beams dropping from the sky. That’s how the Gyaos win.
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Re: Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Skullcrawler

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Against a terrestrial enemy, Skullcrawlers would have a better chance. The Gyaos will learn to stay in the air and slice up the Skullcrawlers with sonic beams.
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