Godzilla (1999 Millennium) vs Team Kiryu Saga

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Godzilla (1999 Millennium) vs Team Kiryu Saga

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Godzilla: https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Godzilla/Godzilla_2000


Modified Type-3 Kiryu: https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Kiryu#Godzilla:_Tokyo_S.O.S.

Mothra: https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Mothra/Tokyo_S.O.S._(Imago)

Mothra Larvae: https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Mothra/Tokyo_S.O.S._(Larvae)


Stats: Sizes are unchanged.

Battleground: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Verdict: I say Godzilla takes this handily. One hit from that atomic ray will be the nail in the coffin for whoever it hits, and his healing factor will regenerate any damage the trio inflicts on him. Mothra’s scales will reflect his beam once or twice, but it won’t be long before Big G scores a direct hit and either cripples her beyond recovery or outright blows her the skreeonk up. The Larvae might be able to wrap him up... ... ...at least, until that nuclear pulse of his comes into play, in which Team Kiryu Saga is well and utterly skreeonked.
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Re: Godzilla (1999 Millennium) vs Team Kiryu Saga

Post by Zasraniec »

This is a tough call. The sheer numbers could overwhelm Godzilla but the 1999 Godzilla is much more formidable than the one that fought Kiryu so I would say he has a fair shot at victory as well. I guess it hinges on the pulse. The best time to use it would be during Mothra's scale attack since Heisei Godzilla's pulse countered Heisei Mothra's scales. Plus unlike the 03 Godzilla 99 Godzilla is pretty intelligent so he probably would would use his attacks at the best openings. 03 Kiryu isn't as deadly as 02 Kiryu so I don't think he has the firepower to critically injure Godzilla especially since 99 Godzilla can regenerate leaps ahead of 03. The larvas will just be fodder. So while this is fairly close and the 3v1 has a chance of overwhelming too I will side with Godzilla for a minor margin of victory.

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Re: Godzilla (1999 Millennium) vs Team Kiryu Saga

Post by Godzilla165 »

2000's atomic breath is a lot nastier than Kiryu Goji's, and his insane regeneration will negate any damage dealt to him outside of Kiryu's drill, and Hyper maser. Unless the larvae manage to wrap Godzilla up, and enables Kiryu to just start wailing on him, the team doesn't really have much that could pose any real threat to Godzilla. Plus, even if he is entangled in silk, Godzilla still has a nuclear pulse in his arsenal. One or two hits to Mothra from his atomic breath will end her, and will absolutely shred Kiryu if the mecha isn't consistently dodging them.



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