Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

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Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by SoggyNoodles2016 »

Well, we've had every other powerhouse in the FMs fight the cyborg, why not the Oxygen Destroyer personified? (Also, is this officially the first match to non-spoiler him?)



Arena: Osaka

Rules: Mechagodzilla is 120 meters. I don't know weight so y'all can figure out.

Verdict: this is honestly pretty close. Destroyah doesn't take strong beams/hits well so Mechagodzilla has an advantage.....but the Laser Katana will RUIN MG and there's no definite way his Proton Scream or engine punches can put down the swarm due to the lack of heat or cold (though you could maybe aruge with how the Scream was going though buildings, maybe....)

I can't tell so coin flip it lol


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Re: Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by _JNavs_ »

I think, and this is the first time I'm saying this about an MV character, I think Destroyah wipes MG...

MG fell apart like legos at the meer thought of the radiated axe Kong had. Now we're talking about a humongous walking Oxygen destroyer with a giant horn of slashy doom. MG will likely get shredded like cheddar cheese.

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Re: Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

This is a tough one. Destoroyah’s Variable Slicer will be absolutely brutal, if Kong’s supercharged axe did what it did than MechaG will be in for Hell against it. Mechagodzilla does have a major advantage in melee otherwise, and the Proton Scream would likely be very painful if used directly on Destoroyah’s chest-flower thing. Aside from that specific weak spot I do think Destoroyah could survive the Proton Scream, she wasn’t getting completely shredded apart by Critical Burning’s spiral rays except for things like half her head crest getting obliterated.

The swarm could prove troublesome if they get up where Mechagodzilla’s tail can’t reach and start bashing away at weak spots. Otherwise I don’t see them doing much, machines won’t exactly care about being shrouded in micro-oxygen.

Ultimately I lean Destoroyah because Mechagodzilla’s only reliable way to put Destoroyah down is to use the Proton Scream repeatedly on both Perfect Form and Aggregate Swarm until too many of the microbes are destroyed for it to reform, and given how at no point will Mechagodzilla be exuding a massive wall of heat all around him as an armada of freeze weapons aid him, will likely be much more than two times to the former and once to the latter. Which gives Destoroyah ample time to wear Mechagodzilla down and eventually start hacking him apart.
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Re: Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by Nagoda »

Destoroyah has this for two distinct reasons. One, the Variable Slicer will cut through him like butter. Two, Micro Oxygen, which is in all of Destoroyah’s beams, is said to go through any metal it touches. The moment the Micro Oxygen hits Mechagodzilla, he is going to corrode away with each successful hit.
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Re: Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by Giratina93 »

I think everyone's forgetting the fact that Dessy only uses the laser horn like ONCE against Burning Godzilla. Otherwise, it's just bump wars and beams. And Dessy is so hilariously stiff and fragile that MG is going to manhandle him before he even gets to use the laser horn most likely.

You also have to remember that Dessy doesn't just hate extremely cold temperatures, but extreme heat as well. The Proton Scream is very, VERY hot, and a blast or two is likely going to make Dessy either go running for the hills, or mutilate him badly enough for Mechagodzilla to just keep utterly dominating him.
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Re: Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by Zasraniec »

Giving this to Des. Mechagodzilla has no real way to kill him. Sure he can beat him down and fly circles around him most likely but how is he going to actually injure Des? MechaG doesn't seem too used to using his proton scream and even then I doubt it is enough. I don't think the proton scream is as deadly as Heisei Godzilla's spiral ray, which Dest could take a few shots of. Dest isn't stupid either and will probably learn that the swarm trick would work nicely. Even if I give MechaG the benefit of the doubt with the proton scream damage, that oxygen destroyer ray is going to do him in. It hasn't shown any evidence of being able to be beam locked and oxygen destroyer can destroy more or less anything. If a charged axe of Kong's does critical damage to the machine I imagine the laser horn would do the same as well.

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Re: Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)

Post by Gheeeeedra! »

Ooo this is a really good one.

Each has weaponry that’s gonna be a real bad day for the other. The Micro-Oxygen beam will put some serious hurt on MG. I’m not sure he can take more than a few of those. The horn katana also would probably end MG’s fight, but to be honest, he shouldn’t be worried about that. Destroyah uses it sparingly and if the battle mores to close combat Mechagodzilla will just be ragdolling Destroyah. There’s not much he can do to escape MG’s grapples but breakdown into smaller forms that are easy fodder for energy slams and photon screams. Also, the photon scream... yeah that’s gonna hurt Destroyah. Yes he did tank spiral heat rays, but they eventually did him in, and the power of the photon scream is around its level, be it slightly stronger or weaker. It’s going to hurt Destroyah. If he goes flying it’s going to knock him on his ass.

I think of the Heisei monsters to fight MG in our FM’s so far, Destroyah has the best chance to pull a win. His beam is good enough to eventually put down MG, the horn katana is an improbable wild card, and her durability feats are pretty nice. But as per usual, I think in most instances, MV Mechagodzilla would be able to evade or tank enough beams to get into close combat where he just slaughters opponents who simply don’t have the options to respond to the way he can manhandle them, while abusing them with energy strikes, and then it’s a kiss of death away.

Mechagodzilla 6/10

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