The Storm that Swallowed Gods vs We Are The Resistance

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The Storm that Swallowed Gods vs We Are The Resistance

Post by ShinGojira14 »

King Ghidorah: ... verse.html
Gigan (Showa):
The Shrewster:


Godzilla (Legendary):
Godzilla (Heisei): ... sei.htm#91
Godzilla (GTS): ... The_Series
Striker Eureka: ... a_(Jaeger)


Stats: Standard Heisei Scaling; the Shrewster will be in tornado mode for two minutes; at seven minutes into the fight, Heisei Godzilla will go supercharged; Legendary Godzilla uses GvK likeness; Legendary Godzilla cannot go Burning mode.

Battleground: Portland, Oregon.

Verdict: I think this is really tough to call. King Ghidorah will let whoever fights him up close have it, Copperhead’s a beastly tank in of himself, Gigan is not gonna be a fun enemy to fight either and the Shrewster combines nifty tricks, speed and pure animal savagery into one hellish melee fighter. However, both Heisei and Legendary Godzilla are heavy-hitting tanks in their own regard, the former having a deeper and more dangerous bag of tricks up his sleeve. ToonZilla will have to be extra careful if fighting the Shrewster, but whoever else is unlucky enough to fight him will be in or a tough go. And Striker Eureka, being the fastest Jaeger in the surface, will be a truly lethal combatant to face.

Abstaining for the time being; leaning towards The Resistance due to the presence of the Heisei Godzilla. Once that spiral fire ray comes into play, The King of Terror and his cronies are not gonna enjoy life.
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Re: The Storm that Swallowed Gods vs We Are The Resistance

Post by Breakdown »

The Resistance curbstomps. Striker may not last long, but you have 3 of the best Godzillas vs Ghidorah, Gigan, Copperhead and the Shrewster. Heisei and MonsterVerse will be doing the heavy lifting while GTS does the fast-attack/blitzing. Ghidorah is the only one on the enemy team who is worth a damn a d even he can only do so much.
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Re: The Storm that Swallowed Gods vs We Are The Resistance

Post by Giratina93 »

Yeah, the good guys just have the better members. GvK Godzilla would decimate anyone by himself, even MV Ghidorah by this point would have issues seeing how the beam was burning holes into him in the Boston fight, and now he SPAMS it. Throw in Heisei Godzilla, and that is a pretty easy win there as no one else is going to ejnjoy another beam spammer. Toonzilla and Striker are just overkill.
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Re: The Storm that Swallowed Gods vs We Are The Resistance

Post by EmperorGhidorah »

The Godzilla duo of Heisei and Legendary could pretty comfortably solo this one. GvK Godzilla is fully capable of keeping Ghidorah occupied while Heisei lasers everyone else to death. And once it becomes two Godzillas vs. one Ghidorah, I doubt even Monster Zero is beating those odds. So, yeah, blowout win for Team Resistance.
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