Godzilla: Birth of a King

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Godzilla: Birth of a King

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[Year: 1997]
Nightfall was closing in on Tokyo. Blue lights lit up a fraction of the darkness. A blue beam heading to the sky soon followed. Citizens of Japan gazed upon the light in both confusion and amazement. A massive dark figure appeared in Tokyo Bay.

A team called the 'Anti-Kaiju Squadron' headed out of their base, ready to combat the monster. Omori Yoshida, the Anti-Kaiju Squadron Commander, and Takahiro Kurosawa, the First Lieutenant, took their separate teams and waited.

F-15J jets flew into the scene and launched missiles at the monster. Missiles struck Godzilla in the face, neck, and chest. Type 24 tanks approached, firing off at Godzilla. Godzilla carried on unaffected.

Godzilla had finally made it to land. F-15J jets and Type 24 tanks fired simultaneously. The dorsal fins on Godzilla's back lit up as the ammunition harmlessly washed off his hide. Godzilla opened his mouth before firing his atomic ray at the jets, destroying most of them in seconds. The remaining jets circled back and went in for another attack. Type 60 Maser Cannons approached the scene, also joining the fray. Omori and his team shot at Godzilla from behind a distant building.

Godzilla's tail smacked into the side of a building, causing debris to crush Anti-Kaiju Squadron members not quick enough to jump to safety.

Omori rushed to the scene. Godzilla continued his assault with no remorse. The Anti-Kaiju Squadron member ran through the abandoned streets and met Godzilla half way. Omori stumbled back at the sight. Crawling away on his elbows, Omori attempted to escape. Godzilla seemed to walk faster as Omori slowly fled. Knowing he wouldn't make it, Omori began to pray to his family. Godzilla's leg lifted as he took another step. Omori screamed and covered his face as the massive foot crushed him.

[Year: 2016]
"In 1997, we created something. Something that took the life of my father, Omori Yoshida. Now, nineteen years later, I intend to join G-Force and stop Godzilla." said Natori Yoshida.

"How do you plan on doing so?" questioned Yukijiro Nakamura, the G-Force captain.

"With a weapon I'm creating. I call it the Oxygen Destroyer."

Yukijiro doubted the young man.

"So you don't have this weapon completed, yet you insist on us allowing you to help. Please explain why I should even consider this."

"I'm still working on it and it's nearly done. I just need more time."

The members of G-Force spoke quietly amongst themselves before coming to an agreement.

"Alright, I'll make you a deal. We'll allow you to join if you can bring us a sample of this 'Oxygen Destroyer' within a week." said Yukijiro.

Natori saluted the members of G-Force and exited the conference room.

The young man got in his car, smirking as he drove off.

Sayaka Yoshida, Natori's mother, heard her front door open.

"Natori?" she asked.

"Yes, it's me." he responded as he shut the door.

"How'd the meeting go?"

"It could have gone better, but I haven't got time to discuss. I must continue working on my Oxygen Destroyer. They're giving me one week."

"Natori, please stay out of harm's way. Your father was so determined to kill Godzilla."

"Yes, I know, mother. I promise you I'll be in no danger."

"Still, I don't like that you're joining G-Force."

Natori stopped and thought about what his mother was trying to say.

"I promise I'll be safe, mother." he kissed her forehead. "Call me when breakfast is ready."

Beneath the waves, a pair of eyes opened. A muffled roar made surrounding fish scatter. The creature was massive. It hadn't been seen for two days, but it was about to make its presence known once again. A body burning with radiation swam to the surface. It was hungry for nuclear energy. An alarm sounded, signaling the approach of Godzilla. Cries of fear overcame the city as citizens evacuated. Police directed citizens to an underground subway station.

Godzilla made it ashore.

G-Force approached the scene. Type 90 Maser Cannons fired off at the beast. Godzilla continued unopposed. It was at that moment the Super-X arrived. Godzilla's dorsal spines flashed. He opened his mouth and fired his Spiral Fire ray at the airborne vessel.

"Sir, the Super-X is overheating! We need to fire now!" exclaimed Reijiro Suzuki, the Super-X Coordinator.

The Super-X reflected the beam back to Godzilla.

Godzilla howled in pain as his own beam struck him in the chest. The Super-X fired a barrage of missiles at Godzilla's chest. Godzilla roared angrily as he turned and smacked the vehicle with his tail.

"Damn!" yelled Akira Fukuda, pilot of the Super-X.

Akira was sweating bullets as he struggled to keep the vessel flying.

"Sir, we're not gonna make it!" shouted Kenji Ogawa, Co-Pilot of the Super-X.

Godzilla continued to his destination as the Super-X crashed into a building and exploded. G-Force retreated to their headquarters as Godzilla made his way to the Nuclear Plant, smashing through the city until he reached his destination. It was time to feed.

Omaezaki had become a ghost town. It had been two minutes since Godzilla attacked. Smoke had covered the sky. All electricity was down. Half of the city had been reduced to rubble. G-Force requested Natori Yoshida come immediately. Natori came as fast as he could.

"You're in, just bring us a sample as fast as you can. We can't afford to waste time. Run along, now." said Yukijiro.

"Yes sir!" Natori said as he saluted G-Force and left the room.

Hayato Takaki, G-Force's first lieutenant, pulled Yukijiro aside.

"Are you sure he can do this?" he questioned.

Yukijiro left the question unanswered until Hayato shook his shoulder.

"Yes." he said, not knowing for sure if he was right.

The telephone rang. Yukijiro answered it as everyone left the room.

"Yukijiro." he said.

"Hello Yukijiro, please advise G-Force of the following information. I've called in Professors Daisuke Yamane and Kenichi Serizawa to discuss some of their research on Godzilla. They should arrive within the hour." said Prime Minister Takeshi Matoba.

"Yes sir." said Yukijiro before hanging up.

DD-122 Hatsuyuki Class Destroyer and two other Japanese warships remained still in the calm waters. DD-122 Hatsuyuki suddenly picked up a signal.

"Captain, look at this." said Yoshio Kobayashi, DD-122 Hatsuyuki computer operator.

Captain of DD-122 Hatsuyuki, Ryunosuke Nagashima looked at the monitor.

"Call it in." he said.

"Sir, I just got word from our navy unit. They have a reading too small to be Godzilla. And it's heading this way." stated Hideaki Raiden, a computer operator.

"Do not engage. It's probably the little one. Send a chopper to lead it away. If that fails, put it down for good." said Yukijiro.

"Why don't you just kill it?" questioned Yaguchi Hasegawa, a computer operator.

"It is nothing but a child. Now please, no further questions. I have other matters to deal with."

A helicopter flew off the DD-122 Hatsuyuki Class Destroyer. The crew of four were sent to distract the young monster and lead him back into the ocean. Godzilla Junior's tail rose out of the ocean as he swam peacefully. The helicopter stopped and fired a warning shot. Junior stopped and stood up from the water. He eyed the helicopter as it turned away. The monster prince roared softly and began following the flying object.

At G-Force Headquarters, a man stepped out of his car. He eyed the building for a moment and made his way to the front door, followed by his fellow scientist.

They walked into the conference room and were greeted by the Prime Minister and G-Force.

"Everyone, this is Daisuke Yamane and Kenichi Serizawa. Professors of G-Center. I trust Yukijiro told you they would be coming, so Professors, if you please." said Takeshi.

"I'm sure you're all aware of Godzilla's current condition. He is under what we're calling a 'burning' state. Doctor Serizawa and I have calculated Godzilla will meltdown at twelve hundred degrees. Should the meltdown occur, the damage would be catastrophic, far worse than anything mankind has ever seen." stated Daisuke Yamane.

"How did Godzilla even get this way?" Hayato asked.

"The theory is Godzilla disturbed underground, high-purity uranium deposits, resulting in a fission reaction. Abnormal nuclear division occurred within Godzilla, causing him to enter this 'burning' state." said Kenichi Serizawa, Doctor Yamane's collogue.

"How do you suppose we combat Godzilla?" Yukijiro asked.

"Any action taken should either be a freezing attack or a chemical approach." Serizawa replied.

"A young man has offered up a possible solution. He's preparing a sample of the weapon as we speak." stated Yukijiro.

Natori rushed to finish his sample of the Oxygen Destroyer. When he was finally finished, he put the sample in his fish tank. Natori watched as his fish liquefied, and descended to the bottom of the fish tank as mere skeletons. Seeing it as a success, he immediately headed to the G-Force Headquarters with another sample and his fish tank. Natori showed the members of G-Force the fish skeletons and described how the Oxygen Destroyer worked.

"It splits oxygen atoms into a fluid and disintegrates the molecules. This causes asphyxiation, killing anything it's used against. I dropped the sample into the fish tank and it worked in a matter of seconds." Natori explained.

"Phenomenal!" exclaimed Yukijiro. "What is it composed of?"

"This is a weapon of mass destruction. I'd prefer to not say." answered Natori.

Yukijiro nodded.

"I understand." he said.

"I must admit, you've done good kid." said Hayato.

Natori handed the sample to Yukijiro and G-Force saluted him. Natori saluted everyone back before leaving the room.

As soon as Natori closed the door, Yukijiro turned around and looked at everyone in the room.

"What you just witnessed is to remain confidential. For this young man's protection and privacy, he is to remain anonymous. If any of you reveal anything to anyone, I will see that you remain in prison for the rest of your lives. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yessir!" everyone said in unison.

G-Force put the sample into a prototype missile. They were also simultaneously recruiting new members and redesigning the Super-X. Some of the original members exercised, while the rest trained the new members and worked on the missile. Suddenly, the Godzilla alarm sounded. The city was nearly defenseless against the threat.

"Do not engage! As of now, an attack against Godzilla would be suicide. We don't have the needed weapons to combat him. Now get to safety."

Sharp spines pierced the surface before the water erupted. Gallons of water poured down the body of a figure. Spikesaurus had returned after thirteen years. He reared his head towards the sky and bellowed a roar strong enough to shatter nearby windows.

Yukijiro watched from G-Force Headquarters, completely horrified.

"My god."

He ran through the building, shouting for the other members.

"It's not Godzilla. We have another issue."

Members of G-Force were turned around to combat the new threat. Meanwhile, Spikesaurus continued his assault. The nuclear beast clawed at a building, sending debris to the ground. As Spikesaurus walked further into the city, destroying everything within reach, G-Force arrived.

"Fire!" Yukijiro shouted.

The super-weapons fired at Spikesaurus' torso. The hateful giant charged his atomic ray as G-Force once again fired, unaffected by the Maser Cannons. When the masers died down, Spikesaurus' jaws parted, the heat from his charging death ray visible. Within seconds, the beam incinerated a majority of the Maser Cannons.

"Fall back!" Yukijiro ordered.

The survivors of the attack quickly retreated. Spikesaurus took another step and let out a roar that boomed throughout the city. A familiar roar sounded off in the distance. Spikesaurus stopped and turned his head before turning around completely. Another King was coming...

Godzilla approached Spikesaurus at full speed, howling in rage. Spikesaurus stood his ground, flexing his claws as Godzilla closed in. The monster king charged, ramming Spikesaurus' abdomen with his shoulder. Spikesaurus was pushed back, taking massive steps backwards. Godzilla wasted no time in charging once again. The mammoth crocodilian quickly regained his balance and sent Godzilla to the ground with a powerful backhand. The monster king cried out in shock as he looked up at his old enemy. Already he had proven to be much stronger than the last time they fought. Godzilla regained his footing and charged his Spiral Fire Ray, not wanting to be on the receiving end of Spikesaurus' attack anytime soon. The Spiral Ray erupted from Godzilla's gaping maw, colliding with Spikesaurus' chest. Spikesaurus cried out in pain as the scorching ray knocked him off his feet and boiled his flesh. Godzilla took advantage of the situation and quickly marched for his downed adversary.

The crocodilian monster rose to a knee before Godzilla's massive tail collided with the side of his head. A small crater formed as Spikesaurus crashed onto the ground. The monster king howled in dominance as he turned to the untouched part of the city. Although a refuel wasn't necessary, Godzilla's condition required as much radiation as possible. The monster king continued to the Nuclear plant, disregarding Spikesaurus' inert form.

As Godzilla advanced into the city, the dazed crocodilian pushed himself upright, howling in rage as he spotted Godzilla walking away. In response, the monster king spun around and lumbered over to Spikesaurus. The hateful crocodilian stared down at Godzilla; the reptilian monster didn't back down. Spikesaurus separated his jaws, revealing an orange glow in his throat. Godzilla stopped and stared in confusion. Within seconds, Spikesaurus' atomic ray blasted from his maw, pouring onto Godzilla. The nuclear saurian cried in pain and fell to a knee as the beam lanced into his face. Spikesaurus halted the attack and lifted Godzilla by the throat before tossing him aside. The monster leviathan kicked at Godzilla's abdomen, sliding him against the terrain and sweeping up dirt. The nuclear reptilian rose to his feet, charging his Spiral Ray. As Godzilla prepared to fire, Spikesaurus grabbed his snout, forcing the monster king's mouth shut. The dreadful dinosaur, with Godzilla's snout still in hand, pushed the nuclear saurian onto his back.

Spikesaurus looked down at Godzilla as he rose to his feet. The two exchanged stares of anger before Godzilla raked Spikesaurus' abdomen with his claws. Spikesaurus shrieked in pain before punching Godzilla's snout downward. The monster king growled as he looked back up at Spikesaurus. Godzilla shoved the crocodilian monster backwards with both hands and was quick to follow up with the attack, quickly lashing out with multiple punches. Spikesaurus cried out in shock before attempting to swat the reptilian king away. Godzilla dodged the blow and continued his assault. The leviathan finally caught Godzilla by the wrist and hurled him away. The monster king was quick to return to his feet, his gaze fixated on the terrible titan.

Godzilla walked for Spikesaurus as fast as he could, attacking with multiple punches to the abdomen. Spikesaurus cried out in shock before clawing at Godzilla's face. The burning monster bellowed in pain and shoved Spikesaurus back. Spikesaurus quickly retaliated with a hard punch to the snout. The nuclear saurian shook his head, trying to relieve the pain. The hateful crocodilian pounded his fists against each side of Godzilla's face; the monster king staggered. Spikesaurus charged his nuclear beam as he swept Godzilla's feet from under him with his powerful tail. Spikesaurus fired his atomic ray directly into Godzilla's face before slamming his tail into the base of a skyscraper, toppling it onto Godzilla. The monster king disappeared in a cloud of debris and smoke. Spikesaurus didn't wait to see if Godzilla was standing when the dust settled. He had subdued his opponent and he was satisfied...

"Yukijiro, what the hell was that?" demanded Hayato.

"That...was Spikesaurus. A monster that first appeared in 1985." Yukijiro replied.

"Why weren't we informed of his existence?" questioned G-Force solider Shin Higuchi.

"I didn't think it would be relevant, as the monster supposedly died. It fought Godzilla back in 2003 and Godzilla was the one to continue resurfacing."

"Spikesaurus is clearly alive and well. He wasn't even phased by the masers." stated G-Force soldier Hitoshi Ichiro.

Yukijiro took that sentence in and contemplated it.

The Prime Minister contacted Yukijiro. Takeshi and Yukijiro discussed undergoing a meeting. Yukijiro agreed.

"Two attacks, billions lost in damage, and a team who isn't prepared for one mission. What am I to tell the public? Japan has been overwhelmed with fear and hysteria. Rubble is backing up the streets. Hospitals can't even take in any more injured people. Luckily, makeshift hospitals are being set up wherever there's room. First responders are searching for the bodies of the deceased. And as far as I'm concerned, all the blood is on your hands." said Takeshi.

"You have to understand we are doing our very best to protect this country. Every one of our attempts to stop these monsters have all been in vain. It's not our fault these monsters are immune to our weapons. And we can't engage Godzilla until our freezer weapons are complete. So, after careful consideration, I've decided to not engage either monster until then." Yukijiro replied.

"What exactly are you saying?" Takeshi replied with a raised eyebrow.

"No more attacks."

"What do you mean no more attacks?"

Natori nervously pulled his collar.

"Mr. Matoba, we are exhausting our resources. And there is no reason to put the lives of my team on the line when there is no chance of success."

"You want to save lives, and I respect that. But this isn't the way to do it."

"Either way, people are going to die. I hate to say it, but it's an unavoidable fact."

"Yes, but your team signed up for this. They were all familiar with the danger when they joined."

"That does not mean I should put their lives on the line."

Natori stood up.

"Sir, I have a plan to stop Godzilla. I have created a weapon called the 'Oxygen Destroyer' and I've handed it over to Yukijiro. Believe me, this is Japan's greatest defense." he said.

Yukijiro scolded Natori.

"How are you so sure?" replied Takeshi.

"I've already tested it. And it was a complete success."

"Great, but how do you expect to use this weapon against Godzilla?"

"We're developing a missile that works like a syringe. It injects the Oxygen Destroyer into the target." Yukijiro stated.

"Okay, so that takes care of our Godzilla issue, but what about the new monster?" questioned Takeshi.

"We can use the Oxygen Destroyer on him as well. Just give us time to build more missiles."

"Time is something we don't have, Yukijiro." Takeshi said before exiting.

"Natori, you weren't supposed to tell anyone about the Oxygen Destroyer!" he said angrily.

"I'm sorry, sir. I meant well." Natori replied.

Yukijiro sighed.

"I know. Now I need to get Mr. Matoba to keep the secret." he said.

Godzilla's maple leaf dorsal fins ripped through the water as his tail emerged. The monster king rose up from the water, howling profoundly. His eyes focused on the distant city as he continued his trek.

"Godzilla is in Tokyo Bay!" exclaimed Hideaki.

Satomi Tezuka, pilot of the Super-X II, contacted Yukijiro.

"Sir, permission to launch the Super-X II?" she asked.

Yukijiro hesitated to answer the question.

"Yes." he said as he shut his eyes and lowered his head, saying a silent prayer.

Satomi, her co-pilot, Sho Natsuki, and Super-X II coordinator, Takayuki Amamoto boarded the vessel.

"Super-X II ready for take off." said Satomi as the thrusters activated.

Godzilla snarled as the craft circled him.

"Fire freezer missiles." said Satomi.

The vessel launched a barrage of freezer missiles. Large chunks of ice formed around Godzilla and points of impact on Godzilla's body. Godzilla's dorsal fins lit up as his Spiral Fire ray charged.

"Fire the Cadmium missles!" she said.

The Super-X II fired multiple Cadmium missiles directly into Godzilla's mouth. The light from his spines died out and Godzilla shut his mouth.

"Unload on him!"

The craft launched the remaining freezer missiles.

"Look, Godzilla's slowing down."

"Fire the freezer beam!" she commanded, almost completely ignoring the comment.

Godzilla's body was covered in a thick layer of ice. The freezer beam struck, knocking the beast into the ocean. The crew celebrated.

"I have a reading on Godzilla's temperature. It's declining. The computer says he should stay frozen for six hours." said Satomi.

"Good. That bought us some time." said Yukijiro.

"Indeed. Over and out, sir."

Godzilla Junior once again emerged from the water. The crew of the DD-122 Hatsuyuki reported and sent a helicopter to bring the monster prince out to sea. Suddenly they got a second signature reading.

"We just got a second signature. It's way too big to be Godzilla and it's coming in fast." said Yoshio.

Despite this the helicopter crew sought out to complete their mission.

"What are you doing? Get the hell out of there!" demanded Captain Ryunosuke Nagashima.

Before the pilot could respond, an orange beam ripped through the water. It struck the helicopter, engulfing it in a huge explosion. All three warships fired everything they had as Spikesaurus' scaly body emerged from the surface. The dreadful dinosaur shielded his eyes from the ammunition as his atomic ray charged. He separated his jaw before firing a stream of atomic power. When the attack ceased, all three ships were shrouded in flames. Spikesaurus shrieked victoriously and looked directly at Godzilla Junior. The nuclear titan dove underwater and grabbed Junior's ankle, dragging him below the water. A fearful cry escaped his throat before his figure disappeared from sight.

At the bottom of Tokyo Bay, Godzilla laid motionless, still half frozen. His eyelids peeled open again. He broke himself free of whatever ice remained and roared furiously as he began swimming for land.

"Godzilla has began moving again and he's heading this way!" exclaimed Tsutomu Nobuyuki, a computer operator.

"God help us all." said Masaya Hatake, a G-Force soldier.

"Sir, it seems as though he's following Spikesaurus." stated Yaguchi.

"Perhaps Spikesaurus could kill Godzilla. Commander, what do you propose?" asked Shin.

Everyone looked at Yukijiro.

"By all means, Godzilla must be stopped." He paused. "Let them fight."

"But that's a huge risk!" exclaimed Hitoshi.

"Yes, but if Spikesaurus manages to kill Godzilla, we won't have to worry about the meltdown anymore." Yukijiro replied

"True, but then we'd have to worry about Spikesaurus." said Rokuro Daiki, another soldier.

"I already have a plan to deal with Spikesaurus."

After a long period of submersion, Spikesaurus surfaced near the shoreline of Tokyo. He still had Godzilla Junior's ankle in hand, hanging him upside down as he made landfall. The young monster struggled, trying to set himself free to no avail. Spikesaurus swung Junior upward, catching the back of his neck and releasing his ankle. Godzilla emerged from the water, bellowing a powerful roar. Spikesaurus flared his nostrils before spinning around, tossing Junior aside to focus on Godzilla.

Godzilla Junior quickly walked to his father. The nuclear saurian examined his son before turning his attention to Spikesaurus, who was already looking down at them. Godzilla stood erect and pushed Junior behind him. The monster king growled with rage and walked toward Spikesaurus, who reared his head to the sky and bellowed a roar of challenge. The titanic saurian lashed out with his claws, only to have Godzilla's teeth sink into his arm. Spikesaurus shrieked in pain and punched Godzilla's snout downward. The monster king backpedaled, grunting in pain. Spikesaurus uppercuted Godzilla's mouth, giving him no time to recover from the previous attack. The titanic saurian slammed his tail into Godzilla's side, pummeling him into the ground. The monster king slowly pushed himself back up, looking up at Spikesaurus with fire in his eyes.

Multiple army vehicles arrived at the scene, awaiting orders to fire.

"Do not engage until either Spikesaurus kills Godzilla or Godzilla's meltdown begins. And do not fire at Junior. Concentrate all fire on Spikesaurus and Godzilla." said Yukijiro.

Godzilla broke into massive strides, kicking up debris with each footfall. The monster king reached Spikesaurus and quickly slammed his clenched fists against the mammoth monster's abdomen. Spikesaurus shrieked and backpedaled before backhanding the nuclear reptilian. Instead of colliding with the ground, however, Godzilla followed through with the impact. Leaning forward and bringing his tail upward, Godzilla slapped the monster crocodilian in the snout. Spikesaurus wheeled backward and fired his atomic ray, attempting to put distance between himself and Godzilla. The beam of nuclear energy missed by a long shot as Godzilla was quick to follow. Godzilla uppercut Spikesaurus' midsection, followed by a jab to his side. The leviathan howled in aggravation and swatted at Godzilla's head, missing as Godzilla ducked and grabbed his arm. Spikesaurus' eyes widened as Godzilla pulled him to the ground with extreme force. Godzilla kicked at Spikesaurus' head, exhaling deeply with each impact. The nuclear reptilian spun and slammed his tail onto Spikesaurus' neck, nearly breaking it. Godzilla turned once more, looking down at Spikesaurus, waiting for his motionless figure to make an attempt to stand. The true King howled as he put his foot on Spikesaurus' head, declaring his triumph.

"Godzilla's temperature is eleven hundred eighty degrees. It's in the red zone, sir." said Tsutomu.

"We don't have much time anymore." Takeshi replied.

Godzilla searched for his son among the city, afraid he was trapped beneath the ruins. He spotted Junior on the outskirts of the battlefield and the two exchanged roars, speaking to each other in a language only they understood. As his father closed in on him, an orange beam struck Junior's chest, shooting him backward. Godzilla turned around to see Spikesaurus quickly advancing towards him. The nuclear saurian took a step forward before Spikesaurus' massive hand clamped down on his snout. Spikesaurus lifted Godzilla before slamming him into the ground back first. Debris erupted upward as Godzilla's dorsal fins crashed into the ground. The crocodilian monster put his foot on Godzilla's chest, howling a powerful roar into the sky. Godzilla grabbed Spikesaurus' ankle, tripping him onto the terrain below and giving himself enough time to stand. The hateful giant quickly jumped to his feet and exchange stares with Godzilla. Spikesaurus snarled and lifted Godzilla by the throat before punching him to the ground. A blue glow engulfed Godzilla's form as he pushed himself back to his feet. Spikesaurus progressed to Godzilla before a wave of nuclear power launched in all directions, throwing the crocodilian monster back.

The dorsal fins on Godzilla's back illuminated a brilliant orangish-red. Spikesaurus rose to a knee as Godzilla's jaws parted. Godzilla inhaled deeply before unleashing his Hyper Fire Ray into Spikesaurus' face. Spikesaurus screamed in agony as the powerful beam carved into his face and instantly charred his flesh. Godzilla took a single step forward as he poured his heat ray onto Spikesaurus. The monster king ceased the attack as Spikesaurus stopped wailing in anguish, looking down on the nearly deceased monster. Whatever skin wasn't seared black boiled and blistered. As Spikesaurus laid motionless in the crater, Godzilla turned his attention to Junior and walked for him as fast as he could. The monster king cried out to his son. Junior looked up at his father, also crying out. Godzilla released a heat wave from his back, destroying everything in its path. He immediately stood erect and sluggishly fled from his son, aware of what was soon to happen. Godzilla put distance between himself and Junior, unable to say a final farewell.

"Godzilla's temperature has just reached twelve hundred degrees!" shouted Yaguchi.

"We're out of time." stated Takeshi.

Godzilla was just entering his meltdown stage. The Super-X II circled in as rows of DAG-MB74, MBAW-93, and MBT-92 lined up at a safe distance, ready to freeze Godzilla.

"Fire at will." said Yukijiro.

Godzilla's blistering flesh glowed to a new intensity and began falling off. Pillars of smoke erupted from his body.

Sho looked at the radiation monitor in absolute shock. The readings had reached the maximum limit.

"Look at that radioactivity!" he exclaimed.

Satomi fired five of the Oxygen Destroyer missiles.

"Die, you son of a female dog." she said under her breath, ignoring the comment.

Godzilla bellowed in agony as the missiles struck his melting body.

DAG-MB74, MBAW-93, and MBT-92 also fired their freezer weapons, attempting to minimize the damage. The Super-X II joined the other super-weapons in the attempt, also firing its arsenal of freezing weapons. Godzilla's body lost its glow entirely. The monster king took a few steps forward and backward before collapsing.

"Cease fire." Yukijiro said in confusion.

Godzilla foamed at the mouth as his body twitched uncontrollably. His melted flesh began caving in. Within seconds, Godzilla's skeleton was visible through his skin. The monster king let out one final, agonized roar that was left unfinished. Godzilla's skin disappeared entirely, leaving only its skeleton behind.

"I have avenged you, father." said Natori, with a hint of guilt in his voice.

The Super-X II co-pilot noticed a sudden drop in radiation levels.

"Sir, the radiation...it's disappearing." he said in utter confusion.

Amidst the smoke, a fully grown Godzilla Junior emerged. The Prince of the Monsters had absorbed his father's radiation.

Spikesaurus rose as Godzilla Junior's figure broke through the smoke, his burned face still regenerating. The nuclear leviathan charged his atomic ray as Junior advanced toward him. Junior rushed in, attacking with multiple physical blows, dodging Spikesaurus' atomic ray. Spikesaurus cried out in shock; the punches had significant force behind them. The hateful crocodilian quickly jabbed Junior's snout. Godzilla Junior staggered, shaking his head. The young king snarled in anger and slammed his tail into Spikesaurus' abdomen. Spikesaurus took a few steps backwards before Junior went in for a second attack. The new monster king pounded his fists against the dreadful dinosaur's midsection. The nuclear crocodilian tried to retaliate, swatting at Junior's head to no avail. Godzilla Junior ducked under Spikesaurus' arm and pushed the mammoth monster back with his shoulder. The leviathan charged his thermonuclear ray as Junior continued beating at his torso. The beam struck his face point blank. Junior was shot backwards, crying out in pain. Spikesaurus ended the assault and took a moment to breathe.

Junior laid on the ground in agony, his face sizzling. The young monster slowly pushed himself back to his feet, soldiering through the pain. Spikesaurus looked at Junior, panting as he struggled to catch his breath. Godzilla Junior roared furiously as he walked for Spikesaurus at full speed. The crocodilian monster inhaled deeply before snarling in aggravation. Junior slammed his fist into Spikesaurus' torso. The hateful saurian retaliated with a punch to the snout. Godzilla Junior growled before pounding his clenched fist Spikesaurus' side. Spikesaurus snarled in annoyance and sent Junior flying backward with a powerful push. Spikesaurus marched for the young monster. The hateful saurian grabbed Junior's largest dorsal fin and lifted him up. Spikesaurus howled victoriously as he threw Godzilla Junior's body into a pile of rubble.

As Spikesaurus moved in for the killing blow, Godzilla Junior rose. The tiny dorsal fin on the tip of Godzilla Junior's tail lit up. The nuclear energy slowly made its way up the rest of Godzilla Junior's dorsal fins, dancing between his spines. Godzilla Junior spun and unleashed his Spiral Fire ray at Spikesaurus, who quickly fired his atomic ray. The powerful beam ripped through Spikesaurus' atomic ray, shooting the terrible titan backward.

Satomi launched the three remaining Oxygen Destroyer missiles at Spikesaurus' daggered body.

Spikesaurus pushed himself to his feet and locked eyes with Godzilla Junior. The young king howled with rage and rushed in, slamming his shoulder into Spikesaurus' midsection. Spikesaurus took a step backward and charged his atomic ray. Suddenly, the first missile struck. Spikesaurus stood straight up, halting the charge of his beam. Spikesaurus retreated as the second missile struck. The third missile hit Spikesaurus' back. The leviathan howled in agony as the three missiles injected the Oxygen Destroyer into his body. Spikesaurus began foaming at the mouth as his body shriveled up. He quickly retreated into the ocean, roaring one last time before sinking into the water.

Natori saluted Godzilla Junior with tears in his eyes, realizing he and Junior now had something in common. The young monster bellowed a powerful, triumphant roar and walked back to the sea. Godzilla Junior's dorsal fins slowly sank beneath the waves as he swam to the ocean floor. The title "King of the Monsters" would be passed on for generations to come...

Yukijiro walked over to Natori.

"You okay?" he asked.

"I'll be fine, sir. But I'll be taking a break from G-Force." Natori replied.

"That's fine, but be sure to come back. We'll need you, Natori. With Godzilla not completely gone, future attacks are inevitable." said Yukijiro as he tapped Natori's shoulder.

The two saluted each other and Yukijiro walked off. Natori looked at the ocean.

"Inevitable indeed."
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