The Original K.W.C.E. Proposal

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The Original K.W.C.E. Proposal

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(Written by MM Raids Again)

Hello all!

One can not deny that the KWC has become an intangible part of Toho Kingdom. It’s one of the most favored areas of the website and garners a good chunk of its traffic. Fans flock to the site when new matches featuring their favorite kaiju colliding gets posted. However, as the KWC becomes bigger and bigger, the requests for non-eligible kaiju keep growing as well. Monsters from the Showa Gamera franchise, Ultraman and even anime are highly desired but, due to their lack of involvement with anything Toho related, they just can’t be added.

There is only one possible answer to this.

A sister to the KWC.

The “Kaiju War Chronicles Expanded”

This idea stems from writers having matches and ideas that just can’t be done under KWC rules and guidelines. It would take a good handful of the current KWC roster (namely the more popular kaiju) and mix them up with new kaiju that can never be put in the KWC. Godzilla (Showa) vs. Daimajin? Gigan (Showa) vs. Guiron? How about Gipsy Danger vs. Mechagodzilla (Showa)?

This expanded KWC would utilize the same basic principles of the regular KWC. The kaiju would be properly scaled (using a 100-meter scale) and would have a set roster. As of now, we have 100 kaiju listed. The idea would be to get 150 total and that’s it. Any more than 150 and we would start retiring lesser used monsters. We would have the roster completely listed out, complete with unique icons, statistics, and battle records and links.

Each match that would get written would go through the same approval process as regular KWC matches before getting posted on a sub-forum here on the forums. Do not worry, you would still get your due credit. They would still get banners made by those that make banners for the primary KWC.

However, all matches that would be approved could not be put up on the regular KWC. This means, if your match only has kaiju that are already part of the main one, it will not be approved for the KWCE no matter how well written it is.

1. Godzilla (Showa)
2. Godzilla (2000)
3. Godzilla (2016)
4. King Ghidorah (Showa)
5. King Ghidorah (GMK)
6. Mothra (2004)
7. Rodan (Showa)
8. Manda (GFW)
9. Moguera (Showa)
10. King Kong (2005)
11. Toto Gamera
12. Gamera (Showa)
13. Gyaos (Showa)
14. Guiron
15. Barugon
16. Zigra
17. Viras
18. Jiger
19. Zedus
20. Gipsy Danger
21. Knifehead
22. Otachi
23. Leatherback
24. Slattern
25. Buraki
26. Daimajin
27. Ogra / Gorgo
28. Reptilicus
29. Rhedosaurus
30. The Black Scorpion
31. THEM!
32. Ultraman X
33. Ultraman Nexus / Noa
34. Ultraman Belial
35. Zetton / EX Zetton
36. Gomora / EX Gomora
37. Eleking / EX Eleking
38. Red King / EX Red King
39. King Joe Black
40. Tyrant / EX Tyrant / EX Tyrant 2
41. Five King
42. Greeza
43. Gargorgon
44. Seamons / Seagoras
45. Galberos
46. Bogal
47. Goldras
48. Bemstar
49. Big O
50. Evangelion Unit 01
51. Sachiel
52. Ramiel
53. Kamen Rider J
54. Zarkorr
55. Kraa
56. Clover
57. Geronimon
58. Telesdon (X)
59. Neronga
60. The Giant Claw
61. Paleosaurus (The Giant Behemoth)
62. Mega Shark
63. Talos
64. Red & Black Gillas
65. Megazord
66. Dragonzord
67. Grand King
68. Lunatyx
69. Gudon
70. Birdon
71. Gudis
72. Fire Golza
73. Silvagon
74. Goldras
75. Spyler
76. Wargilgar
77. Zandolla
78. Mr. Staypuft
79. Ymir
80. Dinosaur Tank
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