History of the K.W.C.

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History of the K.W.C.

Postby Arbok » Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:37 pm

A request for some history of this section of the site, so why not?

The K.W.C. was one of the earliest features of Toho Kingdom back when it had stuff such as a Top Movie List. Its original name was T.M.W.F. (Toho Monster Wrestling Federation). There was more of an emphasis on location of the matches back then, but otherwise kept many of the same features as today. Writers included myself, James Webster and Forrest Freund at this point in time. The roster was originally huge, as things like the Mutant from Prophecies of Nostradamus and Shockirus were included.

Back in 2003, Toho Kingdom was contacted by the lawyers of Toho and so began a rocky start to the relationship between the site and the company for which its about, which improved dramatically as the years have gone on. One of the requested changes was to the T.M.W.F., as they wanted increased copyright notice (which is why the reserved symbol appears here for Godzilla) and didn't want the Toho named used in the title. These changes were done, and the K.W.C. was born from the ashes. At this point, unsatisfied with my writing from earlier in the decade, I removed most of my matches.

The next big change was when Thomas Singleton came on-board that same year. One of the largest alterations made was the introduction of the banners, which have now became an identity of the K.W.C.. These were created by Christian Salabert, who also came on-board at a later date in 2007. Together, they have shaped the overall direction and flow of the K.W.C. through out the years and to its current point, where its one of the most updated portions of the site. They also opened the door to submissions, which have allowed it to grow and a rate that it has never been seen before.
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