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Forum Update

Postby GodEmperorGabara » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:23 pm

People need to be aware that the Mod Staff is changing and there will definitely be some rule changes going on soon.

The Sheriff was an experiment and frankly, I was disappointed with the results. Though fun was had during April Fool’s, people continued breaking rules after April 1st despite verbal warnings. Therefore, all punishments stayed. A Mod should only have to tell everybody to get back on topic once. If you seriously have questions or want to contend a ruling then please do so in a respectful and civil manner via PMs. If users continue clowning around and staying off topic after Mods asked you to stop, the staff will start handing out warnings like candy from now on. Just a few days ago, I saw one Mod having to ask people twice to get back on topic in a thread, which is unacceptable.

We do plan on cracking down on spam in threads. A joke here and there is fine, but the thread needs to remain on topic. Nobody wants to read half a page full of people pretending to be comedians and failing.

These are but a few of several upcoming changes to the forums that will be implemented in the near future. Abandon hope all ye who enter here'

On a side note, I will be fixing The Sheriff's user rank changes (not unless someone actually wants to keep theirs). I'll be working on those throughout the week among other forum things. If there’s any other questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. I suggest you get them in quickly.
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