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Re: My Matches

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Match 162: Lobobo vs Kaos (Youkai High)

Kaos walked across the ruined street, holding a man tightly in his left hand by his throat. The werewolf currently in human guise was attacking a small city and planned to stay until he had eradicated every single human that lived there.

The man kicked and screamed as he attempted to break free from Kaos' grip to no avail. “Please, spare me!” The man cried, tears of terror streaming down his face as he wished to live. “What did I do to deserve this?!”

“Everything,” Kaos snarled furiously as he slowly began to tighten his grip. “Your species' very existence plagues this world. Natural animal instinct shall reign supreme once again, and I will ensure mother nature's victory by wiping out every single one of you vermin.” Kaos bared his teeth in a snarl as he was ready to snap this man's neck.

Suddenly, the sound of a motorcycle in the distance caught the werewolf's attention, but what really peaked his interest was a scent that came along with the sound. It was the scent of a fellow werewolf approaching his way.

Turning his head, Kaos saw a man driving forward in a motorcycle, before the man dismounted the bike and stood tall. The man had tan skin, a golden afro, a red plaid buttoned shirt atop a gray t-shirt, and black pants with brown shoes. The man wore white-rimmed glasses with blue lenses as he faced Kaos.

“Are you the one called Kaos?” The man merely asked.

“Yes I am,” Kaos replied, his grip on the man's neck loosening slightly as the werewolf studied the newcomer. “Who wants to know?”

“I do, silly-billy!” The afro-bearing man said in a girly tone, now suddenly wearing a pink dress and white apron. “Could I get an autograph from you?” He asked, showing a piece of paper towards Kaos.

Kaos blinked hard several times in surprise at this. Even the man he held by the throat couldn't help but just stare at the glasses-wearing man's antics.

The newcomer just remained in that position for a while, before he suddenly punched Kaos across the face in a fierce right hook. “I don't take any autographs from any meanie-pants like you!”

Kaos flew backwards and landed hard on his back from the blow, the man he had been throttling falling free from his grip, before the victim stood up and ran away.

Growling, Kaos stood up as he glared angrily at the other werewolf. “Just who do you think you are?” Kaos asked.

“Oh me?” The man asked. “My name is Lobobo the Werewolf, and I'm here to stop your little shin-dig!”

Kaos just snarled and took a fighting stance. “Fine then. If I must remove humans from this world, I suppose I may need to remove any obstacles in my path, even my own kin.”

*cue battle theme*

Lobobo and Kaos immediately charged one another, Kaos throwing a right hook at the fellow werewolf, only for Lobobo to raise up his left arm, blocking the blow. The afro-bearing lycan countered by punching Kaos hard in the stomach, forcing him backwards. Capitalizing on this, Lobobo gripped Kaos head with both hands and smashed his knee squarely into his opponent's face once, twice, thrice.

Kaos stumbled back, his broken nose quickly healing, though blood still ran down his face. Angered, Kaos dropped to the ground and performed a sweeping kick, taking Lobobo's legs out from under him and sending him falling onto his back. Seizing the opportunity, Kaos pounced upon the fellow werewolf, punching away at his face at blinding speed. After a moment of this, though, Lobobo decided to retaliate by catching Kaos' fists in his hands, shoving Kaos back, before raising up his legs and kicking his foe hard in the stomach, knocking the air out of Kaos as he doubled over with a wheeze.

Lobobo then grabbed Kaos in a headlock, punching away at his face, until Lobobo jumped up into the air and came down, smashing Kaos' face hard into the ground. Dazed, Kaos was helpless as Lobobo then raised him over his head, then slammed him down upon his knee. Kaos coughed up blood as the werewolf was tossed to the ground by Lobobo. Standing up as his healing factor quickly repaired the damage done, Kaos hands lit up with flames, before the werewolf unleashed a stream of fire from his palms upon Lobobo.

Lobobo stumbled back, his body and clothes scorched by the fire, but the damage itself was only skin deep. Growling, Lobobo suddenly charged through the flames, taking Kaos by surprise as Lobobo punched him hard across the face, blood flying from the blow, before Lobobo began his assault. The werewolf grabbed Kaos by his head and began punching away at his stomach, each blow earning a crunching of ribs as Kaos puked up blood.

Lobobo then raised up Kaos, and slammed him down facefirst into the ground, another crunch emitting as blood splattered across the ground. The lycan with an afro then began kneeing Kaos in the face, the fellow werewolf helpless as the blows knocked out teeth and caved in his face, even with his regeneration attempting to repair the damage. Finally, Lobobo tossed Kaos into the air and jumped up, roundhouse kicking the werewolf in the ribs, sending blood flying from Kaos' mouth and nostrils as he was sent flying back from the blow.

Landing hard on the ground with a cough, Kaos stood up, panting with fury as he glared hatefully at Lobobo, the other werewolf standing tall and already back at full condition with his regeneration. With an enraged roar, Kaos changed into his beast form, the chimeric lycanthrope standing tall as he glared at Lobobo.

Lobobo stepped back in surprise. He had never seen a werewolf like Kaos before. After a moment, though, Lobobo grinned a toothy grin. “Well, if you're gonna change, then so will I!” With that, Lobobo changed into his werewolf form, still retaining his afro as he let out a loud howl. “Now let's see what you've got!” Lobobo said as he and Kaos glared at each other.

*cue new battle theme*

Kaos and Lobobo lunged at one another with a roar, but it was Kaos who won out as he tackled Lobobo to the ground, slashing away at his foe with his claws, blood splattering across the ground as Kaos held up his assault. After a moment of this, Lobobo kicked Kaos hard in the chest and threw him off with both feet, sending Kaos landing upon his back. Standing up with a roar, Kaos sprang forward again, biting down on Lobobo's shoulder, only to find to his surprise that no matter how hard he bit, his teeth just barely pierced his foe's skin.

Lobobo slammed his knee hard into Kaos' stomach, making him stumble back with a wheeze, allowing Lobobo to punch and claw away at his face. The afro-bearing werewolf wrapped up his assault with a backflip, kicking Kaos in the jaw and making him stumble back. Snarling, Kaos glared at Lobobo as the werewolf stood tall. Lobobo moved to press his assault, but Kaos closed the distance faster than Lobobo had anticipated, striking Lobobo across the face with his lion paw, before Kaos punched him hard with a fierce right hook, knocking Lobobo onto his back.

Kaos tried to pounce onto his foe, but Lobobo countered by kicked Kaos in the chest, once more tossing him onto his back as the afro-bearing werewolf stood up. Quickly getting back to his feet, Kaos let out a roar of anger as Lobobo jumped up with a grin. Dropping down to all fours, the chimeric werewolf charged at his foe. Lobobo turned and ran away on all fours, but the lycan found that no matter how fast he ran, Kaos was quickly closing the distance, the chimeric werebeast's cheetah-level speed superior to Lobobo's 45 mph swiftness.

After a moment, Kaos swiped Lobobo's legs out from under him with his lion paw, causing Lobobo to tumble across the ground. Springing through the air, Kaos pounced on Lobobo and bit into hid neck, only to once again find his teeth being unable to get in the flesh that deeply at all. Sitting up, Lobobo firmly punched Kaos in the face, sending the chimeric werewolf flying backwards and slamming into a car, crushing the vehicle beneath his body. Standing up, Kaos let out a roar and lunged at Lobobo, but the werewolf managed to sidestep the attack in time, dodging Kaos as the combatants faced each other with a snarl.

The werewolves then lunged at each other as they let out a howl. Both combatants bit, clawed, and punched away at one another fiercely, neither fighter willing to give in to the other. As they dueled, though, Kaos found to his growing frustration that no matter how hard he hit Lobobo, all the damage he was doing was only skin deep. Lobobo, on the other hand, was dealing more damage, his teeth and claws tearing into Kaos' flesh. Infuriated by this, Kaos swatted aside Lobobo's incoming fist as he punched away at his foe's face, shoving Lobobo back all the while, until he punched Lobobo hard in the face with his tiger fist, sending Lobobo flying backwards.

As Lobobo landed on the ground, Kaos jumped at him, grabbing the werewolf by his afro and swinging him around, until he tossed away. Lobobo smashed into a building in the distance, rubble engulfing the lycanthrope as dust rose up around the area. Kaos breathed heavily as he watched on, ready for whatever may happen next.

Lobobo sat up as he growled, the blows having been dealt to him not actually hurting him due to his freakish durability. The werewolf was about to attack when a thought occurred to him.

“Wait a minute. I'm not in that roleplay Kiryu made me for. That means I don't need to be serious.” With that knowledge, Lobobo grinned from ear to ear.

“You should've retreated when you had the chance,” Kaos stated as he walked towards where Lobobo had landed. “But now I will have to remove you from the way of my destiny.”

Before the dust had settled, though, a pair of black whips shot out, wrapping around Kaos tightly. Surprised at this, Kaos attempted to break free, but the whips were too strong for even him. As the dust cleared, Lobobo emerged from the rubble, the whips being his own nose hairs. “Now then,” Lobobo said. “Taste my Super Fist of the Werewolf: Lobobo the Werewolf, now on HD TV!” Lobobo tossed Kaos into the air, before jumping after him and slamming a TV screen into his face, sending the chimeric werewolf crashing to the ground.

Kaos had just barely gotten up when Lobobo and Don Rocks started hurling sponges at him, the duo screaming loudly as they pelted Kaos with surprising force, sending the werewolf stumbling back with each hit. Lobobo then punted Don straight at Kaos, the dragon latching onto Kaos' face before exploding, sending Kaos smashing through a building. Groaning as he tried to stand, Kaos was helpless as Lobobo rammed into him as a train, sending the werewolf soaring into the air.

While Kaos was still in the sky, Lobobo, Don Rocks, and Tokoro Jiggler sent a huge armada of fireworks shooting up into the sky, the fireworks pelting Kaos nonstop.

“Happy Fourth of July!” Lobobo yelled.

“But Lobobo, it's November, and almost Kiryu's birthday in fact!” Don said, causing the fireworks to disappear with a poof, Kaos remaining floating in midair.

“In that case...Meteor shower!” As soon as Lobobo said this, an army of meteors came crashing down upon Kaos, Don, and Tokoro, the three screaming as Lobobo laughed maniacally. “Hot enough for ya?”

“I thought this was his punishment!” Don yelled as the three were pelted. As Kaos tried to rise, the werewolf looked up to see Lobobo looking away from him with his hands on his hips.

“I must say, you were a good opponent,” Lobobo said. “But now this is the end.”

“Y-you think this is the end?” Kaos stuttered as he attempted to stand up. “I'll show you!”

“It's the end if I say it is!” Lobobo shouted as his nose hairs wrapped around Kaos once again. “And you're going back to the pet shop were you belong!”

Lobobo began spinning around on his heels, getting faster and faster with each rotation as he became a twister, until with one last swing he tossed Kaos high into the horizon. The werewolf came crashing down into a pet shop, promptly passing out with pupiless eyes as Dingodile walked up to him. “Ah, the newest addition. Perfect!” Dingodile then slapped a price tag on Kaos that said $1.50.

Lobobo just looked at the horizon as he was back in his human form. “Y'know. I just realized something. I really like crocodiles.”

Don Rocks and Tokoro Jiggler just drank from coffee cups, lowering their drinks with their eyes closed, before suddenly opening their eyes as they simultaneously yelled out “Decaf!”

Winner: Lobobo
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 163: Giga vs Goliath vs G1 Grimlock

Giga hopped from building to building, looking down with a grin at the destruction down in the streets. Smaller buildings were blown apart, flames spread everywhere, and people were screaming as they burned to death. The military was doing everything they could do stop the chaos, but of course Giga was there to blow them to kingdom come.

However, the giganotosaurus would find more of a worthy challenge today, as Grimlock had entered the city, the Autobot looking around at the carnage going on. Sensing the power in this machine, Giga jumped down to the ground in front of Grimlock, looking up at him with a grin.

“Me Grimlock here to stop little dino!” Grimlock said with determination, before he changed into his T-rex form with a roar.

“Is that what you're here for?” Giga said as he kept his grin. “I was hoping for a fight.”

Tossing aside a car, Goliath charged forward, letting himself be known with a loud roar as the dinosauromorph was prepared for battle. Giga's grin just grew wider at this, the giganotosaurus eagerly accepting the challenge.

“Let's do this!” Giga yelled as he stomped the ground, electricity crackling over his frame. “C'mon!”

Giga came charging at Grimlock, only for the Autobot to let loose with a stream of flames, engulfing Giga completely. However, the giganotosaurus burst from the fire completely unharmed as he fired several electric bolts at Grimlock, zapping the Dino Bot's face and distracting him long enough for Giga to start punching away at his face and neck.

Goliath charged forward on all fours, pouncing upon Grimlock's leg and biting into the metal. Angered, Grimlock grabbed Giga in his hand, tossing him away as he shook off Goliath. The dinosauromorph started punching away at Grimlock's leg, but the Cybertronian kicked him into a car, before Giga tossed a fireball into Grimlock's face, making the Autobot stumble.

Goliath stood up as Grimlock swatted Giga to the ground with his claws. Jumping into the air, Goliath pounced upon Giga, punching away at his face repeatedly. Giga responded by catching hold of Goliath's fists, shocking him with lightning before tossing him off. Grimlock attempted to stomp on Giga, but the dinosaur jumped to a building, springing off as he fired a stream of lightning from his hands, the electricity hammering into Grimlock's head and making him stumble into a building, rubble crashing down upon him.

As soon as Giga landed, Goliath was upon him, the reptile punching away at the giganotosaurus. Kicking Goliath in the chest and sending him tumbling backwards, Giga tossed a series of fire balls at his foe, each fiery projectile sending Goliath tumbling. After a moment of this, Goliath grabbed a fleeing woman and hurled her at Giga, but the dinosaur reduced her to ashes with a blast of electricity. Goliath took advantage of this moment and raced at his foe, punching him in the face and sending him smashing into a car.

Grimlock stood up as he breathed fire upon Goliath, scorching the dinosauromorph's flesh and making him run away from the flames. Grimlock pursued his smaller foe, until Giga pounced atop Grimlock's head, releasing a blast of energy in the form of a bolt into Grimlock's head, sending the Autobot crashing into a building, rubble quickly covering the Dinobot. Giga landed down in the streets, only for Goliath to charge at him, ramming the giganotosaurus into a car.

Goliath jumped at his foe again, but Giga launched a fireball at the dinosauromorph, sending him tumbling away. Charging forward, Giga slammed into Goliath, carrying him across the streets until he tossed him into a building. Jumping out a window, Goliath ran at his foe on all fours, only for Giga to jump away, avoiding the charge. Giga then started pelting Goliath with lightning bolts, each shot sending the reptile rolling across the ground.

Giga ran at his foe, kicking him hard in the stomach and sending him tumbling away once again. Standing back up, Goliath let out a roar and charged forward, only for Giga to jump to the side, dodging the dinosauromorph, before the giganotosaurus grabbed his tail and swung him around, tossing him into a car. Giga rushed his foe, grabbing Goliath by the back of his head and smashing his face into the ground again and again, until he spun around and tossed him away.

Goliath managed to stand, but Giga was already prepared, as the dinosaur sent a powerful blast of lightning straight at Goliath's face.

Direct hit.

Goliath's entire skull exploded outwards from the sheer power, before the rest of his body followed, his parts flying across the streets as a bloody stain was all that remained. Giga looked down at his work with a grin as flames surrounded him.

At that moment, though, Grimlock stood up with a shake of his head, before he turned and glared at Giga, the giganotosaurus looking at him as he kept his grin. “Me Grimlock crush little dino!” Grimlock roared as flames vented from his jaws.

“Let's see about that,” Giga just responded as he entered his Energy Overload state.

Grimlock charged at his smaller foe, but Giga jumped away, launching fireballs and bolts at his foe, the blasts blowing holes into the Autobot's body. Grimlock managed to catch Giga in his jaws as the dinosaur was jumping, before he attempted to crush his foe to death. The giganotosaurus countered this by releasing a blast of lightning into Grimlock's mouth, making the cybertronian release his grip.

Giga then jumped atop Grimlock's head, charging up the remainder of his energy as Grimlock attempted to throw him off. But this proved futile, as Giga unleashed a powerful thunderbolt straight into Grimlock's head.

The result? Grimlock's entire body erupted into a fiery explosion, as electricity flew everywhere, punching through random buildings in the way.

Giga landed down on the ground as pieces of Grimlock fell everywhere, before he caught the Dinobot's Spark. Grinning, Giga crushed the Spark, absorbing its energy with glee. Turning towards the rest of the city, Giga jumped away, eager to cause more destruction.

Winner: Giga
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 164: Discord vs Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Ponyville was in absolute chaos. Literally.

Buildings floated around like balloons, the ground had a wide variety of colors that didn’t match at all, clouds made of cotton candy rained chocolate milk and pies, and fish swam freely through the air.

What was responsible? Simple.


The chimera gazed upon his work with a pleased smile, leaning back in his throne as cotton candy clouds rained chocolate milk around him, Discord absent-mindedly having them also rain priceless glass cups that exploded into confetti upon hitting the ground. At that moment, Princess Celestia and Luna approached from behind, the Elements of Harmony tucked away in their bags. Discord’s throne suddenly spun around to face the Princesses as Discord laughed.

“Oh, this is so much fun! How about a game of Pin the Tail on the Pony?” Discord then lifted up Celestia’s tail as he said this, the Sun Princess seeing with a gasp that he had removed it straight from her rump.

“Playtime’s over for you, Discord!” Celestia stated as her tail was inexplicably returned to her.

“Oh, I doubt that,” Discord replied, suddenly having a bag of Plunder Seeds in his lion paw as he happily ate the seeds, before offering the bag to the Princesses. “Hungry?” Celestia and Luna simply glared at Discord, though, even as several of the Plunder Seeds bounced off their heads. “Suit yourselves,” Discord said, before shoving a handful of seeds into his mouth.

Her horn glowing golden, Celestia opened up her bag and pulled out the Elements of Harmony, Luna doing the same. Taking notice of this, Discord leaned forward with interest.

“Oh, what have you got there?”

“The Elements of Harmony,” Celestia stated as the Elements began spinning around her and Luna, generating an energy shield around the two.

“With them we shall defeat you, Discord!” Luna declared, the Princesses ready to stop Discord’s reign of chaos once and for all.

“Make way!!!”

That shout broke the Princesses’ concentration as they looked behind in surprise, Discord looking forward as he searched for the source of the voice. In the distance, a dust cloud was being generated, the source being Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo riding atop Jelly Jiggler, using the sentient jelly as a means of sliding across the multicolored ground at great speeds, Don Patch standing atop Bobobo’s shoulder. Celestia and Luna quickly flew upwards as Bobobo quickly reached their standing point, skidding to a halt as he stood up, resting his foot firmly atop Jelly Jiggler’s head and shoving his face into the dirt. “Alright, this must be it,” Bobobo decreed as he looked around, Jelly Jiggler struggling beneath him.

“Well, well, well,” Discord said with immediate interest at the sight of the afro-wearing man before him. “And who might you be?”

“Huh?” Bobobo said, looking behind himself in confusion. “Who’s he talking to?”

“I’m talking to you, afro boy.”

“Oh, me? My real name is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo! Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, but call me Bobobo, got it guy?”

“Bobobo, eh? Interesting,” Discord said in amusement as he stood up from his throne. “I’m Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Now what, pray tell, brings you here?”

“I came here to stop all this havoc,” Bobobo stated. “Your little shin-dig is coming to an end.”

“Oh, do you have the same intentions as the Princesses?” Discord asked, feeling a bit disappointed. “Their ways of stopping me are just so dull. With you, though, I think I can have a lot more fun with you.”

“I’ll stop you anyway I can,” Bobobo declared. “So get ready to have your jig end!”

“Oh, so you’re more eager to do it the fun way? Very well then. Celestia and Luna were disappointing, so I hope you can do better.”

Celestia and Luna watched from the sky as Discord and Bobobo squared off. “Sister, shouldn’t we try to stop Discord now when we have the chance?” Luna asked.

“No Luna,” Celestia replied. “I feel that this is a battle this newcomer must fight on his own. I just hope he is able to defeat Discord.”

Discord and Bobobo glared at one another, Discord grinning whilst Bobobo bared his teeth in anger. Both knew fully well about what was to come.

There would be a brawl.

And it would be epic.

*cue battle theme*

Bobobo immediately lunged at Discord, his nosehairs flying forward as his fist was stretched forward to meet Discord’s face. Discord promptly teleported away, though, and reappeared behind Bobobo, before he snapped his fingers, causing Bobobo’s legs to vanish, Bobobo falling down as Discord laughed. “Why don’t you give your legs a rest for a while?” Discord asked as he put away Bobobo’s legs in a suitcase.

“So what? Who needs legs?” Bobobo responded, before his lower body was now a tank, Bobobo wearing a soldier’s helmet as an armada of tanks stood side-by-side with him, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler included. “Men! Fire at will!”

“Hold on, guys!” Discord said as he held up his hands. “He said fire at Will, not me!” The tanks then opened fire upon Discord, engulfing him in smoke as he was pelted with explosions. When the smoke cleared, however, it become obvious that no damage at all had been done to the chimera.

The jaws of Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler dropped as the trio let out a simultaneous “WHAAAAAT???” Discord laughed loudly at their reactions as he walked forward.

“Sorry boys, but it's gonna take a lot more than just a few fancy explosions to stop me.”

“So what?” Bobobo said as he jumped up, his legs now inexplicably back where they should be as Bobobo grabbed hold of Don Patch's head. “I will do everything I can do defeat you!”

“What are you doing?” Don Patch could only ask as Bobobo kept his grip on Don Patch's head.

“I'm gonna pound me a new sword!” Bobobo yelled as he punched away atop Don Patch's head, causing his head to sprout a series of lumps. Bobobo then grabbed Don Patch's legs as he lifted up Don Patch and wielded him like a sword. “Now then,” Bobobo said. “Fear my lumpy sword!”

“I'm twee years old!” Don Patch said as Bobobo charged at Discord, only for the draconequus to suddenly slip around behind Bobobo faster than the afro man could predict. Discord then snapped his fingers, creating an anvil that landed atop Bobobo's head.

“Ow! You jerk!” Bobobo's afro yelled, much to Discord's surprise. “How dare you hit me like that!”

“You'll pay for that, you fiend!” Bobobo yelled, spinning around and slamming Don Patch facefirst into Discord's own.

“Hey, hold on!” Don Patch said as he pulled down his lumps. “You made all these lumps, at least use them as a sword, not my face!”

Discord just flicked Don Patch aside with his lion finger as he stood smiling. “Your attempts to stop me are amusing, but it's clear you're fighting in vain.”

“Oh yeah?” Bobobo countered. “I still got plenty of tricks left!” Bobobo then leaped behind Jelly Jiggler as he pulled his fist back. “Take this! Jelly Jiggler Magnum!”

Bobobo then punched the back of Jelly Jiggler's head, the blow so great that Bobobo's fist ended up going straight through Jelly's head like, well, jelly, sending the poor jelly man's face flying forward with a scream, the makeshift projectile headed straight for Discord...

...Only for the draconequus to sidestep the shot.

“Is that all?” Discord said with a sly grin. “You used your own friend for an attack in vain?”

“I'm not done yet, not by a long shot!” Bobobo yelled, before he punched away through Jelly Jiggler's body, sending a spray of fist-sized jelly shots at Discord, bombarding him with lychee-flavored projectiles.

“Now take this!” Bobobo shouted as he wrapped up his assault by flinging Jelly's hole-filled body at Discord, the body smacking of the chimera's face. Discord just grinned as he tossed aside Jelly's body.

“Hey, wait, that's my body!” Jelly Jiggler's face yelled as he watched his body fly away.

“Why don't you just give up, Bobobo?” Discord taunted. “You clearly can't best me, even with your friends.”

Bobobo clenched his teeth in anger as he stood tall. “There's no way I'm gonna give up now! I'll take you down no matter what!” Bobobo then charged straight at Discord, yelling out loud as he came at his chaotic foe.

Discord just laughed as he watched Bobobo's approach. “You should see yourself right now. The expression on your face. So intense! So sure of yourself! Hilarious! Hahahaha-”

Discord was promptly cut off as Bobobo punched him firmly across the face in a fierce right hook. The blow was so powerful it knocked Discord clear off his feet, the draconequus flying across the multicolored land before crashing head-on into a floating house, smashing it apart and sending debris plummeting to the ground.

Celestia and Luna stared in shock at this, their mouths hanging open as they watched. “Unbelievable!” Luna managed to say. “Is that creature really that powerful?”

“It would appear so,” Celestia said. “Perhaps he will be the one to stop Discord.”

Discord sat up as he looked towards Bobobo, rubbing his chin in shock at the strength of the blow. The punch hadn't really hurt him, but the sheer force behind it was certainly concerning. “Well then,” Discord said as he stood up. “It appears you're stronger than I had expected. But now I see that I must put you back into your place.”

“Just go ahead and try!” Bobobo said defiantely. “I'll take you on no matter what!”

“Very well, then,” Discord said, before he teleported down in front of Bobobo. “Let's see what you can do.”

Celestia and Luna watched from a safe distance in the sky, knowing better than to interfere, for this was where the real battle would begin.

Bobobo immediately charged at Discord, skiing on a pair of tissue boxes as the man attempted to close the distance, only for Discord to fly upwards, easily avoiding the charge. The draconequus snapped his eagle fingers, causing a series of cotton candy clouds to appear above Bobobo and fire upon him with lightnings bolts made of chocolate. When the smoke cleared, though, Bobobo remained standing, having plugged a cord into one of the clouds and using it to power the computer he was typing on.

Bobobo then took the computer and aimed it at Discord, firing a stream of birds at the draconequus. Discord was relentlessly pummeled by blue jays, crows, ostriches, kiwis, and all other sorts of avians until the spirit of chaos decided he had enough. With a snap of his lion fingers, Discord turned the birds into slices of bread, with the computer Bobobo wielded becoming a loaf.

Growling, Bobobo struck a pose as golden energy surrounded him. “Super Fist of the Nose Hair!” The afro warrior yelled.

“Super Fist?” Discord asked. “What's that?”

“It's how I'm gonna beat you, that's what!” Bobobo's nose hairs then shot forward, taking Discord by surprise, before the draconequus was whipped and beaten by the whip-like hairs.

“Pummel This Monster Till He Cries For Mommy!” Bobobo shouted as his Super Fist did its work. By the time the attack was finished, though, Discord remained standing, a grin on his face.

“Was that supposed to do something?” The chimera mocked, Bobobo growling in anger.

“I ain't done yet, not by a long shot!” Bobobo yelled, before he flung a pie at Discord. The draconequus merely caught the pastry with his lion paw, smiling as he looked at Bobobo.

“A pie? Really? That's the best you could do-” Discord was cut off when Bobobo's fist burst from the pie, punching Discord hard in the face and making his eyes bug out.

“See what I mean?” Bobobo said, before he swung an orca around by its tail, swatting Discord into the sky.

“Hahaha, you're certainly creative!” Discord said with a laugh. “I almost feel bad about having to kill you. Almost.” Discord then raised up his eagle hand as it glowed with magic, before Bobobo found himself being caught in a magical grip, the man struggling as he was brought up towards Discord.

“You would look nice as a vase,” The draconequus said, before with a snap of his fingers, Bobobo became a blue crystal vase, just like that.

“Hmm,” Discord said as he put the vase on a table that was floating upside down. “It looks great here.”

“Oh yes, I love it,” Bobobo said as he stood next to Discord, wearing a business suit as he took pictures of the vase with a camera. “Very decorative.”

“Why thank you- Wait, how are you-?” Before Discord could finish his sentence, Bobobo slammed the camera into the draconequus' face, causing the camera to explode in a spray of sardines.

“You can keep your pictures!” Bobobo yelled as he kicked Discord hard in the stomach, sending the Spirit of Chaos flying away.

“Well!” Discord said as he sat up from the ground. “Talk about unpredictability! I may have underestimated you, but now let's see what you're afraid of.”

Standing up, Discord's eyes glowed green with purple mist emerging from the sides, before he fired a purple energy beam from his lion paw at Bobobo, striking him in the chest as dark crystals emerged. Before Bobobo could try and counter it, the crystals completely engulfed him, leaving only his head exposed.

Discord approached the struggling Bobobo with a grin, before he grabbed the top of Bobobo's afro and looked into his eyes, causing green energy to flow into the man's eyes. Discord backed off with a grin as he watched Bobobo's reaction to the fear-inducing magic.

“Wha-What's happening? Oh no! No that! Please! I can't bear to play basketball with kangaroos!”

Discord laughed with glee at Bobobo's predicament, as Celestia and Luna watched in anger.

“It looks like we have no choice,” Luna said. “We must stop Discord ourselves while we have the chance-”

While Discord was laughing, the draconequus felt someone poking him in the shoulder. Discord turned around...

...And was promptly punched across the face by Bobobo, sending him crashing into another floating house.

“I ain't gonna be a fraidy cat this time around!” Bobobo said as he now wore a black and white cat suit. Just as Discord started to emerge from the house with a shake of his head, Bobobo pounced on him and started clawing the draconequus all over his body.

“Super Fist of the Nose Hair! Kitty Cat Storm!” Bobobo yelled as he now became a blur, clawing Discord everywhere as the chimera flailed around. After a moment, Discord snapped his fingers, causing Bobobo to disappear in a flash. Sighing in relief as he was now covered head to toe in claw marks, Discord turned around...

...And received Bobobo's foot planting itself firmly into his face as Bobobo now wore a karate outfit with a black belt.

“Never let your guard down!” Bobobo shouted as Discord flew away from the kick. “You may never know when somebody will kick you in the face!”

Discord landed on his feet as he looked at Bobobo with a smile of all things. “You're the most random, bizarre, and crazy critter I've ever seen...I knew there was a reason I'd enjoy fighting you so much!”

Bobobo's afro opened up, as King Kong emerged with his arms crossed. “The problem with this world is that everyone's a few drinks behind,” Kong said, before the ape suddenly burst open as a rainbow came flying out singing Habenera. Discord and Bobobo promptly started Can Can dancing as the rainbow spun around the two, until the rainbow flew into the sky and exploded as goats fell everywhere.

Bobobo then kicked Discord high into the air, before placing a pile of TNT where the draconequus would land. But as soon as Discord landed, the TNT became a T-rex, roaring loudly as he bit Discord and shook him like crazy. The T-rex then flung Discord through a tree, breaking it in half as the tree screamed in agony before collapsing with a 'ded' as blood pooled beneath it.

Discord and Bobobo locked hands with one another and struggled to overpower each other. Soon, though, Discord found himself being quickly overwhelmed by Bobobo's superior strength, before the man grabbed the draconequus by the back of his head and slammed his face into a pile of mushed carrots.

“Eat up!” Bobobo yelled as he shoved Discord's face in deeper. “You need the carrots to improve your eyes!”

“Oh, like this?” Discord then lifted his head up and looked at Bobobo, shooting laser beams from his eyes that sent Bobobo flying away.

“Exactly!” Bobobo just responded, before he tossed a grenade at Discord, the grenade going off in an explosion of Timberwolves that sent Discord flying upwards. Bobobo then jumped after his chimeric foe, whipping him repeatedly with his nose hairs, before with one final blow to wrap up his assault, the man sent the draconequus crashing to the ground.

By this point, any normal being would've been left quivering in pain, unable to rise as Bobobo would finish them off. However, Discord still rose like nothing happened, the Spirit of Chaos watching as Bobobo stood ahead of him with his arms crossed.

“Hmm,” Discord said. “You're tougher than you look.”

“And more handsome than I look,” Bobobo responded.

“But I'm not done yet.” Discord's lion paw glowed with magic, as Bobobo found himself once more being lifted into the air surrounded by magic. “Let's see how you look as a little baby.” Discord snapped his fingers, causing a bright flash to engulf Bobobo...

...Only to reveal Bobobo as a scientist writing on a chalkboard.

“Now then, class,” Bobobo said as he wrote on the chalkboard. “Who here can tell me the answer to this problem?” Bobobo then stepped aside to reveal the problem: 2 X 6.

“Heh, 12,” Discord said with a smug grin.

“Wrong!” Bobobo yelled as he punched Discord across the face, then grabbed the chalkboard. “The real answer is...” Bobobo then tore off the chalkboard like paper, revealing a wolverine behind the board. “A wolverine!”

The wolverine then stood up as claws sprouted from his wrists. “Lights out, punks,” The wolverine said, before he spun like a top, slicing away at Discord and Bobobo.

The wolverine jumped away as Discord fell to the ground in many little pieces. “I'm beside myself!” Discord just said.

“You just don't stack up right!” Bobobo responded.

Discord then stood up as he glared at Bobobo. His hands glowing with magic, the draconequus opened fire with energy beams from his palms, each shot sending Bobobo flying about, until finally, Discord snapped his fingers, causing a mountain to come crashing down upon Bobobo.

“That should take care of you,” Discord said with a smug grin.

His grin was replaced with a look of surprise as the mountain shattered to bits, Bobobo standing tall as a large drill retracted into his afro. “Well?” Bobobo just said with a smirk.

Discord then snapped his fingers again, causing a manticore to appear in front of the chimera. Roaring, the manticore charged at Bobobo, leaping through the air and aiming to come down upon the man...

...Only for a T-rex to emerge from Bobobo's afro and bite down on the manticore's head.

“The strong prey upon the weak,” Bobobo just said as the T-rex shook the manticore around and tossed him away.

I don't believe this, Discord thought to himself in shock. He's countering my every move. Nopony's ever done that before.

Before Discord could try anything else, Bobobo started talking: “I'm gonna need some more power to take you out! And I have just the thing!” Bobobo's afro opened up, before a jacket was tossed out, Bobobo snatching the jacket and putting it on as he glared at Discord.

“Now I'm sure to take you out!” Bobobo declared as he took a fighting pose.

“Fine then,” Discord just said with a growl. “If you really think you can beat me, go ahead and try.”

Bobobo's nose hairs shot forward, only for Discord to flatten to the ground, the nose hairs flying overhead. Discord then flew at Bobobo, kicking him hard in the stomach with his dragon foot and sending the man falling onto his back. Discord then snapped his fingers, causing plunder vines to burst from the ground, the vines wrapping around Bobobo's body and pinning him to the ground.

“Let's see you try and stop my plunder vines,” Discord said with his arms crossed as more plunder vines emerged to ensnare Bobobo. Growling, Bobobo broke free from the vines holding him down, before he jumped into the sky.

“I'll become three times hotter than the sun to melt these vines!” Bobobo yelled as his body started glowing brightly. “Super Fist of the Nose Hair: Three!” Just like that, Bobobo became the number 3 while still retaining his shades.

To everyone's shock, Bobobo's glowing heat was so great that the vines, indeed, melted into a puddle. Why the entire planet didn't instantly become incinerated taking into account how close Bobobo was with that power is anyone's guess.

“I don't believe this,” Discord exclaimed in shock. “How are you able to keep countering my power?!”

“You wanna know why?” Bobobo stated. “Because I'm Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo! And with the power of Wiggin' Out, I'll never let my enemy's power get the best of me!”

“Don't think this is over yet!” Discord said as he snapped his fingers, causing Bobobo's hands to be caught in handcuffs. “I won't let you stop me from making this land the chaos capital of the world!”

Bobobo just broke the handcuffs apart with ease as he faced Discord. “A hardy one, eh? You know what this calls for?”

“A party?” Discord asked as he wore a birthday hat and held a cake in his right paw.

“Better than that!” Bobobo responded, before he swung his hands into the sky. “A trip to Bobobo World!” And with that statement, the environment around the combatants changed into a large field surrounded by trees, and flowers growing everywhere.

“Here everything's under my control!” Bobobo said. “So you best get used to it. Oh, and your powers won't work here, so I would just try to adapt.”

“Heh, so you say,” Discord said with a sly grin. “How about I turn this place into a giant soup bowl?” Discord raised up his lion paw and snapped his fingers...


“Uh, I said 'how about I turn this place into a giant soup bowl'!” Discord started repeatedly snapping his fingers, but with no luck. Shocked, Discord looked at Bobobo, who was just picking his nose.

“See?” Bobobo said as he pulled his finger out, revealing a pigeon that flew away. “You're powerless here. Oh, and don't look behind you.”

Like an idiot, Discord turned around...

“You looked!” Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler yelled, before they started smacking Discord around and around with folded up fans. After a moment, the duo kicked Discord in the stomach, sending the draconequus flying towards Bobobo. The man was already prepared as he pushed down on a TNT detonator, causing a giant fist to burst from the ground and punch Discord into the sky.

“We're gonna have some real fun, ya hear me?” King Nosehair said as he came down from the sky riding a bicycle, ramming into Discord and sending him smacking into the ground. Discord managed to get to his feet, but Bobobo pulled out a massive rocket launcher and aimed it straight at Discord's head...

...And shot out a flag that said “BANG!”

Discord just looked at the flag with a laugh, only for Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler to fire a Kamehameha upon the Spirit of Chaos.

“Alright, boys and girls,” King Nosehair as he clapped his hands. “It's storytime!”

Bobobo, Don, and Jelly all sat in front of King Nosehair, Bobobo holding Discord tightly by the waist. King Nosehair then opened up a blue book and started reading it:

“Once upon a time, the end.”

“...That's it?” Discord asked.

“Of course it is!” Bobobo yelled as he started beating Discord with a trout. “Don't be so rude about it!”

“You can keep this book if ya want!” King Nosehair said as he flung the book at Discord, the book smacking off the draconequus' face. Discord just picked up the book and read it, only for Foxy's face to pop out with a scream, biting Discord's nose with a honk.

“Stampede!” Jelly Jiggler yelled, before he was trampled beneath a massive herd of refrigerators. Yelping, Discord turned and started running for his life, but the appliances quickly caught up with him and started trampling him nonstop.

Several hours later...

Discord was still being trampled by the refrigerators, Bobobo sitting in midair above the stampede as he drank soda and read a comic book. After a moment, the man looked at a watch on his wrist, before he stood up.

“Okay, that's enough!” Bobobo yelled as he tossed a giant paper airplane to the ground, the airplane going off like a nuke and exploding outwards in a mushroom cloud, sending Discord, Don Patch, Jelly Jiggler, and King Nosehair flying away screaming.

Discord landed hard on his back as the scenery changed back into Ponyville, Bobobo standing a fair distance away with his back turned to the draconequus and his hands in his pockets. “I must say,” Bobobo said. “You were a good opponent. But all good things must come to an end.”

*cue ending theme*

“I-I can't lose to you!” Discord managed to say as he struggled to rise. “I won't let you win!”

“Oh yeah?” Bobobo said as he took a combat pose with golden energy swirling around him. “Super Fist of the Nose Hair!” Bobobo's nose hairs shot forward, wrapping around Discord and lifting him up.

“Time To Take Out The Trash!” Bobobo then started raising Discord into the sky, quickly picking up speed all the while. Discord found himself being smashed through the entire solar system, including the sun and moon, and just as the draconequus was smashed through Pluto, he was suddenly yanked back, once again plowing through the solar system.

Discord was being pulled at light speeds as he was smashed facefirst into the ground. Not stopping there, Discord was shoved deep into the ground, Bobobo's nose hairs carrying the Spirit of Chaos all the way down into Tartarus. Here Discord was finally released, the draconequus flying into a conveniently placed cage atop a large mountain, the cage closing shut as Discord fell in. Slumping down, Discord promptly passed out with pupiless eyes.

Bobobo just watched the hole with his hands on his hips as Ponyville reverted back to normal, all the chaotic things Discord caused disappearing and being repaired. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna flew down in front of Bobobo with a smile.

“Thank you so much for stopping Discord,” Celestia said. “We're truly grateful for your help.”

“Would you like to join us in celebration of Discord's defeat?” Luna asked.

“Hmm,” Bobobo said. “Why not? That could be fun.”

“Festival!” Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler yelled, the two jumping around wearing tribal clothing.

“We're gonna have the party of our lives!” Bobobo sang as he danced around shaking maracas and wearing Mexican clothing.

Celestia and Luna just blinked in surprise at this. “Good thing he's on our side,” Celestia just said.

Winner: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 164: Siberian Sam vs Bullshark

Leaping atop the roof of a small building, Siberian Sam looked down at the land before him, the area being a sort of industrial looking place, with several small buildings in the distance, several trees scattered around, and a large river cutting through the land.

As the tiger man watched, he saw a large shape cruising through the water, a dorsal fin breaching the surface. After a moment, the fin sank back down, but soon a large shape burst from the water. The figure came down on the ground several feet from the river, water dripping from his body. The beast in question was an anthropomorphic bull shark, standing 9 feet tall, and with eyes that glared with hunger.

Bullshark was starving, as usual. All he had in the river were fish and the occasional fisherman. Looking up at Siberian Sam, the shark man decided he was in the mood for a bigger meal.

Sam just snarled, baring his teeth and claws as he jumped down to the ground in front of Bullshark. The two creature men glared at each other for a moment, ready for combat.

cue battle theme

Bullshark charged at Sam, relentless but unthinking, his jaws open wide to bite down into flesh. Acting fast, Sam jumped to the shark's left, causing Bullshark to bite into the wall of the building Sam was on. His jaws easily crushed the concrete into dust, as the shark man turned and faced Sam with a snarl. Sam jumped forward, punching Bullshark across the face with his left fist, then kicking Bullshark in the stomach, making him stumble backwards. Otherwise unbothered by the blows, Bullshark swatted Sam across the face with his outstretched right hand. As Sam stepped back from the attack, Bullshark tackled the tiger to the ground.

Atop his foe, Bullshark lunged downwards to tear out Sam's throat. Acting fast, the tiger grabbed Bullshark by the throat with both hands, keeping his snapping jaws at bay, whilst he raised up his legs and started kicking at the shark's, his claws cutting into the skin. After a moment of this, Sam managed to get his legs underneath Bullshark and kick him off. The tiger man jumped to his feet and ran away as Bullshark stood up. Roaring angrily, the shark man pursued his feline foe.

Acting fast, Sam jumped to the nearest tree, digging his claws into the bark. Though he was no leopard, the tiger scaled up the tree quickly enough before Bullshark could reach him in time. The shark bellowed in anger as Sam was well out of his reach, the tiger snarling at him. Looking at the tree, Bullshark decided to bring Sam down as he bit down into the trunk. Clenching his jaws, Bullshark snapped the tree in two with ease, the top half toppling to the ground. Quickly, Sam jumped off the tree, landing on his paws a good distance from Bullshark. Turning, the tiger man roared in anger at the shark, the cursed man letting out his own vocalization of rage.

The two hybrids charged each other, Sam springing through the air and tackling Bullshark to the ground. Gripping the shark's head in his paws, the cat started slamming his head into the ground again and again, Bullshark grabbing onto Sam's arms to make him stop. Soon, Bullshark managed to grab Sam's face, pulling hard and forcing the tiger onto his back. Sitting atop his foe's chest, Bullshark started punching away at Sam's face, his blows leaving bruises after a moment. Angered, the tiger swung his right paw upwards, his claws slicing across the shark's face. The pain distracted the fish man long enough for Sam to pull his legs up and kick him away. Standing up, Sam pounced on his foe's back, biting onto his dorsal fin.

Snarling in pain and outrage, Bullshark reached up with both arms, grabbing onto Sam's head and yanking hard, his claws digging into the tiger's head whilst the cat's own natural blades left long cuts across the fish's skin. Bullshark proceeded to slam Sam's head squarely into the ground, backing off as Sam tried to stand. Not willing to allow his opponent to retaliate, the shark man lunged forward, biting down hard upon Sam's back. The tiger let out a howl of pain as Bullshark's teeth easily pierced his flesh. The cat could actually feel his foe's teeth starting to scrape against his spine as Bullshark bit down harder.

Knowing he only had a few second before his spine was bitten in half, Sam dropped to the ground. The ploy worked, as the tiger wrenched free of Bullshark's toothy grip. Pissed off, Bullshark reached down to grab his mammalian foe, only for Sam to scratch him in the face, nearly taking out his eye. Bullshark backed off, howling in pain as he clutched his bleeding face. Standing up, Sam jumped at his foe, punching away at his head and chest. Each blow sent the shark man stumbling back, the fish unable to retaliate under the cat's barrage of punches. Eventually, Sam wrapped up his assault by jumping up and roundhouse kicking Bullshark in the face, knocking him off his feet and sending him crashing onto his back.

Groaning, Bullshark rolled onto his stomach to stand up, but Sam jumped right on top of him, knocking him flat against the ground with a wheeze. Baring his claws, Sam got to work, hacking and slashing away at his foe's back, his claws cutting into the thick flesh and parting it, allowing dark red blood to flow out and drip to the ground. Infuriated, Bullshark managed to stand up, causing Sam to fall off. Spinning on his feet, Bullshark ran at his foe, tackling the tiger through a tree and to the ground. Digging his claws into his foe's arms, Bullshark reached down and bit the top of Sam's head. By pure luck alone, Bullshark's teeth missed Sam's skull and merely caught his skin. That didn't stop it from hurting like a female dog as Bullshark shook his head, eager to worsen the damage.

Sam struggled beneath his shark foe. This was bad. He couldn't raise up his arms to defend himself. Still, he had ways to improvise. Straining hard, Sam rolled to his right, managing to throw off Bullshark and allowing Sam to rise. Before Bullshark could stand up, Sam wrapped his arm around Bullshark's neck, before the tiger lifted him up and fell backwards, smashing Bullshark back-first into the ground hard.

Rolling to his stomach and pushing himself up, Bullshark growled in pain and anger. This was not going as well as he wished. His foe was certainly a challenge on land, but perhaps in the water...

As Sam charged forward, Bullshark suddenly jumped at his feline foe, shoulder-ramming the tiger in the stomach and knocking the air out of him. Not stopping, Bullshark wrapped his arms around Sam's waist and ran forward, jumping through the air and coming down into the river. Grinning as he was now in his domain, Bullshark swam down to the bottom of the river, his grip still strong on Sam.

Bubbles of air escaped Sam as the tiger struggled desperately to break free. Not willing to let his opponent gain any advantage, Bullshark slammed Sam down into the stream bed, before the shark started punching away at the tiger's face, eagerly wishing to see this cat drown before he would feed on his corpse.

Sam was running out of air, as well as options. He had little time left if he wanted to escape. Acting fast, the tiger swatted aside Bullshark's incoming fist and reached up, biting down hard on the shark's nose. Backing off in pain, Bullshark inadvertently allowed Sam to swim upwards, the tiger trying to reach the surface as quickly as possible. Enraged, Bullshark shot at Sam like a torpedo, ramming Sam hard and spearing him to the riverside. Though Sam was able to gain a much-needed gasp of air, the cat was still victim to Bullshark's wrath, as the shark was wailing upon him with as much anger as he could deliver into his blows.

Having enough of this, Sam swung his claws at Bullshark's face, this time succeeding in striking the fish's left eye, his claws slicing it open and causing blood to spill out. Howling in agony, Bullshark immediately halted his assault as he slapped a hand to his wounded eye, blood quickly seeping between his fingers. Sam punched his aquatic foe firmly in the face, knocking the shark backwards and allowing the tiger to jump to shore. After running a good distance away from the water, Sam turned and looked at the river, ready for his opponent.

Bullshark burst from the water, absolutely infuriated by this point. Oh, he wasn't going to just kill this cat. He was going to tear him limb from limb. Howling out in bloody murder, rage clouding his thoughts, Bullshark charged straight at Sam, his jaws open wide to reveal his blood-stained teeth. Growling, Sam jumped to the shark's left, causing Bullshark to barrel into a tree, breaking it in half as the fish turned and faced Sam with a snarl. Bullshark lunged at Sam, swinging wildly with his fists. Sam kept ducking and weaving around each incoming blow, until Bullshark got lucky and punched Sam in the face, knocking the cat onto his back.

Reaching down, Bullshark grabbed Sam's leg, swinging him through the air and smashing him into the ground. The shark man repeated this several times, until he raised up Sam with both hands, ready to slam his back upon his knee. Acting quickly, Sam slammed his elbow into Bullshark's face, making him drop the tiger and allowing him to punch away at his face. As blood was trickling from the shark's mouth and nose, Sam jumped up, slamming his feet down upon Bullshark's head and smashing his face into the ground. The cat leaped backwards just as Bullshark swiped at him furiously.

Roaring out in fury, Bullshark charged at Sam, wanting to rip his heart out. Sam jumped to the side as Bullshark's right fist shot at him, before the tiger grabbed the arm, slamming his knee into the elbow, snapping the arm with a loud crack. The effect was immediate as Bullshark roared out in agony once more, his right arm dangling at his side, bent at an odd angle. Now beyond enraged, Bullshark ran at Sam again, blindly swinging his left arm at his feline foe. Sam jumped back, before he bit down on the shark's wrist. Unable to punch him, Bullshark lurched forward to bite his foe. Before his could do so, Sam raised up the shark's arm...

There was a crunch...

Then a scream...

And Bullshark's left hand fell to the ground, blood pooling beneath it.

Bullshark stood where he was, glaring in absolute fury at Sam. His right arm was broken, and part of his left arm was bitten off by his own set of jaws. By this point, anyone else would've given up. But Bullshark was beyond anger and was determined to eat this tiger.

Letting out one last roar of rage, Bullshark charged his feline foe, his jaws opened wide once again to tear off Sam's head.

Ready for the shark, Sam crouched down, Bullshark's head above him, before the the tiger sprang upwards with his fist raised up. His fist smashed fullforce into Bullshark's jaw in a fierce uppercut, causing Bullshark's jaws to smash together and break off several teeth. Before Bullshark could regain his wits, Sam jumped at his foe and stabbed his claws into the shark's throat.

Bullshark could only stare in shock at this, before Sam yanked back, tearing open Bullshark's jugular. A torrent of blood immediately sprayed outwards, covering the tiger's face and chest. Wiping away some of the life essence from his face, Sam watched as Bullshark remained standing, his throat ripped open to reveal the arteries and veins beneath. Bullshark then slowly fell to his knees, before he collapsed onto his face, blood pooling beneath the shark man.

Victorious, Siberian Sam let out a roar of triumph, his foe's blood staining his fur. Looking down at Bullshark's corpse, Sam turned and walked away, the tiger wishing to rest and recover from this battle.

Winner: Siberian Sam
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 165: Gwangi vs Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

“Klump! Krusha!”

King K. Rool called out for his minions, before a moment later, Klump and Krusha arrived before their king, the kremlings standing ready, especially Klump.

“Yes sir, King K. Rool, suh?” The soldier-esque Kremling asked.

“I want you to take every Kremling we have and storm the Kong's part of the island. This time we'll get the Crystal Coconut!”

“Um,” Krusha commented. “Didn't you fire all of the Kremlings except us?”


The three Kremlings just stared in awkward silence.

A long pause.

“Surprise mothafucka!” Gwangi blew up the island with a sheep as the dinosaur ran across the omniverse in a nanosecond.

Gwangi then pulled out a piece of paper and started writing on it: “Dear Princess Molestia:...Books.” Gwangi then blew up the omniverse twice, before bursting from the ground while singing Baka Survivor backwards,

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo then fell from the sky at that moment, the afro dude staring straight at Gwangi. “There ya are! I gotta fight ya now after beatin' Discord!”

“We're not finished yet!” Discord yelled, only for Bobobo to punch him away.

“'Mkay, then,” Gwangi just said.

Bobobo then ran straight at Gwangi, punching him across the face, before slapping him away with a trout. Gwangi groundpounded Bobobo with his face, then pulled out a shotgun and fired pillows at the man. Bobobo's nose hairs just started slapping Gwangi's balls around, until Bobobo soccer-kicked the dinosaur to the moon.

Gwangi landed down right next to Princess Luna as the alicorn looked at him in surprise.

“Quick, don't think about cats!” Gwangi yelled as he shot to his feet, causing Luna to vomit out countless cats that flew everywhere. Gwangi grabbed Luna and ran back at Bobobo, firing away with cats. Bobobo just twisted his fists around ala Popeye and started punching away the cats, until he reached Gwangi and suckerpunched him in the balls. Gwangi just tossed Luna away, before the theropod Falcon Punched Bobobo across the omniverse three times.

Bobobo retaliated by plowing a steam train into the back of Gwangi's head. “Super Fist of the Nose Hair: Bobobo's Pet Wolfy!” As soon as Bobobo said that, Kaos appeared out of nowhere, beating away upon Gwangi with his paws until the Werewolf grabbed Gwangi, smashed him into the ground, and jumped on him, before running away. Gwangi pulled out Octavia and aimed her at Bobobo like a rocket launcher, making her burp out Vinyl Scratch at Bobobo. Bobobo just stood there as DJ Pon3 bounced off of him, before he calmly pulled out a pineapple and stuck a fork on it. The man then walked over to Gwangi and offered him the pineapple.

Gwangi just took the pineapple and proceeded to rape Spongebob with it.

Bobobo kicked Gwangi into the sun, before he rode after him atop a Yutyrannus. Gwangi pulled out a pole stick and sent the sun flying at Bobobo, who just destroyed it with a single punch. Bobobo then threw Spiderman at Gwangi, but the dinosaur just poked Spiderman lightly, making him become a spider, causing everything around him to scream in terror and run away, Gwangi and Bobobo included.

Gwangi and Bobobo punched away at each other viciously, their blows completely missing each other as the words 'Internet Fight' were below them. Bobobo then kicked Gwangi across the multiverse, only for Gwangi to tear off the multiverse and wrap Bobobo up with it. Gwangi then punted Bobobo across the omniverse, yelling out “Four!” as Bobobo hit the screen, making the Internet scream in agony and explode into a goat with a muffin on its head.

Gwangi jumped after Bobobo, but Bobobo whipped out a minigun and started firing sharks at his foe, making Gwangi scream like a little female dog and flail his arms around. Gwangi then walked over to Bobobo, slapping a 'skreeonk Me Hard, Senpai~!!! <3' sign on his back, causing millions of horny wolfaboos to pounce on Gwangi and rape him. Bobobo then jumped up into the sky, then came back down, slamming the sun down on everything, before he punched the sun, making it explode and incinerate everything.

Gwangi and Bobobo started slapping each other in the face, refusing to stop until they fell apart into pieces. Discord then showed up, blowing up the two with cotton candy placed on the other side of the omniverse. Bobobo grabbed Gwangi's face and flung him into the sky, before his afro opened up and pelted the dinosaur with rockets and pies. Gwangi then flung shurikens at Bobobo, making the man melt into Twilight Sparkle, who just turned Gwangi into an orange.

Gwangi's fist burst from the ground and punched Bobobo into the air, before he jumped up and roundhouse kicked him so hard that Chuck Norris would have wet dreams about it. Bobobo then wrapped up Gwangi with his nose hairs and slammed him around, smashing the dinosaur through everything. Gwangi then pulled out a pair of scissors and blasted Bobobo with an Atomic Ray, before punching him through the omniverse. Bobobo then picked up the omniverse with one finger, before slamming it down upon Gwangi and kicking him through the real world and back.

The two combatants ran at each other again, simultaneously punching each other in the face and causing the entire fictional world to shatter to pieces. Gwangi and Bobobo glared at each other furiously, before charging forward once more-

“Y'know what, skreeonk it!” Gwangi yelled. “I'm freakin' done with this, how 'bout you?”

“Same here,” Bobobo said. “Wanna go fight Discord?”


The duo then ran away, ignoring the damage they caused.

Um, yeah.

My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 166: Lobobo vs Hulk vs Superman vs Slenderman

Superman flew backwards, the force of the Hulk's punch sending him crashing into the heart of a vast forest. With an enraged roar, the Hulk fell towards his Kryptonian foe, landing down ahead of him with enough force to blow away any surrounding objects close by.

The Hulk had been rampaging through out Metroplis, and so Superman had come to stop Bruce from destroying everything in sight. Clark had managed to bring the Hulk out to this forest that was faraway from any sort of civilization so no civilians would be hurt. Now the only thing he had to do was subdue the Hulk, which was far from easy, especially since it was nighttime, thus inhibiting Superman's power.

Superman managed to take to the air just before Hulk's fist could strike, the gamma man's fist instead leaving an impressive crater in the ground. His eyes glowing, Superman fired heat beams from his eyes, the energy striking the Hulk in the chest and shoving him backwards, leaving a pair of burns that quickly healed over. With his fists aimed forward, the Kryptonian flew right at Hulk, only for the larger opponent to raise up his arm, blocking the incoming attack. For a moment, both combatants strained against each other, each trying to overpower the other.

“Bruce, you need to calm down,” Superman said to the Hulk. “You have to fight it. Try to calm down and stop the Hulk from destroying anymore-” The alien was promptly cut off by Hulk plowing his fist straight into his face, sending him flying through several trees.

“Hulk smash Superman!” Hulk just roared, before he punched his fists into the ground, pulling up a large slab of earth and hurling it as his foe. Superman, though, simply incinerated the incoming projectile, before he slammed his fists into the ground, creating a shockwave that caused Hulk to stagger. Seizing the opportunity, Superman flew forward, breathing across Hulk's body and encasing him in ice in seconds. Sighing in relief, Superman picked up the frozen Hulk and proceeded to take to the air, hoping to bring Hulk to a safe place where he could calm down-

Hulk quickly broke free from his ice prison, planting his foot squarely into Superman's chest and sending him tumbling across the ground.

Standing up, Superman let out a sigh as he looked towards Hulk. This was gonna take a while.

Hulk started to charge towards Superman, just as Kal-El took to the air and started to fly towards him. Suddenly, the two halted in their tracks, groaning and clutching their heads. Static was filling their heads, and they felt increasingly dizzy, Superman falling onto his hands and knees from the pain. Hulk leaned against a tree, groaning in agony and anger, barely seeing anything through the static.

“My, my, two powerful beings wandered to my forest?” A calm, refined voice rang through the forest, before a tall figure materialized seemingly out of nowhere, wearing a black suit and black tie, with a white head that bore no face, no eyes, no mouth, nothing.


Superman just managed to look up, just before Slenderman's hand grasped his throat, the figure lifting the Kryptonian into the air and looking him straight in the eye. “It would be quite nice to add you two to my collection of souls.” Looking towards Hulk as the gamma man attempted to walk, Slenderman extended numerous tendrils from his back, the tendrils ensnaring Hulk's arm and neck and pulling him towards the faceless entity. “What a shame you two can't put up any sort of challenge in your current situation. It almost seems unfair. Oh well, I guess I might as well as it the easy way.”

“Not so fast, boy!” A sudden blur came out of nowhere, planting a pair of paws straight into where Slenderman's face would be, sending him flying backwards and causing Superman and Hulk to fall to the ground.

Lobobo the Werewolf stood tall, crossing his arms over his chest and huffing as he faced his foes. “So, you guys were having a fun battle without me? For that crime, you'll have to face the proper punishment: Me beating the hell outta you!”

Superman stood up slowly, the static having left his vision, though he still felt dizzy. “Who are you?” The Kryptonian asked the Werewolf.

“Oh, me?” Lobobo responed. “My name is Lobobo the Werewolf! That's Lobobo, not Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, but Lobobo, got it guy?”

Hulk pushed himself to his feet, punching the ground before he let out a roar. “Hulk smash you all!”

Slenderman appeared before everyone, his tendrils raising threateningly into the air. “Well now, this should be entertaining.”

With a roar, Hulk lunged at Lobobo, only for the Werewolf to roundhouse kick him in the head, sending the gamma man flying into a tree and breaking it in half. Superman flew right at Slenderman, slamming into him and punching away at his chest, only for Slenderman to grab the Kryptonian's head and smashed him through a tree.

Grabbing Lobobo by the waist, Hulk threw him into the air, only for Lobobo to come down feetfirst atop Hulk's head and pushing off, causing the Hulk to fall onto his back. Before the gamma man could stand, Lobobo grabbed the Hulk's leg, swinging him around and around until he tossed him through a series of trees. Jumping towards his foe, Lobobo slammed a fist down upon Hulk's head, shoving him into the ground. Snarling bitterly, Hulk punched the Werewolf across the face with a right hook, knocking the lycanthrope off and allowing the gamma man to stand. Hulk swung a fist down at his foe, but Lobobo countered by whipping out a blunderbuss and shooting Hulk in the face with fish, sending the Hulk spiraling through the air.

Superman's and Slenderman's fists collided, creating a small shockwave. Slenderman swung his other arm upwards, cutting through Superman's chest with his claws, distracting him long enough for the faceless figure to kick him hard in the chest, breaking his ribs and sending him slamming against a nearby tree. Standing up, Superman pulled the tree up from the ground, before he swung it around and swatted Slenderman away with it. Suddenly, Slenderman reappeared above Superman, spreading his arms out and unleashing a wave of black energy shards stabbing into Superman's flesh and making him cry out in pain.

Lobobo and Hulk punched away at one another, Lobobo wearing the heads of T-rexes for boxing gloves, neither foe giving in during their bout. After a moment, Lobobo suddenly jumped backwards, firing a Hadouken from his face, nailing the Hulk in the crotch and sending him flying back. The Werewolf then suddenly flew forward, slamming his paws into Hulk's chest as he kept flying forward, yelling out “Gimme my money!”

Slenderman sent his tendrils forward, each one slicing and lacerating through Superman's chest, leaving black burns with each strike. Pulling through the assault, Superman uppercutted Slenderman hard in the chin, sending him flying upwards. Flying above his foe, Superman slammed his fists down upon his faceless adversary, sending him smashing into the ground, before Superman fired his heat vision upon him, blanketing him in an explosion. Just as Superman landed, though, Slenderman's tendrils shot forward, impaling themselves through Superman's chest.

Letting out an enraged roar, Hulk ran at Lobobo, swinging his fists forward, only for the Werewolf to block each incoming strike with ease, until the lycanthrope headbutted the gamma man in the face, knocking the Hulk flat on his ass. Standing up again, the Hulk once more roared out with anger. “Hulk smash wolf man!” Running forward, the Hulk attempted to punch his foe, but Lobobo swung up an alligator like a sword, blocking the incoming strike.

“Time to put you back where you belong!” Lobobo stated, before he kicked the Hulk high into the air. Spinning like a helicopter, the Werewolf flew at Hulk, striking him again and again with a barrage of kicks, until he slammed a shark into the Hulk's face, sending the gamma man flying away into the horizon.

The Hulk slammed down into a swamp, groaning and sitting up. Suddenly, Shrek burst from the water, glaring at the Hulk.

“What are you doing in my swamp?!” Shrek roared, before he flew at the Hulk, who was screaming like a little girl.

Slenderman slowly lifted up Superman, the Kryptonian letting out a gurgle as blood gushed from his mouth. Static now completely filled his vision, and his eyes had faded over. As Superman's skin turned pale white, Slenderman opened up a portal and tossed the superhero in. “He'll be an interesting addition to that pocket dimension of mine,” Slenderman commented, before turning his attention to Lobobo. “And now for you.”

Lobobo was picking his nose with his foot, before looking at Slenderman, pulling his foot out to reveal a pigeon that flew away. “Let's put an end to this little shin-dig.”

Slenderman teleported in front of Lobobo, attempting to induce the Slender Sickness upon him, only for the Werewolf to roundhouse kick the faceless being into a tree. Pouncing on his foe, Lobobo started beating away upon Slenderman's head with a stapler, until Slenderman teleported behind Lobobo, impaling his tendrils through Lobobo's chest and tossing him away. Jumping back to his feet, Lobobo started hurling drunk monkeys at his foe, only for Slenderman to swat each and every monkey away.

“Was that supposed to be an attack?” Slenderman calmly asked, before the monkeys all suddenly pulled out rocket launchers and opened fire upon the being. When the smoke cleared, Slenderman stood unfazed. “I suppose so.”

Slenderman and Lobobo jumped into the air, each opponent firing energy blasts at one another. Lobobo then suddenly flew forward, punching Slenderman's head and stabbing him in the chest with an icicle. Slenderman simply wrapped his tendrils around Lobobo, crushing him tightly, only for the Werewolf to sprout turrets from his head and fire rockets upon Slenderman, forcing him to release his grip. Grabbing Slenderman's arm, the Werewolf swung his faceless around faster and faster, before he tossed him into the air.

“Time to end this!” Lobobo shouted, before the Werewolf jumped high above Slenderman. A moment later, the lycanthrope came down upon his faceless foe, dragging a universe with him. “It's a steam roller!” Lobobo yelled as he crushed Slenderman beneath the universe. The Werewolf proceeded to punch away at the universe, yelling out “ATATATATATATATATATA” all the while.

“Become broke!” Lobobo roared, before punching the universe and jumping away, the universe exploding atop Slenderman. Landing on his feet, Lobobo swung his arms outwards, yelling out “WRYYYYYYYY!!!”

Slenderman appeared before Lobobo, looking him over. “Impressive,” Slenderman simply commented. “We must battle more often.”

“Why yes, we should,” Lobobo responded. “But right now, I gotta get going. Discord's trying to skreeonk everything up again, and I'm gonna stop him!”

“Shall I help?”

“Why not?” With that, Slenderman and Lobobo teleported away to engage in another fight.

My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 167: Grizzly Bear vs Great White Shark

The shark slowly circled the docks, the fish searching for any food items. The Great White hadn't eaten in months, and was starving by this point. The shark had come to the docks in search of good enough prey, but could find nothing so far.

After a moment of searching, however, a scent filled the shark's nostrils. The Great White turned towards the scent, sensing potential food as he approached it.

The Grizzly Bear stood in the water, which reached his waist when he stood on his hind legs. The mammal had come down from the nearby forest to the docks, no humans around to have noticed him. The bear came to the beach to find that the water was salty, and could not be drinkable. The bear, frustrated with himself, was about to leave when he saw movement in the water. A dark shape moved beneath the waves, a shape unfamiliar to the bear. With a huff, the bear stood ready, seeing the shape as a potential threat.

The shark saw the unfamiliar creature standing in the water. The fish had never faced such an odd animal before, but he was too hungry(and unintelligent) to care. He would kill this creature, and satisfy his great hunger.

The bear walked further into the blackish water, baring his teeth as he watched the shape dart back and forth. Suddenly, the shark showed himself as he went straight at the bear and burst from the water. The bear reared back in surprise as the shark bit into his left arm, his serrated teeth cutting into the thick fur. The bear snarled, before slamming his paw upon the shark's head. The Great White refused to let go, though, as he began dragging the bear deeper into the water. The Grizzly roared, before beating away at the shark with multiple paw strikes. While ignoring the blows at first, the shark was soon forced to let go after several strikes to his sensitive snout. The shark dove back into the water, but the Grizzly followed. He was not about to end this battle just yet.

The bear wrapped his arms around the Great White's body, crushing him in a bearhug. The shark swam around the docks, slamming the bear into the beams supporting the docks and making the mammal release his grip. The shark turned and rammed the bear in the chest, before biting onto his chest and shaking his head, his teeth cutting into the flesh. In retaliation, the Grizzly bit the shark's head, blood filling the waters as the two bit one another. The bear grabbed the shark by his head and pulled him off, before tossing him through the water. The shark regained his focus, before circling the bear and ramming him from behind, slamming the bear into one of the wooden beams.

The shark then bit onto the bear's head, trying to crush the mammal's skull. The bear struggled, managing to shake off the Great White, before spinning around and backhanding the shark across the face. Stunned, the shark could do nothing as the bear bit onto his tail, slamming him into one of the wooden beams. The shark slashed at the bear's face with his pectoral fin, distracting the bear long enough for the shark to swat him in the head with his tail. The Grizzly backed off from the shark, before swimming up to the surface and quickly breathing in more air. The Great White took advantage of this and seized the bear's leg in his jaws, dragging him down underwater and slamming him into the seafloor. The Grizzly swatted the shark in the snout, making the fish let go, before the bear bit onto his head, lifting him up and shaking him violently, before slamming him into the seafloor.

The shark swam away from the bear, before turning and ramming the bear in the chest, pinning him to the seafloor as he bit the mammal's throat. The Grizzly gripped the shark's gills, before he swam up to the surface. As the two broke through the waves, the shark shook his head violently, his teeth cutting through the fur and flesh. The bear squeezed tightly, threating to crush the fish, before lifting him up, pulling the Great White's teeth away from his neck. The Grizzly then roared, before tossing the shark closer towards the beach. The shark sensed the presence of the shoreline and attempted to head into deeper water, but the Grizzly slammed into him, dragging him into the shallow part of the sea.

The Grizzly bit the shark's tail, lifting him up and swinging him around, before he slammed him down on the sand. Again and again he slammed him down, the shark too dazed to even try to breathe. The bear then tossed the shark onto the beach, before walking towards him. The shark flopped and gasped, looking up at the Grizzly with his black eyes. The Grizzly reared up to crush the shark, but the Great White lunged upwards, slamming into the bear with all his might, managing to knock the bear to the ground, before biting down on his neck. The Grizzly stood up, wrapping his arms around the shark and squeezing hard, this time beginning to crush the fish's body with ease.

The bear then tossed the shark onto the docks, running after him and pouncing on him, biting onto his head and digging his claws into the fish's sides. The Great White struggled, refusing to give up after going so far, before suddenly leaping into the water, bringing the bear down with him. The shark then slammed the bear into the seafloor, knocking the mammal off, before turning and biting his leg, slamming him into one of the wooden beams and swimming further away from the shore, carrying the bear into the deeper parts of the sea. The bear, even so, denied defeat as he kicked the shark again and again in the head, forcing the fish to let go and allowing the bear to slam his paws upon the fish's body.

The shark turned and rammed the bear, knocking him backwards through the water, before striking the bear across his body again and again, taking bites out of the bear's flesh and staining the waters red with blood. The bear swung around like a top, clotheslining the shark in the snout with his paw, before grabbing the shark and biting onto his nose, ripping off a sizable chunk. The shark thrashed his tail in rage and pain, before he bit the bear's arm, swinging him around faster and faster, and tossed him into an underwater boulder, rocks falling down to the abyss. The bear picked up a nearby rock, before he flung it at the shark, striking him in the skull and stunning him long enough for the bear to swim up, grab the fish's tail, swing him around, and slam him into the boulder, more rocks falling from the impact.

The shark swatted the bear away with his tail, before turning and ramming the bear hard, biting onto his shoulder and dragging him down deeper and deeper underwater, threating to drown him. The bear slammed his paws upon the shark's head again and again, but this time the shark resisted the blows and kept going, determined to earn himself a new meal. The bear swung his paw back, but this time stabbed his claws downward, nearly gouging out the shark's eye. The Great White released his prey in pain, and the bear pulled the fish into a bearhug, before he swam to the surface. The shark struggled, unable to do anything as the bear broke the surface, flinging the shark towards the shore, before lunging out of the water and bodyslamming the shark, pinning him to the shore.

The shark struggled, but was helpless as the bear rained down a hailstorm of blows. Again and again he struck, blood seeping out from many gashes and cuts, before he bit the shark's head, lifting him up and shaking him violently. The shark was now defenseless as the bear slammed him down upon the sand again and again, until with one last bite, the bear crushed the shark's head, ending the fish's life.

The bear reared up above the Great White's body, before he roared out triumphantly into the sky. The Grizzly then dragged the shark away from the water and began to feed, having earned this corpse well.
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

There's a 'God' in Godzilla for a reason...
gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 168: Charizard vs Dragonborn

Walking across the snow-covered ground, the Dragonborn traversed the slope of the mountain. Ever since Alduin had been slain by the strange centaur creature, the Nord had been a bit lax in his work, his main foe of concern finally gone, even if by the hands of another evil being.

Reaching the peak of the mountain, the Dragonborn scanned the area. This place of concern was just the kind of area for a dragon to be residing at.

What he found wasn't quite what he was expecting.

Looking into the distance, the Dragonborn spotted a creature resting atop a large boulder. At first, he believed the beast to be a dragon, but as he walked towards the animal's perch, he was confused by the details. The creature was indeed very dragon-like, having broad leathery wings, horns atop a head with long jaws, and a generally draconic look, but this creature had orange skin, a yellow underbelly, blue webbing between its wings, and strangely enough, a tuft of fire on the tip of its tail.

Charizard opened his eyes and looked up at the sound of someone approaching. Upon seeing the Dragonborn approach, the Fire/Flying type Pokemon initially thought this was yet another foolhardy Trainer that wanted to catch him. Upon seeing the armor the Nord wore, and the weapons he carried, Charizard had the feeling this person wished to battle him by himself, with no Pokemon.

The Dragonborn stopped as Charizard jumped down from the boulder, the Pokemon glaring at the Nord. Pulling out his Skyforge sword and Deadric shield, the Dragonborn stood ready.

Charizard let out a roar and a quick puff of flame as he stood tall. He had been looking for a challenge lately. Hopefully this being can give him just that.

Charging forward, the Dragonborn raised up his sword to bring the blade down upon Charizard's shoulder, only for the Pokemon to suddenly fly at the Nord. Stopping as he was taken by surprise as his opponent's speed, the Dragonborn was left vulnerable to Charizard's incoming Slash, the Fire Pokemon's claws raking across the Nord's face. Keeping up his assault, Charizard then struck the Dragonborn's chest with Dragon Claw, then opened his mouth and let loose with Flamethrower.

Acting fast, the Dragonborn raised his shield, letting the shield take the brunt of the fire. Even so, the Nord found himself being pushed backwards across the snow for a moment, and as the flames ceased, the warrior found his shield to be glowing bright red. Impressive, but the Dragonborn was not daunted.

Charizard flew forward again, only for the Dragonborn to bring his shield forward, bashing the dragon-like Pokemon in the face. Though the blow failed to harm the Fire/Flying type, it did distract him long enough for the Nord to slash as his chest with his sword, once, twice, thrice. Snarling angrily as blood trickled down from the surprisingly shallow cuts, Charizard lashed out with Shadow Claw, scoring a critical blow across the Dragonborn's chest and sending him falling onto his back.

Charizard then raised his foot to bring it down upon his foe's head, only for the Dragonborn to roll away in time. Pushing himself to his feet, the Dragonborn stood tall as Charizard prepared to unleash Flamethrower again, and with a “Fus Ro Dah!”, Charizard found himself being flung off his feet. Roaring in surprise, Charizard collided with a boulder, smashing it apart and sending chunks of rock falling upon the snow. Switching out his sword and shield for his Dwarven crossbow, the Dragonborn aimed at his fallen foe and fired an arrow.

The arrow sank into Charizard's left leg, making him stand up with a roar of pain and anger. Glaring at the Nord, the Pokemon pulled the arrow out of his leg, then crushed it to pieces in his hand. Narrowing his eyes, the Dragonborn fired another arrow at Charizard, only for the Pokemon to fly across the ground, easily dodging the incoming projectile. No matter how many times the Dragonborn tried to take aim at his foe, not a single arrow came even close to hitting Charizard.

Smirking at the futility of his opponent's attacks, Charizard then suddenly turned and flew towards the Dragonborn with a roar. Before the Nord could properly defend himself, Charizard fired a Flame Burst, the orb of fire colliding with the ground in front of the Dragonborn and exploding outwards. The Dovahkiin found himself flying backwards from the explosion, his armor glowing red and his flesh sizzling from the heat. Landing hard on his back and skidding across the snow until he collided with a tree, the Dragonborn tried to rise, only for Charizard to land down in front of him.

Clenching his teeth, the Dragonborn got to his feet just as Charizard lunged forward, the Pokemon swing his right arm forward for an incoming Dragon Claw. The Nord countered, though, by raising his shield, letting the shield take the brunt of the blow, though the Dovahkiin found himself being forced to his knees by the strength of the blow. Acting quickly, the Dragonborn switched out the Skyforge sword for Miraak's sword, before he swung the weapon forward, the blade extending into a tentacle-like whip that sliced across Charizard's chest.

Charizard roared out in pain and stepped back, allowing the Dragonborn to rise to his feet. Putting away his shield and taking out his Mace of Molag Baal, the Dragonborn started striking away upon Charizard, bashing with his mace and slicing with his sword. After a moment of this, Charizard decided he had quite enough, the Pokemon retaliating with a Dragon Claw to the Nord's face, making him yell out in pain as the warrior nearly fell to the snow-covered ground. Seizing the opportunity, Charizard lunged forward, striking his foe hard in the face with his wings in a Wing Attack.

The Dragonborn fell flat onto his back, then attempted to rise, only for Charizard's foot to come down upon his chest, pinning him to the ground. Clenching his teeth tightly, the Dragonborn drove Miraak's sword into Charizard's leg, making the Pokemon roar in pain and step back, allowing the Nord to rise. With another “Fus Ro Dah!” the Dovahkiin sent Charizard flying across the snow, anticipating his collision against a boulder or a tree. Charizard disappointed him, though, by opening up his wings and catching himself in midair.

Glaring at his foe, Charizard flew at the Nord, letting loose with Flamethrower. Unable to dodge, the Dragonborn howled out in agony as the flames struck, his armor burning red as his flesh was scorched. Taking the attack as best as he could, though the flames were hotter than what he took from the dragons native to Skyrim, the Dovahkiin ran away from the fire as quickly as he could. Clearly he wasn't fast enough, for Charizard came down upon the man like a hawk on a rabbit, raking his claws across his back with Slash. Falling onto his face, the Dragonborn pushed himself up, the Pokemon's claws having pierced his armor and scoring his flesh, blood flowing down his back and out the gashes left in his armor.

Raising up his left hand, the Dragonborn started using a healing spell, already beginning to feel some of his wounds closing up. Before he could get very far with his healing, Charizard bit down on his shoulder, lifting the Nord up and spinning around, tossing him into the air. Opening his jaws, Charizard fired a Dragon Rage, the glowing orb plowing into the Nord's chest and exploding, sending him bouncing across the snow. Skidding to a halt, the Dovahkiin slowly stood up, feeling like his ribcage was about to cave in on itself. He needed a moment to regain health.

As the Dragonborn let out a “Raan Mir Tah!” several bears and saber cats came running into the battlefield, the mammalian predators coming right for Charizard as the Dovahkiin ran behind a boulder. Narrowing his eyes, Charizard fired a Flame Burst, the flames coming down amidst the cats and bears and exploding outwards, sending the animals flying away. As the fallen bodies burned black, the few remaining cats and bears came at Charizard, striking at the Pokemon with their claws and biting with their sharp teeth. The animals' attacks were in vain, though, for with one swipe of Shadow Claw, Charizard sliced through the cats and bears like paper, sending their bloody chunks of body parts collapsing to the snow, staining it bright red.

By this point, the Dragonborn had managed to heal himself to where he once more felt the strength to keep fighting. Stepping out from behind the boulder, the Nord had his Dwarven bow ready, taking aim right at Charizard's head and firing an arrow. Spotting the incoming arrow out of the corner of his eye, Charizard looked towards the arrow, quickly burning it to ashes with a quick blast of fire. The Dragonborn stood tall, glaring at his dragon-like foe, the Pokemon glaring back.

Spreading his wings, Charizard flew straight for his foe, roaring out in bloodlust. Acting fast, the Dragonborn yelled out “Su Grad Dun!” Immediately the Nord dashed away for a brief moment, evading Charizard as the Pokemon flew by. Though surprised by his opponent's burst of speed, Charizard was not deterred as he turned and flew down at the Nord again. Quickly the Dragonborn started firing arrows, but once again Charizard kept on dodging as he reached his foe.

Before the Dragonborn could dodge, Charizard struck him across the face with Dragon Claw, sending the Nord tumbling across the snow. The Pokemon watched on as the Dovahkiin slowly stood up. A trio of long deep gashes stretched across the Nord's face, with the first one coming dangerously close to his eyes. Even as blood flowed down his face, the Dragonborn still stood tall, glaring venom and daggers at his foe. Charizard was impressed. This human was more of a challenge than he thought. Still, that wasn't enough to save him from his fiery fury.

Raising up his hands, the Dragonborn started firing lightning bolts at his foe. Taken by surprise, Charizard was struck by an onslaught of the bolts, before he took to the skies, dodging the magical attacks. The bolts stung, but it was nowhere near the power needed to bring him down. Looking down at his foe, Charizard let loose with Flamethrower, but the Dragonborn barely managed to run away from the flames. Not willing to let up with his assault, Charizard kept the Flamethrower on his foe, forcing the Nord to run for his life. The snow melted away instantly, leaving behind soaking grass that was promptly set aflame.

Knowing he needed to do something now before he was caught up in the fire, the Dragonborn took a risk and came to a halt, looking towards Charizard while using his Unrelenting Force shout, sending the Pokemon tumbling through the air once more. Relieved that there wasn't any fire chasing him anymore, the Dovahkiin started firing lightning bolts at his foe. Wincing from the electrical shocks, Charizard decided that this was enough, before the Pokemon launched another Flame Burst. The fire exploded at the Dragonborn's feet, sending the man flying backwards and tumbling across the burnt ground.

Groaning as he pushed himself to his feet, the Dragonborn looked up to see Charizard coming at him from the sky once again. Mentally cursing the beast, the Nord quickly jumped to the side, Charizard's claws carving through the ground. Seizing the opportunity, the Dragonborn pulled out his Skyforge sword, jumping atop Charizard's back and driving the sword into the Pokemon's shoulder. Howling in pain, Charizard swung himself around, attempting to throw off his assailant. Gritting his teeth, the Dragonborn held on tightly, shoving his sword in deeper.

With an enraged roar, Charizard suddenly took to the air, the Dragonborn finding himself having to hold on for his life. Tilting his body, Charizard smashed the Dragonborn into a tree, the sheer force splintering the wood and nearly splitting it in half.

The Dragonborn was ripped from Charizard's back, his sword falling to the snow a good distance away. Just as the Nord pushed himself to his feet, Charizard landed before him, the Pokemon spreading his wings threateningly. The One They Fear raised up his Dwarven crossbow, only for Charizard to burn it to ashes with a quick blast of Flamethrower, the fire scorching the dragon slayer's hands as well. Narrowing his eyes in fury, the Dragonborn took out Wuuthrad, clutching the ax tightly.

For a moment, neither foe moved. Both studied one another intently, seeing the injuries across their bodies. The Dragonborn clenched his teeth with hate as he noticed how Charizard seemed to be in better condition. This enraged the Dovahkiin, just as how Charizard was angered by the Nord's resilience. No human had ever been capable of standing up to him like this one, but then again, the hunter proved to be more of a challenge than the Pokemon that trainers had used against him.

After a momentary pause, Charizard opened his mouth in preparation to use Flamethrower. Seeing this, the Dragonborn decided he did NOT want to receive more fire to the face.

“Wuld Nah Kest!”

The Dragonborn dashed forward, managing to run past Charizard just as the Pokemon let loose with Flamethrower. The Nord maneuvered himself behind his dragon-like foe, before swinging Wuuthrad downwards, stabbing the blade into Charizard's back. Howling in pain, Charizard quickly spun around, slashing the Dragonborn's chest with his claws and forcing the man to step back.

His wings glowing light blue, Charizard launched numerous saw disc-shaped energy blades with Air Slash. The Dovahkiin managed to raise his shield to take the assault, though he found himself being shoved backwards as each projectile struck hard against his shield. Before the Nord could lower his shield, Charizard opened his mouth, a red-orange ball forming in his maw, before a wind of flames was released. The Heat Wave also collided with the Daedric shield, the shield quickly starting to glow red from the intense temperature. The fiery wind spread over the shield, engulfing the Dragonborn and making him shout with pain, his flesh burning as his armor glowed red.

Seeing his foe in pain, Charizard then launched Dragon Rage straight for the Nord, the orb of energy striking the shield head-on. Unable to take the sheer force, the shield broke apart, the Dragon Rage continuing on to impact against the Dragonborn's chest and explode. The dragon slayer was catapulted away from the blast, the Dovahkiin smashing back-first into a tree, breaking through the wood and causing the tree to fall over.

The Dragonborn groaned as he pushed himself up, pieces of wood embedded into his back. Charizard had already taken to the skies, narrowing his eyes as he watched his foe stand. Angered, the Dragonborn decided he wanted to bring his opponent back to the ground.

“Joor Zah Frul!” The Nord let loose with his Dragonrend Shout, the Thu'um heading straight for Charizard. Snarling, the Pokemon braced himself for the attack...

...Only for the Shout to wash over him like wind on a tree.

Charizard blinked in confusion. Was that supposed to do something?

The Dragonborn gaped in shock at this. Was this beast he was fighting not truly a dragon? And yet it shared many of the right qualities of a dovah.

Charizard took advantage of the Dovahkiin's momentary confusion, and the Pokemon shot forth a blast of flames in Fire Spin, the fire circling the Dragonborn and keeping him trapped. Every time the Nord tried to run through the flames, his flesh would be scorched and he would be forced backwards.

His eyes narrowing in anger, the Dragonborn shouted out “Fo Krah Diin!” A blast of ice shot forward, extinguishing the flames before him and clearing a path for the Dragonborn to run through. Seeing this, Charizard tucked his wings in and dove towards his foe, the Pokemon planning on using Wing Attack. However, the Dragonborn ducked down, slashing Charizard's belly with Miraak's sword, blood spilling across his damaged armor.

Flying back upwards, Charizard glared down upon his Nord foe. Hate filled his mind as the Pokemon circled the Dragonborn. The Dovahkiin was feeling the same way as he watched Charizard's every move. Neither wanted to back down by this point. They'd battle until not a single drop of blood remained in their bodies.

With a mighty roar, Charizard flew down towards his foe. Quickly activating his Dragonhide spell, the Dragonborn let out a battle cry as he once more took out Wuuthrad and ran forward, wanting nothing more than to tear out Charizard's heart. Swinging the battleaxe around, the Nord brought the weapon at his foe's head, only for Charizard to block the incoming attack with Dragon Claw.

For a moment, both opponents struggled to overpower the other, growls of effort and frustration emitting from the both of them. After a moment, though, Charizard pulled his arm to the right, pulling Wuuthrad out of the Dragonborn's hands and tossing the ax away, the weapon's blade stabbing into a tree and damn near cutting the tree in half. Angered, the Nord pulled out his Mace of Molag Baal and Miraak's Sword and ran at his foe, swinging his weapons wildly.

Charizard, however, simply took to the air, easily dodging the Dovahkiin's attack as the Pokemon flew around him. Before the Nord could react, Charizard nailed him in the back with Flamethrower, once more making the dragon slayer cry out in pain, though the Dragonhide spell helped him resist the attack more easily, even if the flames burned like all hell. Turning around, the Dragonborn shouted out “Fo Krah Diin!” sending a blast of frost at his flying foe. Charizard, though, flew right over the attack, and rewarded the Nord's attempted attack with Dragon Claw, flying at his foe and raking his claws across his face with the attack.

Falling onto his back, the Dragonborn clutched his weapons tightly with anger, watching as Charizard circled over head. Sheathing his sword and mace, the Nord pulled out a grey staff, the tip having numerous faces with mouths opened wide.

The Wabbajack.

As the Dragonborn took aim at Charizard, the tip of the Wabbajack started to glow red with energy. Roaring, Charizard flew at his foe, flames building up in his maw. Narrowing his eyes, the Dragonborn fired a blast of energy from the Wabbajack, the projectile flying right for the Pokemon.

Charizard was taken by surprise when he was shocked with a burst of electricity when the Wabbajack shot hit its mark. The electricity knocked the Pokemon out of the air, sending him crashing into the snow. Though it wasn't what the Dragonborn was hoping for, it was good enough for him. Putting away his Wabbajack and pulling out his mace and sword, the Nord pounced upon his fallen foe, assaulting him with blows and slashes from his weapons.

Having enough of this, Charizard's mouth and fangs became surrounded by fire, before the Pokemon bit down on the Dragonborn's leg with Fire Fang. Howling in agony as the flames scorched his flesh, the Dragonborn dropped his weapons and fell back as Charizard stood up to his full height, the dragon-like Pokemon's jaws clamped firmly around his leg. With a swing of his head and neck, Charizard hurled the Nord towards an outcropping of boulders overlooking a huge cliffside.

The Dragonborn coughed up blood as he slammed backfirst into the boulders, his spine nearly breaking in two. As the Nord fell to his hands and knees, Charizard stepped forward, his foot coming down upon the Wabbajack that had fallen from the Dovahkiin's person and breaking it in half. Lifting up his head as his winged foe approached, the Dragonborn managed to push himself up as he gathered enough of his strength to Shout into the sky.

“Od Ah Viing!”

Taking to the air, Charizard flew at his foe with Wing Attack, slamming the Nord into the boulders. Before the Dragonborn could stand, Charizard's foot came upon his chest, pinning him where he was. With victory at hand, Charizard prepared to unleash Flamethrower on his foe, flames building up in his jaws...

A sudden roar caught the Pokemon's attention. Turning his head away from the Dragonborn, Charizard saw a dragon flying overhead, the crimson winged reptile looking down upon him. Glancing back at the Dragonborn, Charizard let out a growl, before the Pokemon flew upwards into the air, deciding to engage Odahviing in combat. Coughing up more blood, the Dragonborn quickly took advantage of Odahviing's assistance and started to use his healing spell to repair his wounds.

Quickly reaching his foe, Charizard narrowed his eyes as Odahviing glared at him. For a moment, both winged reptiles circled each other, sizing one another up, until Charizard suddenly flew at his opponent. Odahviing opened his jaws, the dragon breathing out a torrent of fire upon his foe. The Pokemon barreled through the flames, though, and rewarded Odahviing's attack with Dragon Claw, slicing open the dragon's side and spilling out crimson blood to the ground below. Circling around his draconic foe, Charizard then opened fire with Flamethrower, striking Odahviing's back and making the dragon howl as his scales were scorched.

Every time Odahviing tried to hit Charizard, the Pokemon would either easily dodge the attack or simply tank it as he retaliated with more and more sucessful hits, quickly whittling the slower dragon down. Slicing open Odahviing's belly with Shadow Claw, Charizard flew above his foe just as Odahviing attempted to unleash his flames upon the Pokemon. Tucking in his wings and flying down at his foe, Charizard opened his jaws and released Dragon Rage, the orb of energy going straight into Odahviing's open mouth.

An explosion immediately followed, blood, bone, and energy blasting outwards as Charizard watched on, pleased with his work.

Finally finding the strength to stand once more after healing enough, the Dragonborn pushed himself to his feet...

...Just in time to see Charizard land ahead of him as Odahviing's headless corpse fell to the ground in the distance.

Glaring hatefully at his foe, the Dragonborn stood tall, pulling out the Dragonbane and Ghostblade as he let out another Shout.

“Mul Quah Diiv!”

Suddenly, the Dovahkiin's body was surrounded by a full suit of dragon-like armor, glowing like the soul of the dovah.

Dragon Aspect.

Charizard narrowed his eyes at his opponent's change. Well, if the Nord would pull out the big guns, so would the Pokemon.

Purple energy suddenly started swirling around Charizard, forming a cocoon-like object that surrounded the Pokemon. Moments later, the cocoon exploded outwards, revealing Charizard with a new look. Where once he was orange, now he was black, with blue-tipped spikes rising from his shoulders, and the flame on his tail now glowed bright blue, with the same blue flames emerging from the sides of his mouth.

Mega Charizard X.

Both foes glared at one another. It was clear to the both of them at this point. One of them was going to die. And they would both give it their all until the very end.

With a roar, Charizard flew at his foe, spreading his claws outwards. With a battle cry to end all battle cries, the Dragonborn charged forward, clutching his weapons tightly. Suddenly swerving to the side, Charizard raked his foe's side with Dragon Claw, spilling out more blood across the ground. Turning to face his opponent, the Dragonborn tried swinging his Dragonbane at the Pokemon, but Charizard flew up high into the air, easily avoiding the incoming blow.

Glaring down upon his opponent, Charizard flew down at the Dragonborn, who stood his ground in preparation. Opening his jaws, Charizard let out Flamethrower, though now his flames were blue in color. The intense heat struck the Dragonborn in the chest, making him cry out with pain as his flesh was roasted black, even with his armor protecting him. With the Nord distracted, Charizard came flying in straight at his foe, his wings glowing white as he clotheslined the Dovahkiin with Wing Attack.

Falling flat on his back, the Dragonborn groaned in pain and frustration. His opponent was just too fast to keep up with. He needed to do something about it. The Nord managed to roll away just as Charizard attempted to strike him again with Flamethrower, the ground where the dragonslayer had been laying upon becoming charred black.

Pushing himself upright once more, the Dragonborn raised his head, glaring at Charizard as the Pokemon watched from the sky. With another bellowing cry, the Pokemon flew down towards his foe, the Dovahkiin watching on all the while.

Pulling out Auriel's Bow, the Dragonborn fired a Sunhallowed arrow...into the sky.

Paying no mind as to what his opponent was doing, Charizard raised up his claws for another Dragon Claw...

...And was struck by a beam of sunlight coming down from the heavens.

Mentally thanking the gods for this, the Dragonborn came charging at Charizard as the Pokemon landed on the battle-torn ground. Before the Pokemon could rise, the Nord was upon him, slicing and slashing away with Dragonbane and Ghostblade. Charizard howled under the assault, blood spilling out across the ground with every hit from the enchanted swords the Nord held. Every swipe hit its mark, and more and more of Charizard's crimson life essence came into contact with the air, and then the ground that the combatants stood upon.

Anger burning in his eyes, Charizard decided he had quite enough. Flames building up within his mouth, Charizard reached forward with his open jaws. Eyes widening, the Dragonborn started to step back, but Charizard's jaws had already locked around his shoulder, the Pokemon's Fire Fang roasting the Nord's flesh black and crushing his bones. Howling in agony, the Dragonborn raised up his Ghostblade and slashed Charizard's neck, forcing the Pokemon to release him and allowing the Dovahkiin to stumble back in pain.

Quickly standing up, Charizard struck the Dragonborn across the chest with Shadow Claw, once more knocking him to the ground and staining the ground red with blood. Spreading his wings, Charizard took to the air again, soaring through the skies before he looked back down upon his foe. Pushing himself to his feet, groaning in agony all the while, the Dragonborn glared up at Charizard with hatred burning in his visage. Rearing his head back, the Nord let out a powerful Shout into the skies above.

“Strun Bah Qo!”

Suddenly, dark clouds rolled over the sky, blotting out the sun as darkness covered the battlefield. Rain soon started pouring down from the heavens, accompanied by the roar of thunder. Charizard just growled bitterly as he narrowed his eyes. So this foe of his could use Rain Dance?

The Dragonborn glared at his flying opponent still, confident that he now held the advantage. As he watched Charizard, a flash of lightning appeared behind him, revealing the Pokemon's shape from within the surrounding darkness that had been briefly dashed away.

It made Charizard appear all the more monstrous in the Dragonborn's eyes.

Letting out a roar, Charizard flew down at the Dragonborn, only for a lightning bolt to smash into the Pokemon's side, electrocuting the struck flesh upon impact. With a howl, Charizard was knocked away, managing to land on his feet despite the attack. Seizing the opportunity, the Dovahkiin came charging right for his foe, weapons at the ready.

Seeing his much slower opponent from a mile away, though, Charizard simply launched a Flame Burst at the Nord's feet, the explosion of flames knocking the Dragonborn backwards. Howling as another lightning bolt suddenly struck his shoulder, Charizard fell over, smoke rising from his sizzled skin.

Grunting in pain as he once again forced himself to rise, the Dragonborn was beyond infuriated with his opponent. Never had he been pushed to such limits in combat. Not even Alduin himself was able to provide such a challenge and defy death for so long. But it wouldn't matter to the Nord. He'd cut this beast's heart out anyway.

Standing to his full height, the Dragonborn forced out the remaining air in his lungs in a mighty battlecry to end all battlecries. Brandishing the Dragonbane and the Ghostblade, the Nord charged forth, refusing to accept death in this moment of time.

At this moment, Charizard had pushed himself to his feet, the Pokemon also enraged with his opponent. How dare this human stand up to him so well in battle? He should've been killed long ago, and yet here he was, actually having a chance at killing the Pokemon! Hatred fueled the fire burning inside of Charizard, increasing his passion for battle. Spreading his wings, Charizard let out a bellowing roar that instilled terror in the hearts of those within hearing range.

His feet pushing him off the ground, Charizard flapped his wings and flew for his opponent, dodging each and every incoming bolt that tried to strike him. Forcing his legs to move as fast as they could possibly go, the Dragonborn raised his weapons into the air, ready to deliver the killing blow.

The two combatants came right at each other, staring each other straight in the eye as they collided...

...But Charizard was quicker on the draw.

For in that moment, Charizard had suddenly engulfed himself in flames as the Dragonborn swung down Dragonbane. The blade cut across Charizard's right eye just as the Pokemon's eyelids closed over his optics, but it did nothing as Charizard slammed fullforce into the dragon slayer with Flare Blitz.

The damage was severe. The Dragonborn's entire ribcage simply shattered into pieces, and his internal organs were crushed into a bloody paste. The Nord was sent flying away, Charizard himself falling back from the recoil emerging from the attack. The Dragonborn flew back, not stopping until he slammed into a boulder standing beside a cliff. The impact caused the rock to crack in numerous places, and the Dovahkiin's spine was crushed nearly to the point of snapping in two.

His eyes wide with shock, the Dragonborn staggered forward, somehow still not falling as blood started flowing from his mouth and nose. Growling painfully as he stood up, his right eye closed tightly as a long scar stretched over his eyelid and the surrounding skin, Charizard couldn't help but grin at the turn of events.

It was time to end it.

Opening his jaws, Charizard discharged another Flame Burst, the orb of fire blowing apart the rock the Dragonborn was standing on and launching him backwards into the air. Flying after his opponent, Charizard let himself be surrounded by fire, once using Flare Blitz.

Plowing into his opponent, Charizard bit down upon the Dragonborn's midsection, flying downwards all the while. In one last ditch attempt to win this battle, the Dovahkiin slammed his hands upon Charizard's head and let loose with a torrent of lightning into the Pokemon's flesh. Clenching his eyes and jaws tightly, Charizard kept flying forward...

...Straight into the ground.

The resulting explosion was immense. Nearby trees were blows away, and a large crater was created within the large blast radius.

After a moment, the smoke began to settle down, revealing the silhouettes of the two fighters. Only one of them lived now, though.

Standing up slowly, looking down to see the broken, mutilated body of his opponent, the victor let out a mighty roar of victory, letting all who hear it know of his power and achievement.

The loser, meanwhile, would pass on to Sovngarde.

Winner: Charizard
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 169: Werebear vs Ursaring

The winter wind blew fiercely, gusts of air sweeping through the forest as though a great titan was releasing a great breathe across the land. A blanket of snow covered the land, the forest's trees coated with the cold water ice. The sky was completely covered by dark clouds, making it almost impossible to tell whether it was day or night.

This didn't concern the folks currently in the bar, though. Many of the resident people have come to the establishment built from wood, seeking warmth, alcohol, and entertainment. There were warriors telling stories of their days on the battlefield, men fruitlessly searching for women to bring home, and the smell of alcohol and the laughter of many filled the air. Everyone was having fun.

Fun that was about to be shattered.

The door was smashed inwards, breaking apart into splinters as it hit the wooden floor. Instantly, all activity came to an abrupt end as a great beast entered the bar. It resembled a massive bear, brown fur covering most of its body, long claws tipping its paws, and a large yellow ring stood upon its chest.

Ursaing parted his jaws and let out a mighty bellow, the vocalization of anger and hunger booming through the entire building and making anything not nailed to the ground wobble. Where once there was laughter, now there were screams, as everyone went into a panic. People ran everywhere, knocking over tables and chairs in their attempt of escape. Whatever folks who were skilled in combat came rushing at the Ursaring with the weapons they had brought, but it was all in vain, for the Pokemon swatted each and every warrior aside with almost disgusting ease.

Stepping into the center of the bar, the Ursaring reared up on his hind legs, letting out another loud roar that instilled greater terror into the hearts of all who listened.

All except one.

As though indifferent to the commotion around him, a lone man sat by himself in a corner of the bar. He looked old, a thick gray beard covering his face, with long grizzled hair coming down from atop his head and seemingly merging with his beard. He wore a brown leather vest atop a faded white shirt, with dark brown pants covering his legs.

The man calmly sipped from the mug of mead he held in his right hand, before putting it aside as he stood up and approached the Ursaring. Everyone that had been panicking and screaming stopped where they were, watching on in amazement as the man bravely stepped up to the beast in the bar. Growling, the Ursaring stood to his full height as he glared down at the man before him. The man was clearly human, but his scent...His scent was that of a bear's. Very unusual.

The man suddenly removed his vest, tossing it aside before he proceeded to do the same thing with his shirt, revealing a torso rippling with muscle, more impressive than any of the warriors in the bar. At that moment, the man began to change. Dark brown hair started growing wildly across the human's body. His muscles swelled out even more, ripping his jeans in the process. The man's head began to change, his jaws extended outwards into a muzzle, his ears rising higher up on his head. Long sharp claws sprouted from his fingertips and toes, his hands and feet gaining black pads. His teeth extended into sharp points, his canines now resembling daggers.

By the end of it, where once there was a man, now there was a Werebear, the anthropomorphic brown bear glaring eye-to-eye at the Ursaring. Growling, the Pokemon flexed his claws, ready for combat. Taking advantage of this moment, everybody else promptly fled the bar, knowing all too well that this was to be a truly fearsome battle.

The two bears lunged at one another, the Ursaring swinging his left arm forward with Slash, only for the Werebear to raise up his right arm, blocking the incoming strike. Firing his left fist forwards, the ursanthrope punched the Ursaring straight in the face, forcing the Pokemon to stagger back. Seizing the opportunity, the Werebear pressed his assault as he jumped forward, swinging his right arm downwards, slicing his claws diagonally across the Ursaring's chest. As blood cascaded down his body, the Ursaring bellowed out in anger, before he swung his right arm around, managing to score a series of cuts across the Werebear's midsection with Slash. However, the therianthrope's regeneration was already at work, and the cuts sealed right back up as soon as the Ursaring's claws exited his flesh.

Grabbing the Pokemon's arm, the Werebear lifted the Ursaring off the floor, spinning on his heels as he swung his opponent around in a perfect circle, before he released his grip, tossing the Pokemon into a wooden table, breaking it apart instantly. Standing back up, Ursaring let out a quick roar before he came charging at his opponent. Swinging his arms wildly with Fury Swipes, the Pokemon struck the Werebear repeatedly across his body, forcing him back all the while. Finally, the Werebear punched his foe in the stomach, making him double over with a wheeze. Grabbing the Ursaring by his neck with both paws, the ursanthrope judo tossed the Pokemon to the floor. Raising his fists upwards, the Werebear brought them down hard upon the Ursaring's stomach like a giant wielding a hammer, bringing out another wheeze from the Pokemon, more air being forced from his lungs.

Rolling away from the Werebear, the Ursaring stood up on his hind legs and roared at his opponent, using Scary Face to make his foe flinch.

Not impressed, the Werebear gave the Ursaring the boot, planting his left foot firmly into the Pokemon's chest and launching him out through the doorway of the bar into the snowy forest outside.

Quickly running outside just as the Ursaring started to rise, the Werebear planted his knee into the bear Pokemon's ribcage, sending him tumbling backwards until he struck a tree, making the plant topple over and sending snow flying across the ground.

Pushing himself to his feet again, the Ursaring snarled bitterly, before with a quick swipe of his paw, he snapped a nearby tree in half. Catching the top half of the tree, the Pokemon let out a roar, wielding the tree as a makeshift weapon.

Upon seeing this, the Werebear gripped a tree with his right paw, muscles clenching, before he uprooted the plant, resting it atop his shoulders as though it were a great club. Both bears paused for a moment, glaring at one another as they held onto their weapons.

Springing from the ground, both bears swung their trees around, the collision of the plants creating a loud crack that filled the air. The bears wielded the trees like swords, blocking and parrying each others' incoming blows. Raising up his tree into the air, Ursaring brought his tree down towards the Werebear, only for the therianthrope to jump to the Pokemon's left, easily avoiding the attack. With a kick of his right leg, the Werebear sent the tree flying out of the Ursaring's paws and into somewhere in the forest, the sound of snapping and toppling trees being heard.

With a roar, the Werebear assaulted the Ursaring with his tree, beating away at his head and chest, each blow staggering the Pokemon backwards. After a moment of this punishment, the Ursaring decided he had quite enough. Roaring angrily, the Pokemon sliced apart the incoming tree with Slash, perfectly cut tree chunks falling to the snow-covered ground. Before the Werebear could react, the Ursaring struck him across the face with Hammer Arm, staggering the ursanthrope backwards. Not satisfied, the Pokemon kept striking the Werebear with Hammer Arm, each blow nearly toppling the therianthrope, until with one final haymaker, the Pokemon sent the man bear flying through a tree, sending the top half crashing to the snow.

Standing back up, the Werebear roared out in defiance, the Ursaring answering his battle cry with one of his own. Raising up trails of snow as they charged, the bears collided forcefully with each other, Ursaring swinging away with Fury Swipes, as the Werebear hacked and slashed with his claws. Blood splattered across the surrounding snow, staining it crimson red. The natural blades wielded by the combatants cut through flesh, letting more of the red life-giving fluids spill out into the cold air.

Finally, the Werebear smashed his right fist into the Ursaring's chin in a fierce uppercut, sending the Pokemon stumbling backwards. To the Ursaring's anger, while he himself was covered head to toe in cuts, gashes, and bruises, the Werebear's regeneration let him fully healed despite the duel.

This was simply unacceptable.

Howling out in anger, the Ursaring jumped forward in a sudden burst of speed, raking his claws across the Werebear's face with Slash, blood flying onto the snow they stood upon. Once more using Fury Swipes, the bear Pokemon sliced and diced at the Werebear, more and more cuts appearing on the therianthrope's flesh, only for the injuries to heal right back up. Acting fast, the Werebear's hands shot upwards, catching the Ursaring's own incoming paws.

For a moment, the bears struggled against each other, each trying to overpower their opponent. Snarling, the Ursaring snapped at the Werebear, only for the ursanthrope to pull his head back, avoiding the attack. Eyes narrowing, the Werebear suddenly pulled back, causing the Ursaring to stumble forward, allowing the bear man to bite down on the Pokemon's neck.

The Ursaring's eyes widened in shock, allowing the Werebear to shove against the Pokemon, pushing him backwards across the snow. The therianthrope's jaws tightened, blood oozing out as the Werebear's canines punctured the flesh.

For the first time in this fight, the Ursaring began to panic. Struggling against his opponent, the Pokemon suddenly threw his arms outwards, freeing his paws from the Werebear's grip and making him step back. Acting on this, the Pokemon wailed on his foe with Hammer Arm, each one of the blows staggering back the ursanthrope. Pulling back his right arm, the Ursaring swung his limb forward, attempting to use Slash...

...Only for the Werebear to bite down on the arm, crushing the bone beneath the flesh.

Howling in pain as he stepped back, the Ursaring attempted to swipe at his foe with his other arm, but the Werebear saw the attack from a mile away. Catching the Pokemon's arm in his right paw, the Werebear swiped upwards with his left paw, his claws cutting through the Ursaring's side and under his arm, blood gushing outwards from the deep gashes.

Stumbling back more so, his arms hanging uselessly at his sides, the Ursaring was out of options. Desperate, the Pokemon lunged forward, jaws open wide for one last bite, but the Werebear would put an end to this duel. Swinging his left fist upwards, the Werebear uppercutted the Ursaring hard in the chin, cracking the lower jaw in half. As the Pokemon staggered back, howling in pain, the Werebear seized his chance, lunging forward and shooting his right arm forward.

The Werebear's claws pierced the Ursaring's chest, the ursanthrope's arm cutting its way through the Pokemon's body, until his paw burst out his opponent's back, red with blood. Eyes widened in shock, the Ursaring remained still as the Werebear pulled his arm out, sending blood splashing down upon the snow. The Ursaring staggered, blood flowing from the hole in his chest, but yet did not fall, the Pokemon seemingly defying death.

This was abruptly changed, though, as the Werebear clamped his jaws around the Ursaring's neck. With a tightening of the ursanthrope's jaws, a loud crack filled the air as the Ursaring's neck vertebrae snapped in two. As the Pokemon fell limp in the Werebear's jaws, the man bear tossed the Ursaring to the ground, the bear Pokemon's eyes still wide open, but now having the film of death over them.

Placing a foot atop the Ursaring's body, just as the people that had fled the bar returned from the hiding spots, watching on in awe, the Werebear reared back and roared out in victory, letting all within hearing range know of his power.

Winner: Werebear
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 170: Freddy Fazbear vs White Shark

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

The man asked this as the boat he was on came up to the shoreline of the island. The company he worked for had ordered him and several other men to this island to drop something off, at least for the night.

“No,” The captain of the boat admitted. “But we got no choice. Boss wants us to drop him off here until the crack of dawn.”

“What in the hell for?”

“Christ knows.” The captain glanced down at the cargo on their ship, shuddering in clear fright. “But lemme tell you, I'd be much happier with this guy activating here on this island than on this boat.”

The other man couldn't help but feel the same way. Still, he didn't feel right about this...”What if there are people on this island?”

“It's not our problem,” The captain responded with a shrug. “We can't be held responsible for any deaths going on here. Now c'mon and give me a hand here.”

With a sigh, the man moved to assist the captain. The men grabbed beneath their cargo, grunting in clear effort as they struggled to lift him out of the boat. Both looked away in disgust and fear from who they lifted. The smell was horrid, and the stare frozen on his face was unnerving as hell.

Finally, they managed to drop him upon the sandy beach, the delivered cargo slumping forward with his head tilted to the right.

“Christ he's heavy,” The captain said, wiping his hands on his pants. “Now let's get out of here.”

Unsure of whether or not they were doing the right thing, the other man complied, as the boat headed off across the water, quickly disappearing into the night as they left behind their cargo.


He emerged from the ocean, droplets of saltwater falling from his body as he stood tall. Stepping forwards, he left the lapping waves behind him, studying the new land before him. Yes, this would do. Flaring his nostrils, he smelled the air, catching the smell of the sea, as well as the scents of various animals nearby.

There was one smell that, far off on the other side of the island. It smelled like death, blood from flesh that seemed to have died and decayed a long time ago. For a moment, he took in this strange scent, before he quickly shook it off. It didn't matter. He now had a new place to live and hunt on. Nothing would change that. He'd make sure of it.

Walking slowly across the ground, he looked up to see a blue heron standing ahead in a tidal pool, taking notice of how it only had one wing. Flexing his claws, he crouched forward, then charged, raising up his steel claws to strike...


Darkness coated the environment as Simon Chase and Tall Man reached Osprey Island. The sky overhead was but a blanket of black, dotted with shimmering stars. On the island, the lights of Amanda's little house shined clearly.

Simon brought the boat up to shore, the high tide assisting in him doing so, while Tall Man stood in the bow and shined a flashlight on the land before them.

Nothing seemed out of place. A raccoon feeding on a fish was exposed by the light, the animal's eyes glowing red as the light came upon it. A fox fled from the light, disappearing into the underbrush. If anything, only the sea lions had been agitated, rocking back and forth on their flippers as the pinnipeds huddled by the mouth of their den.

“Maybe it turned north,” Tall Man said after a moment of studying the land. “Napatree would've been closer for it than here.”

“I hope,” Simon responded. “I still wanna get Amanda and the kids into town...just in case.”

“You know she won't wanna leave her sea lions.”

“I know. I don't plan on giving her a choice.” Simon had made up his mind before he and Tall Man arrived at Osprey Island. If there was a chance, even a remote possibility of that creature arriving on this island, Simon would evacuate the place. They could return tomorrow with the police and as much heavy weapons they could get their hands on, and scour the island from end to end to find the creature.

After a moment of circling the island, and finding no sign of the thing's presence, Simon brought the boat to the dock. He turned off the motor and stepped off the boat, looping the bow line over a cleat. “Stay here,” Simon said to Tall Man. “I'll go get them.” With that, Simon turned and headed up the trail to the house, disappearing into the dark.

For a moment, Tall Man stood upon the dock, slowly looking around as he took in the sights and sounds. He listened to the slow lazy waves on the shore, the birdcalls and the crickets echoing in the night. Suddenly, the Indian paused, getting the distinct feeling that something, missing in some way. Glancing around the surrounding land, Tall Man soon realized just what he felt was missing. The heron. Where was Chief Joseph? Normally by this time, the bird would be standing in the water by the dock, demanding food with his irascible glare. Glancing over the side of the boat, Tall Man found the cove to be completely engulfed in darkness. He couldn't see a thing. So he returned to the boat, fetched the flashlight, and shined its light upon the cove.

Chief Joseph was gone. Where did he go? Looking around, Tall Man swept the light over the land, trying to spot any sign of the heron. Spotting a tangle of brush, the Indian spotted a blue-gray feather amidst the foliage. Walking up the path, Tall Man parted the brush with his hands. Strange. His hands felt...sticky. Glancing down at his hands, Tall Man shined the flashlight upon his fingers, only to see them covered in blood. Yanking out a clump of brush, Tall Man opened a clearing and looked down.

There, lying in the dirt, was the heron's head. It had been ripped off from its neck, and its eyes were gone.

Panic took over Tall Man, the emotion flooding his chest. Turning, the Indian ran up the path, towards the house.


12:00 AM.

His eyes shined brightly.


“Because there AREN'T any guns,” Simon said in response to Amanda's question. “I don't like them. I've never kept any here.”

Simon and Amanda were standing in the kitchen as they talked. Max and Elizabeth sat on the floor, having been playing War with a deck of cards when Simon had come in to tell them what was happening.

“I can't leave the sea lions, Simon,” Amanda responded, her arms folded across her chest as she spoke. “They're like my children. I can't do it.”

“You have to. We can't defend ourselves here. If that thing comes ashore here-”

“I won't go. You can take the kids and bring them to town, and Tall Man and I can stay here. We can bring the big boat to the dock, and I can try to bring the girls aboard, and-”

“It's here!” Tall Man shouted those words as he ran through the door, quickly slamming it shut and locking it after doing so.

Startled, Max repeated Tall Man's words for Elizabeth.

“Where?” Simon asked in surprise.

“I dunno,” Tall Man responded. “But it killed Chief Joseph. It's here, Simon. Somewhere.”

Simon glanced at Max and Elizabeth for a moment, processing Tall Man's words. “We can't leave then,” Simon said after a moment.

“Why not?”

“We don't dare take the chance. It could be anywhere. Suppose it's in the bushes by the dock.”

“It would've jumped me.”

“Maybe not, maybe you're too big, but it'd sure as hell go after the kids.”

Amanda suddenly turned and headed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Simon asked.

“To get the girls, to bring them up here.”

“Are you NUTS?!”

“They'll follow me. I'll be quick about it.”

“I don't care. It's pitch black out there. Three hundred yards both ways. You'll never make it.”

“I have to.” Amanda unlocked the door at this point. “I'll stay out in the open. I'll be able to see it coming.”

“They're ANIMALS, Amanda!”

“Not to me.” Amanda gestured to Max and Elizabeth as she spoke. “And not to them.”

“I won't let you go,” Simon stated firmly.

“You can't stop me.”

“Yes I can.” Simon started to step towards Amanda. “If I have to, I'll tie you down.”

“Stop it, Simon.” With that, Amanda opened the door and ran out, closing the door behind her. Simon raced to the door and looked out, but Amanda was already rounding the corner of the house, the woman running down the lawn to where the sea lions were being kept.

“Well poop,” Tall Man just said, before he turned and walked up by the sink, pulling a butcher knife from a rack over the sink, slipping the blade into his belt and taking the flashlight from the counter where he had put it.

“And where are you going?” Simon now asked.

“Maybe you were right, Simon,” Tall Man responded. “Maybe it won't go after six feet of redskin Terminator.” And with that, the Indian stepped through the door and was gone.


Heavy footsteps could be heard as he walked through the brush.

Alarms were going off in his head, alarms that warned him of a dangerous man somewhere on this island. Though he was not fully upgraded like his more child-friendly counterpart, he still retained enough of his other's technological means of detecting criminals, and so he sensed a being of a volatile nature nearby.

But the details provided by were confusing, or at least he assumed the target in question was human. While the 'man' did not wear any purple uniform, he still seemed to possess qualities and motives that were simply unacceptable in this place. Though he had quickly found he was nowhere near his usual establishment, he sensed there were people nearby, including adolescents, and he could not allow this 'man', assuming he was a man, to bring harm to them.

And so he continued his trek through the foliage, solely focused on the task at hand.


Tall Man had managed to catch up with Amanda as the woman was running halfway down the hill, the man explaining to her he was coming with her and why, and now he walked side-by-side with Amanda, the two looking around carefully.

They heard a bark, and then several more-frantic, high-pitched, filled with fear.

“No!” Amanda shouted, before she started running again. Tall Man tried to catch up with her, but she was lighter and quicker than the Indian, and so the best he could do was maintain a distance of ten feet between them.

Amanda reached the pool first, Tall Man stopping beside her. The barking of the sea lions was much clearer now, a cacophony of shrieks, but in the darkness they couldn't see them. Lifting up his flashlight, Tall Man shined the light towards the sounds.

Two of the sea lions were huddled against the side of the equipment shed, rocking on their flippers as they barked hysterically. Tall Man swung the light to the right.

Something was crouching by the rocks of the far side of the pool, something huge and grayish white. Only its massive back could be seen, for its head was bent out of sight. But as the light fell upon it, the thing rose to its full height and turned around.

Amanda screamed. Tall Man felt his heart jump and adrenaline surge through his veins.

It was as tall as an ape and as gray as ash. Through the blood that covered its face they saw the glitter of steel teeth, and from the gore on its hands, long steel claws. Its body was hairless; the sinews in its limbs stood out like whips. Where once there had been genitals, now there was but a crudely stitched patch of mottled hide. Its eyes, as the light struck them, gleamed like reflectors.

Behind the thing lay the partly eaten corpse of a sea lion.

The thing opened its mouth, let out a glottal roar, and took a step forward.

The sound of another footstep was heard, but one not made by the thing.

Something was approaching to the human's left, something tall and vaguely human shaped. Though it couldn't be seen, its eyes glowed brightly in the darkness. Tall Man flashed the light upon the newcomer.

It looked like a bear, or rather, a robotic child-friendly image of a bear. It was brown in coloring, its eyes blue as it gazed upon the life forms before it. Atop its head was a black hat, and upon its neck was a bowtie. Black buttons ran vertically down its chest.

The bear's jaws slowly opened, and a baritone, yet refined, voice rang out, a clear filter being heard.

“Hello, boys and girl-gi-girls,” Freddy Fazbear said, his voice glitching as he talked. “Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza-Pi-Pi-Pizza. There's plenty of games to pla-play, and there's lots of pizza-pizz-pizza to eat. Come join me and my ba-band, with my friends Bonn-Bo-Bonnie and Ch-Chi-Chi-Chica. I assure you all, you're going to lo-love it here.” Freddy slowly looked towards the gray creature at this point, his head twitching slightly as he spoke.

“Hey there, sir, bu-but we don't take kindly to peo-peo-people breaking the ru-rules.” Freddy's voice suddenly fell low into an almost demonic tone, now longer glitching as he talked. “Especially not heartless murderers like you. I will make you feel the pain you've inflicted on all your victims, and then, when you truly understand what you have done, I will shut you down. Forever.”

The White Shark narrowed his eyes at the sight of Freddy. He cared not about what this...thing was saying, it was clear the newcomer was a challenge, and one he would have to get rid of.

Heinrich Guenther rolled forward onto the balls of his feet, raising up his hands and baring his claws as he faced Freddy. The animatronic bear stood unafraid, simply glaring at his amphibious foe.

“C'mon!” Tall Man said to Amanda.

“But, but I...” Amanda remained frozen where she stood.

“C'mon!” Tall Man said again. “We gotta warn them! C'mon!”

After a moment, Amanda complied, running alongside Tall Man back up the hill. The sea lions, meanwhile, took this opportunity to escape as they quickly crawled away towards the sea.

Freddy Fazbear and the White Shark stared each other in the eye, both refusing to back down from the inevitable confrontation.

“So tell me,” Freddy stated coldly. “Are you ready for Freddy?”

With a snarl, the White Shark lunged forward, raising up his claws as he raced for his foe. Freddy braced himself as the Creature jumped into the air, bringing his right arm swinging down towards Fazbear. The shark man's claws struck the robot in the chest, sparks flying as the steel blades cut through the outer layer of the machine's body, leaving a series of minor gashes down the animatronic's chest.

Angered by the ineffectiveness of his attack, the White Shark pressed his assault, swiping away with his claws. Sparks kept flying each time Heinrich struck his robotic opponent, the force behind the blows making Freddy stumble back slightly.

As the White Shark took a step forward, Freddy suddenly decided to retaliate, the machine springing forward with a piercing shriek. Taken by surprise, the White Shark was unable to put up any defense as Freddy's right hand gripped his throat tightly. Lifting his opponent into the air, Heinrich kicking and struggling, Mr. Fazbear pulled back his arm, before he hurled his opponent forward, sending the Creature tumbling across the ground for a moment.

Pushing himself back to his feet, Heinrich let out another roar as he charged again, but this time Freddy was ready for him. Leaning forward, Freddy suddenly dashed forward, easily closing the distance between himself and the White Shark faster than the shark man had anticipated. As soon as he reached his foe, Fazbear suddenly turned slightly to the left, bringing his right shoulder smashing into the White Shark's chest, sending the amphibious killer stumbling backwards. Snarling, Heinrich swiped forward with his right arm, but Freddy caught the incoming limb, gripping the upper part tightly.

Turning around, Freddy lifted the White Shark into the air, hurling him across the ground and sending the amphibious man falling upon his back. Growling angrily, Heinrich managed to roll onto his chest, pushing himself upwards as he glared at his opponent.

Jumping forwards, the Creature let out a guttural roar as he spread out his claws. This time, Freddy did not charge, but rather put up his dukes and brace himself.

Heinrich's claws met Freddy's forearms, sparks flying once more as the blade cut across the steel coating, leaving several thin cuts across the limbs. As soon as the White Shark pulled back his arm, Freddy's left fist met his face, sending the shark man's head jerking sharply to his left. Raising up his right arm, Freddy then socked Heinrich once more in the face with a right hook, making the Nazi-bred killer stagger back. Pressing his assault, Mr. Fazbear then gave Heinrich the boot, lifting his right leg up and kicking the maneater hard in the chest, toppling the White Shark onto his back.

Stepping forward, Freddy raised up his left foot and proceeded to stomp upon his opponent's chest again and again, his metal foot slamming hard against the pale skin. Groaning in pain and anger, the White Shark decided he had enough, before his hands shot upwards, catching Freddy's foot just as it was about to strike him again. Snarling through clenched teeth, Heinrich began to push upwards, Freddy applying more pressure to overcome his opponent. After a moment of struggling, the White Shark managed to rise to a kneeling position, shoving hard against Freddy and making him stumble backwards.

Rising to his full height, the Creature let out a snarl, daring his foe to continue the battle. Freddy merely glared at his cannibalistic opponent, making it abundantly clear he was not backing down.

Sprinting forward, Freddy raised up his left arm, swinging it forward in an overhead strike. The White Shark barely had enough time to raise up his arms in an X shape to defend himself, only for Freddy's forearm to strike his right shoulder, nearly making the killer fall over as he stumbled back. Clenching his fists, Freddy proceeded to punch away at his opponent's midsection, loud smacks filling the air as the machine's fists struck pale flesh. Shoved backwards by the assault, Heinrich snarled bitterly and retaliated, swiping away at his metallic foe with his claws. For a moment, both combatants traded blows with each other, Freddy's fists slamming against Heinrich's body and face while the White Shark's claws raked themselves against Freddy's frame, sparks flying every time steel cut across steel.

Suddenly, Freddy swatted aside an incoming swipe from the White Shark's claws, before he leaned sharply forward, slamming his forehead into that of the White Shark's in a fierce headbutt. Heinrich stumbled backwards, clearly stunned by the blow as Freddy seized the opportunity. Swinging his fists wildly, Freddy punched away at Heinrich's face and chest, each blow making the shark man stumble back. Finally, Freddy wrapped up his assault with a fierce uppercut, slamming his right fist into the White Shark's chin and sending him falling upon his back.

Managing to roll away from his foe, Heinrich stood back up, the shark man glaring furiously at Freddy. Mr. Fazbear simply glared back, never taking his eyes off the White Shark as the amphibious killer slowly circled him. Flexing his claws, the Creature considered his options. He wasn't going to allow this thing to best him. He'd try whatever option was available to come out on top.

Charging forward once more, the White Shark managed to swing his left arm forward, slashing Freddy's right shoulder and part of his chest, leaving several more cuts in his wake. Raising up his left arm, Freddy shot his fist forward, punching Heinrich in the chest and forcing the Nazi shark man to step back. Lifting up both his arms, Freddy lunged forward, another screech escaping his open maw as he came right at his foe. Metal hands grabbed hold of Heinrich's throat, squeezing tightly as the cannibal was lifted into the air once more. Without pausing to give his foe a chance to retaliate, Freddy then turned to his left, chucking his opponent towards the hill. The White Shark ended up colliding hard with the ground, before he managed to scramble to his feet, watching as Freddy took a step towards him.

Not wanting to give him another chance to attack, the White Shark jumped into the air, a loud battle cry escaping his throat as he landed atop Freddy, sending the animatronic falling upon his back. With his knees resting upon Freddy's chest, Heinrich began to slash and slice away at his opponent's face and chest with his claws. Everytime his steel claws struck the steel that made up Freddy's body, sparks would be sent flying, and numerous gashes would be left upon Freddy's frame.

After a moment of this, however, Freddy suddenly gave the Creature a right hook to the face, sending the killer falling away from Freddy and rolling to his feet, just as Fazbear stood back up. Snarling, the White Shark charged again, only for Freddy to leap forward, landing right in front of his opponent and catching him by surprise. Swinging his fists forward, Freddy sandwiched Heinrich's head between his fists, dazing the shark man long enough for Freddy to punch him in the face. The Creature fell back from the blow, landing upon his back and allowing Freddy to continue his assault.

Stepping upon the White Shark's body, Freddy clenched his fists tightly before he began punching away upon his opponent's body, each strike leaving a clear bluish-purple bruise on the flesh of the White Shark. Upon the sixth strike, however, the Creature grabbed onto Freddy's left arm, before he opened his jaws and bit down upon the arm. Though he growled in disgust at the metal taste, Heinrich applied more force into his bite, his steel teeth digging into the steel arm.

Stepping back as his opponent gnawed on his arm, Freddy grabbed onto the shark man's neck and squeezed tightly, attempting to strangle his opponent. Initially. Heinrich fought through the strangulation, biting down harder on his foe's arm, even as a few of his teeth broke off. After a moment, however, the White Shark's throat was crushed to dangerous limits by Freddy's iron grip, forcing the killer to open his jaws as he grabbed at Fazbear's hand. With his arm now free, Freddy lifted his opponent into the air, before he tossed him away, disregarding the few teeth still embedded in his arm.

Snarling angrily, the White Shark stood back up, glaring at Freddy as he did so. Hearing the sounds of lapping waves behind him, Heinrich glanced over his shoulder to see the shore behind him. His opponent was certainly a challenge on land, but perhaps in the water...

Turning all the way to the sea, the White Shark ran for the water, Freddy sprinting after him in pursuit. As he ran, the Creature felt the ground beneath him become wet mud as he neared the water. Just a bit more and he would be in his element.

Unfortunately for Heinrich, Freddy was not going to make it easy for him. As the White Shark, he suddenly felt a fist smashing into the back of his head, sending him falling facefirst into the mud. Before he could rise, Freddy's hand gripped the back of his head, before the animatronic bear lifted him up and smashed him facefirst into a nearby rock sticking upwards from the mud. Blood trickled from the gashes formed from Heinrich's face slamming into the rock, staining the minerals in front of the combatants. Freddy lifted up the White Shark by the back of his head once more, before he once again made the Creature's face meet the boulder, the shark man being smashed into the rock. While his right hand held onto Heinrich's head, Freddy's left arm raised up, before Mr. Fazbear started punching away at his foe's head. The White Shark gaped in shock as concussion began to settle in, the amphibious cannibal struggling to remain conscious.

Pushing his hands against the boulder, the White Shark managed to shove against Freddy's grip. In response, Freddy increased the speed of his blows. Blood now began to fill Heinrich's eyeballs, the crimson fluids starting to trickle from his nostrils. In desperation, adrenaline surging through his veins, the Creature suddenly stood up and spun around, decking Freddy across the face with a fierce right hook. The strong blow nearly toppled Fazbear over as he struggled to regain balance on top of the wet mud. Reaching down, the Creature scooped up a handful of wet mud, before he stood up and hurled the mud at his foe, the soaked minerals splattering across Freddy's face and covering his eyes.

As Freddy paused, momentarily distracted by the sudden loss of vision, the White Shark ran forward, the Nazi-bred killer lowering his body and ramming his robotic's foe's legs and sending him falling forward. As Fazbear fell upon the mud, sending a small wave of the dirt flying away, Heinrich turned, reaching down and grabbing hold of his opponent, his steel claws digging into the metal body. Grunting with effort, the shark man struggled to lift Freddy into the air. His opponent was heavier than he thought.

After a moment, though, the White Shark succeeded in heaving his opponent upwards, nearly falling back as he struggled to keep his balance. Snarling, Heinrich took a step forward, before he hurled Freddy forward, the animatronic flying briefly through the air, until he fell into the water with a splash, water flying upwards from the impact. Panting from the effort, lactic acid flowing through his muscles, Heinrich ran into the water, determined to take his foe out in his element.

With the mud washed away from his eyes, Freddy saw that he was in a whole new environment. Water completely surrounded him, and he was sinking like a stone. Saltwater was seeping into his body through the gashes on his body, and if he didn't do something soon, surely the sea water could do some serious damage. As soon as his feet landed upon the seafloor, Freddy started to walk across the ground, aiming to reach shore as he was several feet underwater.

No sooner did he try walking out the water, though, did the White Shark come charging for him, the amphibious Nazi shark kicking his feet out like a dolphin as he swam towards the machine. Slamming into Freddy, the White Shark bit down upon the bear's head, his claws digging into his sides as Fazbear found himself being dragged further away from the water. This was the White Shark's element now, and the cannibal was taking full advantage of this.

Releasing Freddy from his grip, Heinrich swam away from his foe, only to suddenly turn around and lunge past the animatronic, slicing his foe's side with his claws. Freddy turned to face his opponent, only to receive another slash to his frame. This repeated itself for a moment, the White Shark swimming past his opponent whilst slashing open his side with his claws. Saltwater was seeping into the gashes being formed by the Nazi shark man, and it was only a matter of time before the H2O would severely damage Freddy's inner workings.

Swimming at his foe again, the White Shark this time slammed straight into Freddy, knocking him upon his chest, the amphibious killer standing upon his robotic foe. Swiping with his claws, the White Shark hacked and slashed away at his opponent's body, more and more gashes being created across Freddy's frame. Mr. Fazbear struggled beneath his foe, but in his current position he was unable to grab for his foe. After a moment of this, Heinrich swung both his hands downwards, stabbing his claws into the metal on Freddy's back. Digging in his claws, the Creature yanked back hard, tearing off a pair of steel chunks from his opponent's back, revealing the inner parts that made up Freddy.

Tossing aside the metal chunks, the White Shark reached down to cut apart the inside of Freddy, but Fazbear managed to swing his right arm back, elbowing the killer in the face and making him back off. The animatronic took advantage of this as he rose to his feet and turned to face his opponent. Mr. Fazbear swung his right fist at the White Shark, only for Heinrich to jump backwards in the water, swimming around his opponent in a circle.

Freddy was a sitting duck down here in the water, and his injuries were allowing the surrounding saltwater to slowly begin to damage his insides. It was time for the animatronic to take things up a notch.

Flexing his claws, Heinrich began to swim at his opponent, ready to rip him open-


The White Shark halted in his tracks. Flashing images were going off in his vision, images of words and Freddy's head. The killer also saw the head of something he could not decipher, a thing that looked similar to Freddy, but purple and with longer ears and empty black eye sockets. All the while, Heinrich could hear strange, incoherent words speaking to him, filling his tympanic membranes and blocking out everything else.

The flashing images were disorienting the White Shark, leaving him dizzy and unable to focus. Standing upon the seafloor, Heinrich brought his clawed hands over his head, curling over as he shut his eyes tightly. The images kept on flashing, the strange words still ringing in his ears. It was overwhelming.

Finally, the hallucinations came to an end, and the voice stopped speaking. Slowly standing back up, Heinrich opened his eyes...

Just in time to see Freddy's fist meet his face.

The punch not only broke the White Shark's nose, but it caused him to fall backwards in the water, blood flowing from his nostrils and filling the water around him. Freddy started to move forward, only for the Creature to swim away, his head breaking the surface as the shark man backed up onto shore. The waves splashed around Heinrich's feet, the Nazi cannibal watching on as Mr. Fazbear exited the sea, saltwater falling from his frame.

Snarling, the White Shark crouched forward and ran at his mechanical opponent, Freddy raising up his arms in preparation for his incoming foe. As the distance between the combatants came to a close, Freddy swung his right arm forward, Heinrich just barely able to swing up his arms in defense. The shark man caught Fazbear's incoming fist with both hands, straining against the animatronic's mechanical might.

For a moment, the bear and the shark strained against each other. The White Shark shoved hard against Freddy's fist, but the animatronic simply kept pushing forward with his right arm, nearly bringing his amphibious foe to his knees. Lactic acid surged through Heinrich's muscles, a grand soreness engulfing his flesh as he struggled against his opponent. The Creature was becoming exhausted from this battle. Never had he been pushed to such limits in a confrontation like this. He felt his strength starting to leave him as he struggled to keep his foe's fist back.

Freddy, on the other hand, felt no exhaustion. No sense of tiredness, nor any feeling of needing to rest. He just kept shoving against his foe, aiming to bring him to the ground and finish this battle once and for all.

Amphetamine and adrenaline surged through the White Shark's veins. The cannibal's heart began beating faster and faster, pumping blood through his body at a quicker rate. Getting his legs beneath himself, Heinrich began to push harder against Freddy's fist, beginning to overcome his foe. Sensing this, Mr. Fazbear put more force into his fist, but now he was losing ground.

After a moment of this, the White Shark managed to shove Freddy hard enough to send him stumbling backwards, the bear's feet splashing in the ankle deep water. Letting out a glottal roar, the White Shark ran for his opponent. Regaining his balance, Freddy swung his right fist forward again, only for Heinrich to swat aside the incoming blow with his claws. Without wasting a second, the Creature punched his mechanical foe in the chest, making him step backwards on the shore. Leaning forward, Freddy swung out his foot for a kick, but the White Shark once more countered by kicking Freddy in the shin, shoving his leg back and canceling the attack. Pain shot up the shark man's foot, but in his current state, Heinrich paid no attention to it.

Stepping forward, the White Shark shot his right leg forward, kicking Fazbear hard in the chest and making him stagger back. Reaching forward, the Creature swung his left arm forward, raking his claws across Freddy's forearms as the animatronic raised them up in defense. With a snarl, Heinrich lunged at his opponent again, ramming him hard in the chest with his left shoulder, sending the animatronic bear toppling upon his back, a small wave splashing over his frame as he fell upon the water.

Slowly rising to his feet, Freddy decided that a head-on battle wasn't working out so well. It was time to bring the fight into his element.

Snarling, Heinrich charged forward, ready to sink his claws into Freddy's body-

The hallucinations came back, the flashing images and the strange voice engulfing his vision and ears. Staggering back, the White Shark slapped his hands over his ears, howling out in frustration as his eyes closed shut. After a few seconds of this, though, the hallucinations went away, allowing the killer to open his eyes, expecting to see Freddy lunge for him, only to see...


Freddy was gone.

For a moment, confusion filled Heinrich's mind as he looked around the area. Where did his opponent go? Did the machine decide to flee the battlefield?

No, the White Shark could hear his taunting laugh a fair distance away. Looking ahead, the White Shark saw two faintly glowing lights, the lights seemingly looking down upon him.

Freddy's eyes.

Flexing his claws, the Creature ran towards his opponent, ready to carve him open.

As he ran through the foliage, trees and brush surrounding him from all sides, though, the White shark could not find his foe. He could hear Freddy's laughter echoing through the land, hear his footsteps as the bear moved through the brush, smell his odor. But he simply could not find him anywhere.

The White Shark was playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. And Freddy Fazbear was the cat.

More flashing images filled the Creature's mind, giving him pause, but not as strong as before. It was a taunt, a challenge to face Freddy in the dark. Anger filled the White Shark as he marched through the foliage. He would tear the damned bear's head off by the end of this.

As he walked through the brush, the White Shark looked ahead into the darkness. Narrowing his eyes, he could see something slowly moving through the foliage. Yes, there was Freddy! Heinrich had him now! Flexing his claws eagerly in bloodlustful excitement, the White Shark for his foe, eager to tear him apart-

Freddy suddenly sank to the ground, vanishing in an instant.

Stopping in his tracks, the White Shark watched on in confusion. What just happened-

Phantom Freddy suddenly rose up right in front of the White Shark, letting out a piercing shriek before quickly vanishing. Heinrich jumped back in shock...and suddenly found it very hard to breathe. Gasping for air, the shark man wrapped his arms around his chest, wheezing as his body struggled to take in enough oxygen. To make matters worse, his vision kept flickering into darkness, rendering him effectively blind. He had no idea where he was.

Falling onto his hands and knees, the White Shark kept gasping and choking, his lungs aching and his brain sending alarms as he was feeling dizzy from the depleted oxygen intake. Even so, however, Heinrich could hear approaching footsteps, knowing exactly who it was.

As Freddy came closer, the Creature could hear a jingle coming from the animatronic, seemingly coming straight from a music box.

Looking up to his left, the White Shark could only see Freddy's flashing eyes, the animatronic looking upon him as the music kept playing.

Suddenly, the lights flickered off, the music coming to an abrupt halt. Sucking air into his lungs, the White Shark pushed himself to his feet, staggering as he regained his balance.

A long pause.

There were no sounds amongst the Nazi cannibal. No cricket chirps, no bird calls, nothing.

And then Freddy attacked.

Springing forward, a horrific shriek escaped Freddy Fazbear as the animatronic spread his arms wide. Even in the darkness, Heinrich could see Freddy's rapidly approaching frame.

In that instant, Heinrich's heart skipped a beat as a new emotion filled his soul.


This...thing, this machine, made the White Shark feel fear.

Unable to run away, the Creature could only jump back just enough that Freddy's open jaws didn't close upon his head. Instead, they closed around the skin on his chest. Though his teeth weren't sharp and his jaws not very long, the sheer force behind Freddy's jaws was more than enough to tear through the flesh. As blood came gushing out, Freddy pulled his head back, tearing off a large strip of skin straight from Heinrich's chest. A howl of agony escaped the shark man as he stepped back, blood cascading down his abdomen and staining it red.

Pausing, the White Shark looked down upon his chest wound. Blood was steadily flowing down his body, the crimson dripping to the ground below and staining it red. The fluids felt warm on Heinrich's skin. Breathing in deeply, the Creature took in the smell of his blood. His hands clenched into fists. Fear was replaced by determination. Determination fueled by anger.

Anger bringing upon madness.

Springing forward, Freddy Fazbear let out another cry as he rushed for his foe. Swinging out his arms, Der Weisse Hai roared out in bloodlust, standing ready for his mechanical opponent.

Both killers slammed into each other, striking away at each other with blows that would leave a man laying limp on the ground, letting out a gurgling cry for mercy as his life exited his body, his blood puddling beneath him as darkness engulfed his mind. Neither killer of man was to back down in this duel to the death. They would fight until their foe received the same fate as so many of their victims have. Even if they themselves would collapse and move on to the afterlife from their own injuries.

Swinging with his claws, the White Shark attempted to slice open Freddy's body to show the world what makes the bear tick. Mr. Fazbear, though, kept blocking each and every incoming blow with his raised arms, the clang of steel of steel ringing out in the night sky. As they dueled, Freddy proceeded to slowly walk forwards, each step making the White Shark move backwards, sweat dripping down his pale body.

After a moment of this, Heinrich felt his back come into contact with a tree. Were he capable of speech, he would've cursed at that moment at Freddy moved in for the kill. In desperation, the White Shark swung his right arm at his opponent, his claws at the ready...

Only for Freddy to catch his claws in his hand.

Shocked, the Creature could only watch as Freddy tightened his grip on his claws. With a twist of his wrist, the bear broke the steel claws in two. Pulling back his arm, the White Shark saw that the claws on his right hand were broken off at the base, with only the claw on his thumb still intact.

Anger pumping adrenaline through his flesh, the White Shark drove his left claws into Freddy's chest, the steel blades sinking into the metal up to the base. Reaching forward, Freddy grabbed onto Heinrich's arm with his right hand, whilst his left hand gripped the shark man's throat and squeezed tightly. This time, though, the White Shark refused to relent, as the amphibious killer began to walk forward, pushing Freddy across the ground. Freddy tightened his grip, threatening to completely crush the White Shark's throat, but the cannibal refused to relent.

With a sudden shove, the White Shark sent Freddy falling upon his back. Prying Fazbear's hand away from his throat, Heinrich began to slash and punch away at his robotic foe. Freddy tried bringing up his hands to defend himself, but this was in vain as the shark man swatted aside his opponent's hands. His claws created sparks with each successful slash upon Freddy's steel body, while his fist kept striking Mr. Fazbear's frame, but was unable to seriously damage anything.

One spark stood out from the other sparks that were sent flying. This one was larger and glowed more brightly as it landed upon a blade of grass nearby. The spark didn't flicker and die. Instead it grew bigger and brighter, soon becoming a small flame. It didn't take long for the fire to spread across the grass, the burning bright color crawling up the trunks of the nearby trees, the plants burning as smoke began to fill the air.

Bringing up his right arm, Freddy managed to punch Heinrich in the face, knocking the shark man away and allowing the animatronic bear time to begin to rise. Unfortunately, the White Shark did not give him time to fully stand, for the shark man charged forth, bringing his right shoulder forward and ramming Fazbear in the chest, slamming him into a tree trunk. The fire spread around the combatants, reaching more of the surrounding foliage as it burned everything in its path.

Paying no attention to the flames, the Creature lifted up his left arm and shot his hand forward, his claws sliding around Freddy's right eye. Grabbing on tightly, Heinrich pulled back, tearing Fazbear's eyeball from its socket. A loud shriek escaped Freddy at this. Not one of pain, of course, but rather one of outrage. This killer has gone too far. He must be stopped.

Freddy wouldn't get the chance to earn some payback, though, for Heinrich's left hand covered his face, while the shark man's right hand grabbed Freddy's thigh. Straining with clear effort, the White Shark lifted Freddy overhead, and in one single motion, hurled him towards the growing fire. The animatronic struck a burning tree, sparks flying as the flames began to encircle the bear. Seizing the chance, Heinrich charged at the tree, ramming it with his shoulder as hard as he could. The force behind the ram was just strong enough to send the tree toppling down upon Freddy, the plant landing upon the bear's back as fire engulfed the organism and machine.

Stepping back, the Creature watched on as the fire grew and spread. Freddy's shrieking cry was drowned out by the roar of the fire, and soon, the shark man heard only the crackling growl of the fire.

For a moment, Heinrich Guenther panted heavily, feeling the adrenaline rush leave him, and the pain of his injuries became much more noticeable. Numerous nasty purple bruises covered his body. Dried blood covered his nose, with blood still flowing from his chest. His throat hurt whenever he breathed, and the smoke in the air was making it difficult to take in oxygen.

He didn't feel weakened by his injuries. He felt strengthened, invigorated by this triumph. He had faced a worthy opponent, not merely something to kill, but a true challenge. His wounds meant nothing. He would survive and recover.

Now he no longer felt any need for caution or safety, for now he felt the sense that he was now invincible.

Looking off into the distance, past the surrounding fire, he saw a single light. Light meant shelter. Shelter meant there were more enemies, and more enemies meant more opportunities for destruction.

Leaning into the hill, disregarding the fire that kept on spreading, the White Shark began to venture up the slope, not concerned with time. Time meant nothing to him. He was immortal.

As the shark man walked, he couldn't help but glance over his shoulder. He saw the flames as they moved onto more and more foliage, but there was something else. Something he had glimpsed out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked around, he saw nothing but burning plant life. The killer paused for a moment, his mind trying to process what it was he had seen.

It had been small, with sharp pointed teeth that seemed too big for its mouth to contain, and curved claws. Thinking over about it, the White Shark couldn't but feel that it seemed very familiar. It looked very much like-

Pain shot up his back, as he felt his flesh become sliced open. Stumbling forward, he spun around in disbelief, eyes wide with shock and even a little fear as he witnessed the return of his fallen foe.

Freddy looked different this time. His gashes and other injuries remained, including his missing eye, with now was but a black hole with a glowing light in the center. Now however, he had taken on a more monstrous look. Sharp metal teeth jutted out from his jaws. His hands ended in curved claws made of steel. Within his body were numerous smaller versions of himself, all bearing pointed teeth and claws themselves.

Nightmare Freddy.

Seemingly grinning sadistically, the twisted image of a children's idol spoke in a taunting, flat out demonic voice, enticing the White Shark to continue the battle.

The Nightmare has just begun...

With that, the duel of the man-made killers had resumed.

Charging forward, Freddy and the White Shark clashed once more, swiping forth with their claws. Freddy's blades cut through the pale flesh of Heinrich, blood flying with each slash. The White Shark's claws scraped across Freddy's body, leaving more gashes in the process, though he was handicapped with his broken claws. Both foes continued to carve into each other, blood from the shark man splashing upon the two as they kept up their brawl.

Finally, Freddy swatted aside the White Shark's incoming claws as he lunged forward, a demonic shriek piercing Heinrich's ear drums as the Nightmare attacked. Freddy's jaws came upon the White Shark's right arm, his teeth piercing deep into the flesh. Pain like a thousand, no, a million knives cutting into him at once shot up through out Heinrich's nerves. Out of desperation, as he felt Freddy's jaws begin to reach the bone within, the White Shark leaned forward, biting down upon Freddy's right ear and pulling back, tearing the ear right off from the joint.

In response, Freddy tore out a good mouthful of the White Shark's flesh from his arm, blood spraying outwards and covering Freddy's face. Stumbling back, breathing sharply inwards in response to the pain, Heinrich looked up, only to see Freddy kicking him hard in the abdomen, making the killer nearly fall over as he stumbled backwards. Pressing his assault, Freddy swung his left arm forward, raking his claws across the Creature's face, damn near hitting his eyes in the attack.

Howling like a true animal in agony, the White Shark slapped his hands over his face, blood flowing from between his fingers. A mocking laugh escaped Freddy, the Nightmare letting his right fist fly into the White Shark's abdomen, sending the cannibal falling upon his back.

Anger and fear confronted one another within the Creature's mind. His opponent had become much more dangerous now, and was still fighting at full strength, while he himself was weakening from the amount of blood he was losing. Even with his newfound belief of his immortality, he was unsure of whether or not to continue this battle.

His hands clenched tightly into fists.


The White Shark sat up, standing up to his full height as Freddy watched on.

No, he wasn't going to let this machine bring him down. He wasn't going to run away like a coward. He was Der Weisse Hai, and he shall win this conflict.

Roaring out to the heavens, adrenaline once more pumping through his body, the White Shark charged forth, Nightmare Freddy letting out a battle cry and charging as well.

As soon as they reached one another, Freddy brought his shoulder slamming into the White Shark's chest once more, making the shark man stagger back. In retaliation, the Creature raked his claws across Freddy's face, returning the face as his claws left numerous deep gashes on Mr. Fazbear's face. Lunging forward, the organism and the machine locked hands and shoved against one another. Both foes were not going to give up by this point. They would battle to the end of time were it possible.

Snarling, Freddy lunged forward, his jaws wide open and aiming for his opponent's face. Eyes wide in shock, the White Shark pulled his head back in time, though Freddy's teeth did cut through the flesh on his nose. Angered, the Creature reeled his head back and swung it forward, headbutting Fazbear hard in the face. Though the action left his head throbbing in pain, the attack was enough to distract Freddy, allowing the White Shark to swing the animatronic to the ground.

His knees sitting upon Freddy's chest, the White Shark began to punch away at his opponent's face, each blow making Freddy's head jerk to the left or the right. The Nazi cannibal was starting to see red as he kept on punching. He wanted to keep Freddy's head as a trophy by the end of this, as well as take a good long rest after this ordeal.

Pain shot up from his side, though, distracting him and making him halt his assault. A miniature Freddy was biting into his flesh, its claws cutting into his skin. Taking advantage of this, Freddy slugged the White Shark hard in the face, making the killer tumble away and allowing the Nightmare to rise to his feet.

The fire kept on burning, spreading through out the island during the duel. Neither combatant took notice, though. They just focused on killing each other.


“Why can't we just run?!” Max practically screamed. The boy looked pale, as though he were about to pass out. “It can't catch us if we run, not all of us.”

“No Max,” Simon firmly responded. “I don't want that thing, or that robot Tall and Amanda saw, to catch any of us, especially not you and Elizabeth.”

The humans were all huddled in the kitchen, hiding after Tall Man and Amanda returned to report about the robot bear that had arrived and no doubt was clashing with the creature.

“Well, what do you expect us to do?” Amanda asked, fear controlling the tone of her voice. “We can't go anywhere, and we can't hide.”

Simon just took in a shaky breath, struggling to remain calm, something of which was proving to be very difficult by this point. “I know. The best we can do is just wait and hope those things kill each other.”

Tall Man looked out the window, his eyes widening in horror, but he looked towards the others. “There's a fire spreading!”

Standing up, Simon and the others looked out the window. Indeed, they could see the fire spreading across the land, though not in their direction.

“How the hell did that happen?!” Simon asked in disbelief.

“Look!” Max said, pointing forward. “I think I see them!”

Indeed, amidst the burning fire, there were two distinctive shapes dueling with one another. It looked like something out of a film of surrealism.


The White Shark fell to the ground, having been thrown by Freddy. Scrambling to his feet, the Creature stepped back as Freddy approached him. No matter how many times the shark man had struck the bear, the Nightmare just kept coming, ripping open the killer's flesh and making him look red instead of pale gray. Now the Creature struggled to keep steady in his balance, the great amount of blood loss he was suffering making it difficult for him to focus.

Nightmare Freddy let out a laugh as he clawed at the White Shark's chest, spilling out more blood and making the amphibious killer stumble back. Victory was at hand, and he was going to enjoy it.

Spreading out his arms, Freddy let his mini selves come charging forth from his body. The Mini Freddies lunged right for the White Shark, biting into his flesh and tearing out chunks of flesh. Letting out a yowl of unrestrained agony that would unnerve any within hearing range, the Creature desperately swatted and tossed away the small animatronics, but the little Nightmares kept on attacking, ripping out more and more of the killer's flesh, even exposing the bone within.

Finally, the Mini Freddies ceased their assault, scurrying away as Heinrich fell to his hands and knees. Blood was gushing from his many new wounds. His heart was beating dangerously slowly. He could hardly remain awake. He was just so weak. He could no longer keep up the battle.

Sitting back, the White Shark looked around for his opponent, finding him to be nowhere in sight. The flames came closer and closer, the smoke being created almost enveloping as the oxygen was sapped away out of Heinrich's reach.

The Mini Freddies came back, standing before the White Shark, twitching as they gnashed their blood-stained jaws.

Then, the miniature Nightmares dissipated as Nightmare Freddy reappeared, a howling cry of victory escaping his throat as he lunged forward.


Swinging his left arm forward, Freddy embedded his clawed hand into Heinrich Guenther's stomach. This time, so much blood had been lost that none flowed out. The White Shark could no longer resist as he was lifted into the air. His mouth hanging open, the once feared killer closed his eyes, accepting death.

Granting Heinrich's wish, Nightmare Freddy lunged forward, biting down upon his foe's face, engulfing his upper jaw and head. With a clench of Freddy's jaws, flesh and bone were torn asunder.

Heinrich Guenther never felt a thing.

Pulling back his head, Freddy revealed the work he had done. The entire upper part of the White Shark's face was gone, revealing the inside of his skull, with the half of the brain still inside sliding out and flopping to the blood-stained ground. Pulling out his hand, Freddy opened his jaws, letting the twisted ball of mangled flesh and bone fall to the ground with a splat. Heinrich Guenther's lifeless body fell back, slumping in a sitting position.

Nightmare Freddy let out a victorious laugh, the flames surrounding him all the while. It was an eerie sight, one that shall forever remain engraved in the minds of the humans witnessing the finale of the battle between two killers made for mankind's own usage.

Winner: Freddy Fazbear
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
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Re: My Matches

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Match 171: Killer Croc vs Shere Khan

Saltwater fell from Killer Croc's frame as he emerged from the sea. The crocodile man had been on the run from Gotham's police force, as well as Batman, ever since he had managed to escape the Arkham Asylum. Knowing he would be caught if he remained anywhere near Gotham, Waylon Jones had escaped into the sea to avoid his captors. It had been a grueling trip, the previously-human creature having to deal with the ocean's natural predators whilst sustaining himself on the sea life he was able to capture.

Croc didn't mind this change of events, living out in the sea. It had felt...natural, as though he were made to live like his namesake despite having been born human. Even so, Waylon had decided to isolate himself from the mainland where Gotham, and Batman, resided, and so he swam for miles, days and nights coming and going in his journey, until he finally reached the island before him.

Stepping onto the sandy shore, the cold waves lapping at his feet, Killer Croc took a moment to examine the land he now stood upon. The island looked like something out of South America, with tall trees standing high above the ground, and dark green foliage all across the land ahead of him. Rolling his shoulders, Killer Croc made his way into the jungle, his tail dragging through the sand behind him as he walked.

For several minutes the honorary reptile walked, fallen branches and leaves softly crunching beneath his scaly feet. Lifting up his head, Killer Croc sniffed the air, taking in all the new and exotic smells that surrounded him. For a moment, peace filled Waylon's mind as he took in his surroundings. This place would do just fine for him.

A crack behind him.

Killer Croc instantly spun around on his feet, claws flexing and teeth bared as he glanced around the area. The sound wasn't directly behind him, but rather seemed to come from a fair distance from the reptile man. He could not identify the sound, could not catch any scent that would alert him of any sort of danger. Croc began to fear for the worst. Has Batman somehow predicted where he was going to be and was now setting up an ambush?

A flash of movement to his left. Waylon quickly looked towards what he had seen. Whatever he had seen quickly vanished. All he managed to see was a blur of orange and black.

Turning around, Killer Croc began to run through the foliage, crushing bushes and shrubs beneath his feet as he sprinted at full speed. It wasn't a retreat, certainly not an act of cowardice. Croc needed to get to a more open location if he were to properly face this potential threat. The confines of the jungle would only hinder him.

After a moment of running, Waylon Jones finally burst through the foliage, coming upon a large clearing, tall grass rising up to his knees. Pausing once he felt he had gained sufficient distance from the jungle, Killer Croc turned, ready for what might happen next.

Shere Khan emerged from the jungle slowly, a sly smile upon the tiger's face as he approached the crocodile man.

“Well,” Shere Khan said, his baritone voice thick with the accent of the British. “I can't say I've ever met any man such as yourself.”

Croc's eyes were wide with shock, the reptile listening on to the tiger's words. “You can talk?!” Waylon asked, his voice gruff and rumbling with a wet growl. “How the hell's that possible?!”

“I believe you're in no position to ask such petty questions,” Khan simply replied. “You may address me as Shere Khan, and may I ask, who, or rather, what are you?”

“Name's Croc,” Came the simple response from the bipedal crocodilian. “Killer Croc. And I don't like being talked to like I'm your inferior.”

“Is that so?” Khan taunted, raising up his right arm and protracting his black claws, flexing his natural blades as he watched Killer Croc. “Well, you should know that everyone runs from Shere Khan, and I don't exactly appreciate any man coming upon my territory, regardless of how scaly they are.”

“Oh no.” Croc took a threatening step forward, hunching forward slightly as he clenched his fists. “I ain't gonna let some talking cat tell me what to do. I'd rather eat you now than get a lecture from some cat who's skin would look good as a coat.”

Narrowing his eyes angrily, Shere Khan crouched down, his muscles tensing in preparation for combat.

“So be it.”

With a mighty roar, Shere Khan lunged from the ground, the tiger spreading out his arms and baring his teeth and claws as he soared through the air. Unimpressed, though, Killer Croc rewarded his effort with a fierce right hook across the face, sending the tiger tumbling briefly across the ground. Letting out a snarl that would leave the bravest man quivering in fear, Waylon Jones sprinted for his feline foe, his taloned feet kicking up clumps on dirt.

Pushing himself back up, Shere Khan snarled bitterly as he looked towards the incoming Croc, before the tiger leapt out of the way, Croc's fist instead striking the ground he had stood upon and leaving a nicely sized hole in his wake. As soon as he landed upon his paws, Shere Khan turned towards his bipedal opponent and lunged for him. The tiger latched onto Croc's back, digging his claws into his thick scales and biting down upon his neck, his canines puncturing the scales and causing dark red blood to dribble out. Angered, Killer Croc raised up his left arm and swung it sharply backwards, elbowing the tiger hard in the midsection and knocking him backwards.

Rolling back up just as Waylon turned towards him, Shere Khan let out an enraged roar as he charged forward. Momentarily leaning onto his hind legs, the tiger lashed out with his claws, his black blades cutting into the scales upon Croc's chest and splitting apart the skin. As more blood began to trickle down Waylon's torso, the crocodile socked Shere Khan hard in the face, the force behind the blow being enough to cause blood to flow out through the nostrils. As the tiger's head recoiled from the blow, Killer Croc's hand shot forward, the clawed hand grabbing onto Khan's throat and squeezing tightly.

“Used to live at a circus, y'know,” Croc calmly stated as he maintained his grip on his opponent's throat. “I wrestled gators for a livin'.”

“Must've been pathetic weaklings to fall before the likes of you!” Shere Khan managed to snarl, before the tiger grabbed onto Croc's assailing arm and dug his claws into the scales, more blood trickling out as the feline pulled his claws back, cutting through the flesh. With a sneer, Waylon lifted the tiger off the ground, bearing a toothy grin as he watched his opponent struggle.

“I've broken the backs of some of the toughest gators around!” Waylon stated, before his other hand reached forward, grabbing onto Shere Khan's midsection, his claws cutting through the skin and releasing a flow of blood into the outside world. “I ain't like any human you've ever faced. I'm a whole new breed of animal!” With that, Killer Croc tossed Shere Khan into the air, the tiger's eyes wide with shock as he flailed his limbs in panic, the feline tumbling through the air as he began his descent.

“Don't skreeonk with THIS crocodile!” Killer Croc roared, swinging his tail around and plowing the muscular limb into Shere Khan's torso, sending the tiger bouncing across the ground and colliding backfirst with a tree. The bark splintered and cracked, several pieces falling upon the tiger's fur and sticking to the blood that leaked from the newly formed gash on his back.

Slowly pushing himself back to his feet, Shere Khan breathed in deeply, anger boiling within the tiger. Glaring venom and daggers at his crocodilian foe, Khan suddenly came charging forth, another loud roar escaping the cat's throat.

Putting up his dukes, Waylon Jones braced himself as Shere Khan swiped and slashed widely with his claws, each strike cutting through Croc's scales and sending droplets of blood flying. After a moment of this, Shere Khan suddenly lunged forward, slamming his full mass into Croc's chest and knocking the reptile upon his back. Before the killer could rise, Khan was already upon him, the tiger snarling with fury.

“I'll kill you for this!” Swiping viciously with his claws, Shere Khan hacked and slashed away upon his scaly foe, each blow from his claws carving into flesh and ripping it open, allowing blood to fly through the air and land upon either the ground, Croc's own scaly body, or Khan's fur. Snarling, the tiger leaned down to sink his canines into Killer Croc's throat, only for the crocodile man to raise up his right arm in defense. Khan instead bit down hard on the limb, his teeth puncturing the scales with clear difficulty and spilling out more blood.

Snarling angrily, Killer Croc decided to give this feline a taste of his own medicine, before the crocodile man reached forward and clamped his jaws down upon Shere Khan's right shoulder, his jagged teeth sinking deep into the flesh with no resistance.

The pain that instantly shot through Khan's body at that moment was incredible. It was a pain he had never come to experience. The hurting feeling was simply too much for the tiger to handle, for the cat released his grip and let out a yowl of agony, blood flowing rapidly as Killer Croc savaged the cat's shoulder.

Yanking his head to the left, Croc ended up tearing off a large chunk of flesh from Khan's shoulder, strips of skin and fur peeling off in the process. Blood immediately sprayed outwards, like in some horror film for animals. Burning white hot agony tore through Shere Khan's nerves. It was unbearable. The tiger immediately backed away from his opponent, yowling and roaring out in uncontainable pain. Standing back up, Croc dropped the chunk of meat into his right hand, licking his teeth as blood coated his face.

“Not bad,” Croc taunted. “Not bad at all. Wanna taste?”

Before Shere Khan could react, Croc lunged forward, his free hand grabbing onto the back of the tiger's neck and yanking him upwards, his claws ripping through the skin once more. Grinning devilishly, Waylon shoved Khan's own chunk of flesh down his throat, the feline's eyes wide with absolute horror as his throat was ripped and torn from the inside due to Croc's scaly skin. Tossing his quadrupedal opponent to the ground as he yanked out his hand, Killer Croc watched as Shere Khan scrambled to his feet, the tiger hurling up the bloody chunk of meat onto the ground, the flesh and surrounding grass stained with the cat's crimson blood and sickly green bile and mucus. Such a site would be absolutely disgusting to any human. Simply glancing at it would make a man hurl.

Waylon Jones thought it was hilarious.

Kicking Shere Khan hard in the side, Killer Croc knocked the tiger onto his side, the reptile slowly approaching him as the cat struggled to stand back up.

“W-wait!” Khan stammered, all traces of his original personality completely lost as he was terrified beyond belief. “Let's talk about this!”

“We've talked,” Croc simply responded, raising up his right hand and flexing his claws in preparation. “You should've run when you had the chance. But you sealed your fate being so foolish to face me.”

And with those final words, Killer Croc drove his claws into Shere Khan's stomach. Eyes wide with horror and agony, Shere Khan could do nothing as Waylon Jones pulled upwards, his claws ripping through flesh and bone like it were paper. Blood came gushing out in torrents, coating Croc's green scales and making him look red. Intestines and other internal organs came spilling out, flopping upon the grass in a huge wet pile. Soon, Waylon's claws tore through Shere Khan's lower jaw, splitting it apart as the tiger watched on in silent horror. Mere seconds after the crocodile withdrew his natural blades, Shere Khan's eyes fogged over with death, his face locked in a look of pure horror.

Grinning at the sight, Killer Croc leaned back and roared out into the heavens, his victory satisfying and refreshing. Looking back upon his fallen foe, Waylon Jones approached his new meal. Indeed, Shere Khan's skin would look good on him.

Winner: Killer Croc
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 172: Gwangi vs Indominus Rex

His talons tearing large gouges into the ground, Gwangi entered the massive clearing on the tropical island he currently resided on, the dinosaur having been brought here after having been captured by the humans.

Ahead of Gwangi, Indominus Rex arrived, the chimera letting out a loud roar as she glared at her new foe, clearly holding the desire to kill. Unafraid, Gwangi roared back in response, his tail whipping about in the air.

Both theropods glared at one another, standing 100 meters away from each other. It was clear to the two reptiles that neither would be backing down. There was only one way to settle this confrontation.

Letting out another roar, Indominus charged forward, her T-rex instincts taking over as she rushed towards her foe. Roaring out his defiance, Gwangi charged as well, his talons ripping up clumps of grass as he ran.

As the two theropods reached each other, Indominus reached out with her jaws, aiming to bite down on her larger opponent's neck. Acting quickly, however, Gwangi pulled his head back, avoiding her foe's attack. Snarling, Gwangi lashed out with his own set of jaws, catching I-rex by surprise as he instead bit down on her left leg. Yanking hard, Gwangi succeeded in pulling Indominus' leg out from underneath her, causing her to fall onto her side. Releasing his grip, Gwangi reached down again, clamping his jaws upon the side of his foe's abdomen, his teeth tearing into the flesh.

Regaining control over her T-rex instincts, Indominus struggled wildly, forcing Gwangi to back off as she rose to her feet. Snarling bitterly, Indominus lashed out with a swing of her claws, Gwangi pulling his head back as I-rex's claws struck his chest. To her surprise, however, the claws failed to actually harm Gwangi; they merely scraped against his thick scales. Narrowing his eyes, Gwangi bit down on I-rex's arm, making her roar out in pain as Gwangi's teeth sank into her flesh and cut it open, blood flowing outwards.

Pulling her arm away, Indominus was enraged to see that a large strip of her flesh had been torn off by her taller opponent. Snarling hatefully, Indominus lunged for her foe, her jaws and claws ready to tear into the retrosaur. Bellowing out his defiance to yield, Gwangi charged as well.

Slamming into Gwangi, Indominus snapped and bit at her purple foe, her teeth and claws scraping ineffectually at the retrosaur's scales. Gwangi rewarded I-rex's effort by biting into her face, the chimera howling as Gwangi's teeth tore into the flesh before her eyes, blood trickling out as Gwangi shook his head violently. Releasing his toothy grip, Gwangi let Indominus back away, the experiment's face turning red with the blood now flowing freely.

Enraged, Indominus reached out with her jaws, biting onto Gwangi's right leg with all her strength. Baring his teeth angrily, Gwangi clamped his own set of jaws around I-rex's own thigh, his teeth digging into the white hide of his chimeric foe.

For a moment, both theropods struggled against each other, trying to overpower one another. Muffled snarls of anger escaped their vocals cords, their veins popping out as they strained against each other's power.

Unable to take the pain any longer, one of them ended up yielding to the other.

Indominus stumbled backwards in pain, her right thigh bleeding heavily as a large chunk of flesh had been torn out, Gwangi dropping the bloody chunk to the grass at their taloned feet. The retrosaur, meanwhile, bore no injury despite I-rex's greatest efforts.

Indominus Rex bellowed angrily. No matter what she tried, she just couldn't put a scratch on her larger opponent. Time to rectify that issue.

Letting out another loud roar, Indominus charged again, Gwangi standing his ground as he let out a snarl. Lashing out with her claws, Indominus slashed Gwangi's face, her claws coming close to striking his eyes. Flinching, the retrosaur closed his eyes and pulled his head away. Opening her jaws, Indominus bit down upon Gwangi's meaty neck, applying as much pressure as she could. Glaring venom and daggers at his white foe, Gwangi struggled wildly, swinging his head around as I-rex struggled to keep a firm grip on her foe's neck. Alas, her teeth simply could not get any purchase on Gwangi's scales, allowing the retrosaur to shake away his opponent. Snarling, Gwangi returned the favor by biting into I-rex's neck, his teeth cutting into the skin and shredding the flesh. Maddened by the pain, Indominus pulled away, inadvertantly worsening the damage as the right side of her neck bled profuesly.

Not willing to let his opponent get away so easily, Gwangi reached down, biting I-rex's leg again and yanking upwards, making the chimera fall to the ground with ease. Planting his right foot upon Indominus' side, Gwangi lunged downward with his jaws and got to work. I-rex howled and struggled madly as Gwangi bit and tore into her side, ripping out strips and chunks of flesh as he kept on biting. Though his teeth weren't very big, they still did a good job of shredding the flesh they sank into. Blood flowing down her side, Indominus kicked and clawed all the while during Gwangi's assault. Finally, I-rex managed to push Gwangi away with her foot, making the retrosaur step off of her and allowing the chimera to get back up.

For a moment, neither dinosaur moved, the theropods studying one another intently. Indominus was torn up on her side and neck, her face mostly covered in blood as she panted from blood loss. Gwangi, meanwhile, was still in tip-top shape, his scales proving too tough for I-rex's jaws and claws to pierce.

Unable to comprehend her losing to this beast, Indominus Rex let out another roar and charged, spreading out her claws and opening her jaws wide. Narrowing his eyes, Gwangi swiftly stepped to the chimera's left, dodging her charge, before he bit down on her leg. With Indominus still moving, Gwangi instead tore a large strip of flesh from the upper part of I-rex's left, making the experiment scream with pain as she collapsed to the ground, her right arm hitting the ground at an odd angle and promptly snapping from the impact.

Gwangi watched on as Indominus struggled to get back up and face him, her right arm hanging limply at her side as her left leg bleed profusely. Pulling back his lips as he let out a low growl, Gwangi took in the scent of his foe's blood, ready to finish this.

Barely able to keep herself up, Indominus Rex could only haflheartedly retreat as Gwangi charged straight for her. Reaching down, Gwangi once more bit I-rex's leg, swiftly pulling her off-balance and once more making her fall down. This time, Gwangi would not let her get back up. Stepping upon his opponent's shoulder, Gwangi lunged downwards, biting down upon Indominus' throat. Indominus Rex let out a very brief howl of terror that was promptly cut off by Gwangi tearing open her jugular. Blood spraying upon his face, Gwangi bit and ripped into his foe's throat, even as Indominus quickly passed away, her eyes rolling up into their sockets as blood began to pool beneath her.

Lifting up his bloody muzzle, Gwangi parted his jaws and let out a victorious roar, letting all within hearing range know of his power. The retrosaur proceeded to feast upon his well-deserved kill, a fitting reward for this battle.

Winner: Gwangi
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 173: Jojo vs Showa Gigan, Showa Mechagodzilla, Gabara, Monster X, Ultra Galaxy Gomora, Desghidorah, Spacegodzilla, GMK Godzilla, and Heisei Godzilla

Footsteps echoed through the Amazon rainforest, the sound's source marching across the land, his appearance slightly hidden by the pouring rain. Jojo was always alert, his senses finely tuned to keep a look out for any threats to this land he called home.

Unfortunately for him, today he was gonna get just that.

A warbling cry reached the amphibian's ears, promptly catching his attention as the kaiju spun around to face the intruder. Gabara let out another roar, the ogre waving his arms in the air as he made it abundantly clear he was here to cause trouble. Narrowing his eyes, Jojo let out a mighty bellow in response and gave a quick beat of his chest. Lowering his head slightly, Jojo charged forward, sprinting quickly across the land.

Taken by surprise at his opponent's speed, Gabara was unable to defend himself as Jojo socked him hard in the face, immediately breaking his nose and sending the ogre flying a few miles through the air, before the kaiju landed down hard upon his back with a squeal of pain. Blood flowing down his face, Gabara struggled to rise to his feet, only for Jojo to kick him hard in the side, knocking him back to the ground with a wheeze. Reaching down, Jojo seized Gabara by the neck with his left hand and lifted him up off the ground, squeezing tightly.

In sheer desperation, Gabara grabbed onto Jojo's arm with both hands and sent a torrent of electricity upon him, only for the lightning to spark harmlessly against the amphibian's slimy skin. With a jerk of his wrist, Jojo broke Gabara's neck, instantly killing the ogre, before he dropped his body to the ground.

A roar from above caught Jojo's attention, the amphibian turning to see Gigan and Mechagodzilla landing down to his left. Facing both alien invaders, the hero roared out into the sky, demanding the intruders leave now. Mechagodzilla simply responsed by firing his eye beams, nailing Jojo in the shoulder and creating a small explosion as the beams tore into Jojo's flesh. With a shriek, Jojo promptly retaliated with an energy beam, the purple beam striking Mechagodzilla's chest and sending the mech stumbling backwards with a spray of sparks, the impact area scorched black and sizzling.

Gigan quickly moved towards Jojo, the amphibian running for his bladed opponent while his shoulder immediately repaired the minor damage dealt. As soon as both kaiju reached melee distance from one another, Jojo socked Gigan hard in the face with a right hook, sending the cyborg tumbling to the ground. Mechagodzilla aided his ally by opening fire with his finger missiles, striking Jojo all across his upper body and making him stumble backwards. Standing back up, Gigan was quick to seize the oppurtunity as he started bashing and slashing at his foe with his hammer claws.

After a few seconds of this, though, Jojo suddenly kicked Gigan hard in the side, making the alien stumble backwards. Spreading out his membrane, Jojo jumped into the air, gliding over his alien foes. Taking aim, Mechagodzilla fired at his airborne foe with his eye beams and missiles, only for Jojo to dodge the barrage with ease. Activating his jets, Mechagodzilla took off after his opponent, Gigan following closely behind.

As the three kaiju soared above the rainforest, their bodies pelted by countless rain drops, Mechagodzilla fired his eye beams once more. Three times the optic beams of energy were discharged, striking Jojo across his back and leaving small patches of burnt flesh, only for the wounds to quickly heal up. Turning through the air, Jojo flew for his foes, firing an energy beam in the process. The beam struck Gigan's visor, making the cyborg shriek and plummet from the sky. Mechagodzilla retaliated with more eye beams, but Jojo dodged each attempt thrown at him with ease as he gunned for his robotic foe.

Opening his jaws, Jojo fired not an energy beam, but a glob of acid, the green slime splattering across Mechagodzilla's body, including his head. Already the machine began rapidly melting as the acid ate away at his metal. As Jojo flew over his foe, the amphibian suddenly tucked in his membrane and fell atop Mechagodzilla. The kaiju's bodyslam was more than enough to send the two combatants plummetting out of the sky, Jojo using Mechagodzilla to take the fall for him as they crashlanded into the jungle.

Staggering to his feet, Gigan shook his head clear, the left side of his head charred black and still smoking from Jojo's beam. Hearing the other kaiju crash to his right, Gigan turned around...

Just in time to see Jojo step out of the crater, leaving behind Mechagodzilla as nothing more than a crushed pile of melted metal.

Shrieking in anger, Gigan ran for his amphibious foe, Jojo roaring back in response and charging as well. Several seconds into his run, though, Jojo suddenly leaned back on his tail, sliding towards Gigan feetfirst. Taken by surprise, Gigan was helpless to do anything as Jojo slidekicked him in the abdomen, sending the cyborg flying backwards and sliding briefly across the ground.

Landing back on his feet, Jojo was quick to take advantage of this moment, running up to the fallen Gigan and grabbing onto his tail. Pulling upwards, Jojo swung Gigan into the air before suddenly yanking downwards, slamming the alien back into the ground. The amphibian repeated this three times, before he swung his foe around and tossed him away, the cyborg tumbling for a couple of kilometers. Stumbling back to his feet, Gigan attempted to take a step forward, only for Jojo to fire an energy beam, blasting Gigan in the left knee and making him fall forward with a shriek.

Quickly rushing for his opponent, Jojo grabbed onto Gigan's head and promptly snapped his neck, ending the cyborg's life before he could defend himself.

100 meters away from Jojo, though, the ground erupted upwards as Gomora emerged from the dirt, the horned kaiju letting out a loud roar. Bellowing back in response, Jojo kicked aside Gigan's corpse and promptly fired his energy beam, nailing Gomora squarely in the chest and sending him flying back a few kilometers. Howling in pain as he landed hard on his back, a large black hole of burnt flesh on his chest, Gomora was quick to get back to his feet and retaliate with his Oscillatory Wave.

Raising up his arms in front of his face, Jojo tanked the incoming energy beam, wave after wave of crimson power slamming into his arms. Digging his talons into the ground, Jojo was slowly pushed back by the force of the beam, but held strong by sheer determination. Dispelling the beam with a swing of his arms, revealing no damage having been done, Jojo roared out with courage as he ran for his horned foe. Roaring back in defiance, Gomora charged as well.

As soon as both kaiju closed the distance, Gomora swung his right fist forward, only for Jojo to catch the fist with his left hand. Without missing a beat, Jojo swung his other fist upwards, punching Gomora's elbow and snapping his arm with ease. Howling in pain, Gomora was helpless as Jojo swiftly punched him hard across the face, breaking his nose horn off, before punching away at his body at rapid speed, breaking Gomora's lower jaw and snapping several ribs with ease. After breaking off Gomora's right horn with another well-placed punch, Jojo reached forward, grabbing Gomora by his waist. Before Gomora could do anything, Jojo lifted the kaiju off the ground and slammed him headfirst into the soil, immediately crushing his skull into his ribcage and killing him instantly.

No sooner did he do this, though, than Monster X came floating down several hundred meters away to Jojo's left, Desghidorah landing down beside him. Standing to his full height, Jojo roared out with hatred at the evil beings that dare arrive here. His anger simply grew greater as Desghidorah started feeding off the surrounding plant life, making everything around him wither and die. Determination now fueling his power, Jojo fired an enhanced energy beam with no warning, the beam striking the ground right between X and Desghidorah. The resulting explosion sent both villains flying hundreds of meters away in opposite directions, Jojo gliding through the air and gunning for Desghidorah all the while.

As soon as Desghidorah hit the ground on his back, Jojo fired another energy beam, blowing off his opponent's left wing. Howling in response to the pain, Desghidorah could do nothing as Jojo kicked him hard in the ribs, sending the dragon flying another couple hundred meters. Slowly rising to his feet, Desghidorah opened fire with his Lava Gouts, only for Jojo to tank the assault with no damage as he charged forth. The amphibian fired an Acid Glob from his mouth, the acid engulfing Desghidorah's left head, rapidly melting it away to a bloody stump. Desperate, Desghidorah opened fire with Hell's Flame, but this failed to halt Jojo's assault as the amphibian fiercely uppercut Desghidorah's middle head in the jaw, breaking his neck with the amount of force he put into the blow.

The last head howled in terror as Jojo grabbed his neck tightly, before the amphibian hurled the dragon high into the air. Parting his jaws, Jojo fired an energy beam from his maw, the purple energy striking Desghidorah's midsection. Due to his determination fueling his power more and more by this point, Desghidorah was instantly blown asunder, chunks of burning flesh plummetting to the ground below.

Monster X came charging towards Jojo at that moment, the alien leaping into the air. Narrowing his eyes, Jojo flung his right fist forward, nailing X in the abdomen and piercing his flesh, instantly halting X in his tracks. Tossing away Monster X, Jojo watched on hatefully as X pushed himself up. Swinging his arms outwards, X fired off his Gravity Bolts, only for the bolts to do nothing as Jojo's enraged glare remained unchanged.

Terrified, X tried to retreat, only for Jojo's energy beam to tear through his legs, instantly crippling the alien as he fell over, trying to crawl away. Kicking X onto his back, Jojo unleashed his Acid Mist, the spray of acid quickly engulfing X's body and dissolving his body. The alien's howls of agony quickly faded as the kaiju was quickly reduced to a puddle of melted black flesh and bone.

Unfortunately for Jojo, his work wasn't done yet as Spacegodzilla landed down 300 meters away from Jojo, the Godzilla clone already erecting a crystal fortress. Bellowing with unrestrained hatred at this kaiju destroying the environment, Jojo charged for his larger foe. Unimpressed, Spacegodzilla opened fire with his Corona beams, the twisting bolts of plasma energy lancing into Jojo's body and exploding. By this point, however, Jojo's determination was rising so much that now he simply tanked each attack with next to no effect, his regeneration healing the little damage done. Retaliating with his energy beam, Jojo opened fire with his primary ranged attack, the purple beams striking the ground all around Spacegodzilla and sending up a huge explosion of dirt.

Blinded by the dirt and grass flying into his face, Spacegodzilla backed away, wildly firing his Corona beam, only to strike nothing. As the dirt fell down, Spacegodzilla looked around...

Just to see one of his own crystals flying at him.

The crystal sank straight into Spacegodzilla's abdomen, the tip poking out the back as Spacegodzilla keeled over with a howl of pain. Rushing forward, Jojo socked Spacegodzilla hard in the face with a left hook, breaking his lower jaw and shattering his crown. Gripping the base of the crystal embedded in Spacegodzilla's flesh with one hand, Jojo grabbed his foe's right shoulder crystal with the other hand and lifted his larger foe up. Spacegodzilla could only roar out in shock as Jojo swung him through the air, smashing him headfirst into the ground. The sheer force was more than enough to crush Spacegodzilla like a tin can, blood spraying out from the torn flesh as Jojo stepped away to view his work.

As Jojo got to work at destroying Spacegodzilla's crystals, another large presence made itself known with a loud roar. Turning to his right, Jojo watched as Heisei Godzilla arrived at the scene, the kaiju letting out another roar. Determination granting him strength, Jojo roared back and charged forward. His dorsal spines flashing blue, Godzilla opened fire with his Atomic Ray, spamming his ranged attack as Jojo leaped and rolled over and around each incoming projectile. Jojo was quick to retaliate, firing away with his energy beam and blasting off chunks of flesh from Godzilla's body. Godzilla roared out in pain as his regeneration struggled to heal the growing damage, especially as one of Jojo's beams entered his mouth and blew out the back of his throat.

Reaching his larger foe, Jojo opened fire with his Acid Mist as he ran around Godzilla. The King of the Monsters howled with pain as the mist melted away his flesh, revealing melting bones beneath as the kaiju tried to escape his faster foe. Getting behind Godzilla and wrapping his arms around his waist, Jojo sprang into the air, falling backwards as he slammed Godzilla's upper body into the ground with a fierce German Suplex. The force of the impact was enough to snap Godzilla's spine in two, paralyzing him from the waist down. Without wasting time, Jojo grabbed Godzilla by his head and promptly snapped the kaiju king's neck, killing him instantly.

A bellowing roar from behind Jojo was heard at that moment, the amphibian glancing over his shoulder to see GMK Godzilla standing 300 meters away from him. Godzilla let out another roar, before his dorsal spines began to glow, his Atomic Ray charging up-

Tired of this, Jojo fired an energy beam into Godzilla's open mouth, striking the energy building up in his throat and causing him to explode.

Cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders, Jojo walked away as the rain kept on pouring, satisfied with once again saving his homeland from marauding foes.

Winner: Jojo
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 174: Discord vs Sans

"Ah, what a beautiful day! Birds are blooming, flowers are chirping! The rain is coming up quite nicely!" Discord stated these words quite cheerfully, and indeed, thanks to the Spirit of Chaos' logic screwing, what he was saying was true. Birds were flying upside down with flower petals surrounding their heads, and the flowers were chirping like crazy. And the ground was pouring our droplets of rain made out of grass, the rain rising up into the sky like balloons.

This was but a mere fraction of what Discord had done to Equestria. All over the land chaos reigned, and the lives of many ponies were, as a result, not very well lived. Celestia and Luna tried facing Discord in combat, but the draconequus' power was too much, and so he forced the sisters to retreat and plan out their next attempt. Meanwhile, Discord was free to do whatever he wanted, and right now he materialized a glass out of thin air, holding the glass above the rain. The glass started getting filled with water from the top downwards, despite the rain hitting the glass from the bottom, and the rain itself being made of grass.

"Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing!" Discord said to no one in particular, before he sipped from the water. And by that, yes, he drank the glass itself, leaving behind the water, which he tossed away over his shoulder, the water exploding into a spray of lemon juice and burning down a nearby floating house.

"Yeah, I guess it is a nice day out."

His ears twitching at the voice, Discord looked to his right to see a skeleton wearing a blue jacket, black pants, and pink slippers staring at him with a toothy grin.


"Hi," Discord just responded, distinctly remembering having not created any talking skeletons before now.

"So you're Discord, right?" The skeleton simply asked.

"The one and only," The draconequus in question simply responded with a smile.

"That's hilarious," The skeleton simply said. "I'm Sans. Sans the skeleton."

"Well, Sans," Discord said. "I'm glad you agree that this is a beautiful day today! Nothing like a little chaos to brighten things up!"

"So," Sans said. "You've been busy, huh?"

"Why yes indeed I have been." Discord turned around to face Sans at this point.

"So, I've got a question for ya. Do you think even the worst person can change...? That everybody can be a good person, if they just try?"

Narrowing his eyes, Discord took a step towards Sans. "And why must it matter if they change? What if they wish to be who they are and do whatever their heart desires?"

Still smiling, Sans just let out a chuckle as he closed his eyes.

"All right. Well, here's a better question."

Sans' eyes suddenly opened up, only now his eyes were completely black.

"Do you wanna have a bad time?"

The smile faded from Discord's face, the draconequus blinking in surprise.

"Cause if you decide to keep creating all this chaos, you are REALLY not gonna like what happens next?"

His eyes narrowing, Discord hovered above the ground as he faced Sans. "Tell me, Sans. Do you even know who you're speaking to? Do you even have any comprehension of what the consequences might be for talking like that to someone like your's truly? Because I can show you a bad time if you truly think you can succeed where Celestia and Luna failed."

"Welp," Sans just said as he shrugged. "So much for talking this out. Guess you wanna do things the hard way, huh?"

Smirking evilly, Discord faced Sans as both were ready to give their opponent one bad time.

Faster than Discord could predict, Sans shot his left hand forward, snaring Discord with his telekinesis. Hurling the draconequus into the ground, Sans summoned a wave of bones at his chimeric foe, only for Discord to teleport out of the way. Just as the Spirit of Chaos reappeared in the air, numerous Gaster Blaster suddenly appeared, the draconic skulls firing away with energy beams. Acting fast, Discord formed a shield around his body, blocking off the incoming beams.

"Huh," Sans just said after the Gaster Blasters dissipated. "Always wondered why nobody uses their strongest attack first."

Frowning, Discord snapped his fingers, summoning an anvil above Sans set to crush him, only for the skeleton to step to the side to dodge the anvil as it instead smashed into the ground.

"What? You thought I was just gonna stand there and take it?"

"Well frankly, that would've made this a lot less fun," Discord just said, before the Spirit of Chaos tossed some seeds to the ground. A moment later, numerous plundervines erupted from the ground, the vines reaching out to grab Sans. The skeleton, however, jumped backwards, easily avoiding the plundervines, before he sent a wave of bones forward, the bones slicing the vines to pieces and continuing towards Discord. The draconequus, however, simply flew upwards to avoid the attack.

"Really, if you're gonna throw bones at me, you might as well be more creative in doing so. How about throwing a whole skeleton?" As Discord said this, he suddenly pulled a pony skeleton out of midair and tossed it at Sans, only for the skeleton to jump out of the way.

"Or better yet, a dragon skeleton?" Indeed, Discord suddenly hurled an entire dragon skeleton at his opponent, the skeleton roaring and spewing out fire somehow. Acting fast, Sans caught the dragon in his telekinesis and hurled it back at Discord, the chimera simply teleporting into the air as the skeleton smashed apart on the ground.

"Guess you're not a fan of taking your own medicine." Discord suddenly found himself being caught by Sans' telekinetic grip, before the skeleton swung his arm to the left, sending Discord crashing into a floating house.

"Y'know, if ya spent less time talking and more time fighting, you'd actually be more of a challenge," Sans simply commented as he sent more bones towards Discord's location. The chimera simply teleported away, though, letting the bones smash apart the floating house.

"Fine then," Discord just said as he landed down in front of Sans. "If it's a fight you want, then attack me to your heart's content. Shall I place a target upon myself to make it easier for you?" Narrowing his eyes, Sans summoned several Gaster Blasters that immediately opened fired upon Discord, only for the chimera's body to suddenly split vertically in half. The two halves fell to the ground, letting the beams pass overhead, before Discord zipped himself back together, his smirk having never left his face.

Not amused, Sans sent a wave of bones after his chimeric foe, many tearing through the ground and others were sent flying through the air like spears. Discord simply reached out, grabbed a bone out of the air as easily as one might pluck a leaf off a branch, then swung the bone like a baseball bat, smashing apart the incoming bones to dust.

Still smirking, Discord leaned on the bone like a golf club, watching Sans and waiting for his next move as if to say "Was that all?"

Starting to get frustrated with his foe, Sans grabbed Discord with his telekinesis and started slamming him around the battlefield, promptly wiping the smirk off his foe's face. Discord found himself being flung into houses, cotton candy clouds, bison doing a ballet while wearing tutus, and finally a floating chunk of the land that was coated in lime-flavored grass.

"I guess you can say you kicked my grass," Discord joked as he stood back up, taking a bite out of the grass.

Somewhere, somehow, Papyrus was screaming in rage at that pun.

His smile still spread across his face, Sans fired off numerous bones towards Discord, Gaster Blasters materializing and firing energy beams alongside the bones. Flying into the air, Discord whipped out an umbrella and casually blocked each and every bone like they were rain droplets. As for the Gaster Blasters, Discord hurled a large cork into the mouth of each and every Gaster Blaster attempting to open fire on him, before the corks exploded, blowing up the draconic cannons.

Deciding to take his foe to the ground, Sans proceeded to use his Blue Mode upon Discord, turning the draconequus blue and catching him by surprise by causing him to fall to the ground, no longer able to fly. As soon as Discord landed on his back, several bones rushed through the ground to meet him, smacking him around for a brief moment.

"Hehehe," Sans chuckled as he walked towards Discord. "Can't fly as long as you're blue."

To Sans' surprise, however, Discord started sneezing like crazy, blowing his nose with a tissue and letting it fly away as he sat upon a red couch. "Look at what you've done to me!" Discord said, his voice sounding hoarse as though he were genuinely sick. Suddenly, Discord reared his head back, before letting out a rather strong sneeze, spraying out blue fire that caught Sans by surprise and sent him flying onto his back, his bones smoking and his clothes on fire in some spots.

"You've given me the Blue Flu!" Discord said, standing up from the ashes that used to be a couch and pointing an accusing claw at Sans.

"...Blue Flu?" Sans just asked in undestandable confusion.

"Why yes," Discord said, leaning in close to Sans. "This condition of mine is very- ah, ah, AH-CHOO!!!" Letting out another strong sneeze, though no flames were present this time, Discord sent Sans tumbling away a few feet.


Right after Discord finished his sentence, Sans found himself turning a distinct shade of blue, before the skeleton let out his own sneeze, falling flat on his back.

"Oh no!" Discord said as though he was genuinely worried about Sans' condition. "Now you've got the Blue Flu!" Suddenly cracking a smile as he started snickering, Discord quickly went into full-blown laughter as his color returned to normal, the draconequus hovering in the air. All the while, Sans started sneezing uncontrollably, the now blue skeleton unable to attack.

"This is just priceless!" Discord said, pulling out a camera as he started recording Sans' sneezing fit. "I've got to do this more often!"

"You-AH-CHOO-you're gonna pay-AH-CHOO-for this!" Sans said with great effort, the skeleton trying to rise as he kept up his sneezing.

"Oh I doubt that," Discord calmly said, stretching out his lion arm and flexing his fingers, protracting his claws and scratching the very air itself. With a sound akin to paper being ripped in half, Discord clawed open a portal to another dimension, Sans watching on in shock. Before the skeleton could do something other than sneeze, the skeleton found himself being lifted up by Discord's telekinesis.

"Well, Sans, it's been fun," Discord said cheerfully with a smile. "But I've got chaos to do. So ta-ta!" And with that, Discord tossed Sans into the portal, the skeleton watching on as Discord laughed in victory before the portal closed up.

Landing upon the green couch, Sans found himself back in his home just as Papyrus came into the house.

"Sans?!" Papyrus said with worry upon seeing the state his brother was in. "What has happened to you?!"

"It's a long story, bro," Sans just said before letting out yet another sneeze. "A long story..."

Winner: Discord
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

There's a 'God' in Godzilla for a reason...
gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 175: Mr. Krabs vs Lagiacrus

Scuttling across the sandy beach, Mr. Krabs was spending the morning searching for any money that might have been left at the beach, despite the fact that the beach in question was not one that tourists would go to. This was for two reasons: one, because the crustacean was currently on an uninhabited island, and the second reason was about to show its ugly face.

Bursting from the nearby waves, Lagiacrus let out a loud roar as he glared at Mr. Krabs. The crab in question reared back in shock at the arrival of the sea monster. Climbing onto shore, Lagiacrus fully intended on eating the crustacean before him as he let out another roar.

Narrowing his eyes, Mr. Krabs put up his dukes as he stood his ground. “So, ya wanna taste of me, eh?” Eugene said defiantly. “Well, yer gonna learn the hard way that these claws ain’t just for attracting mates!”

*cue battle theme*

Unimpressed, Lagiacrus lunged at Mr. Krabs with his jaws wide open, only for the crab to jump to the beast’s left, dodging the attack. Lifting his head, Lagiacrus swiped at his smaller foe with his claws, but Mr. Krabs jumped into the air, dodging the attack. Rearing back his left arm, Mr. Krabs sent his fist flying forward, socking Lagiacrus in the cheek and knocking his head back. Surprised by the strength of the blow, Lagiacrus managed to swing his tail up, swatting Mr. Krabs out of the air and sending him tumbling away.

Parting his jaws, Lagiacrus fired a ball of electricity, only for Eugene Krabs to roll out of the way. Moving his legs rapidly, Mr. Krabs started kicking a hailstorm of small rocks at his serpentine foe. Growling in annoyance, Lagiacrus closed his eyes and brought up an arm to defend himself. Seeing his opportunity, Mr. Krabs let out a “Heave-ho!” as he gunned for his reptilian foe. Before Lagiacrus could react, Mr. Krabs rammed him hard in the gut with his left shoulder, knocking the wind right out of the monster and knocking him down onto his back.

Jumping upwards, Mr. Krabs landed on Lagiacrus and started punching away at his unarmored belly, each blow bringing out a roar of pain and shock and leaving large purple bruises. Angered, Lagiacrus reached for Mr. Krabs, biting onto him with his jaws. Screaming in shock, the crab in question flailed his arms and legs around, but Lagiacrus chewed on him like a chew toy, shaking him around as well. After a moment of this, the sea monster then tossed Mr. Krabs away, sending Eugene bouncing across the rocky shore before sliding to a stop.

Shaking his head as he stood up, Mr. Krabs looked up to see Lagiacrus charging at him, the leviathan eager to have him for dinner. Narrowing his eyes, Krabs charged forward, clenching his claws as he ran. Rearing upwards, Lagiacrus aimed to bring his full weight crashing down on Mr. Krabs. The crab wouldn’t have any of it, though, as he countered this attempt by launching himself upwards whilst sticking his arms upwards. Spinning like a top, Eugene plowed into Lagiacrus’ underbelly, once more knocking the wind right out of his lungs and launching him backwards across the shore.

Crashing down upon his back, Lagiacrus felt several of his dermal spikes break as he struggled to get back up. How? How was this mere crab faring so well against him?? Mr. Krabs wasn’t going to give him any chance to think about this, however, for the crab was charging straight at him. Flipping himself onto his feet, Lagiacrus spun around and parted his jaws, launching an electric ball at his crustacean foe. Unable to dodge in time, Krabs was hit full force by the electrical projectile, flying backwards and landing hard on his back as his chest smoked.

Seeing his chance for payback, Lagiacrus slammed his left paw upon Mr. Krabs, crushing him into the ground. Narrowing his eyes, Lagiacrus proceeded to repeatedly slam his paw down on Mr. Krabs again and again, each blow crushing him deeper and deeper into the ground. Clenching his teeth, Mr. Krabs decided that enough was enough. As Lagiacrus’ paw swung downwards once more, Mr. Krabs suddenly jumped upwards. The crab was spinning like a drill as his pointed nose was aimed straight for his opponent’s palm.

Stabbing his nose into Lagiacrus’ palm, Mr. Krabs began spinning faster, blood spraying outwards as his nose shredded the flesh with surprising ease. Yowling in pain, Lagiacrus swung his arm wildly, flinging away Mr. Krabs into the nearby water. Wincing as he tried to put weight onto his injured hand, the leviathan decided to favor his remaining three limbs as he looked for his smaller foe. Armor Abs Krabs would give him a surprise, though, as the crustacean leaped majestically out of the water, catching Lagiacrus off-guard.

Holding out both fists in front of him, Mr. Krabs punched Lagiacrus hard in the face, knocking the sea monster down on his right side. Landing down beside his bigger foe, Eugene grabbed onto the monster’s tail and yanked hard. The Krab successfully managed to lift Lagiacrus and swing him upwards through the air, before he yanked downwards and slammed his opponent down hard upon the rocky beach. Hopping into the air and doing an impressive flip, Mr. Krabs stomped down on Lagiacrus’ head with both feet, before he jumped off.

Enraged at his humiliation, Lagiacrus stood up as quickly as he could, before he let out the loudest roar he ever managed. Firing an electric ball, Lagiacrus scored a direct hit on Mr. Krabs’ chest and sent him flying away. Charging after his fallen foe, Lagiacrus scooped him up in his jaws, before he began thrashing him about, chewing on him with all his hatred, wanting to crush him and eat him.

Unfortunately for Lagiacrus, though, he underestimated his opponent’s toughness.

As Lagiacrus bit down once more on Mr. Krabs, one of his teeth broke off as a result of biting too hard on Mr. Krabs’ armor abs. Yelping in pain and surprise, Lagiacrus released his toothy grip on his would-be dinner. Landing on his feet, Mr. Krabs took full advantage of this moment as he glared furiously at his bigger foe. Scuttling intensely, Mr. Krabs charged fullforce at Lagiacrus with all piss and vinegar. Desperate, Lagiacrus swung at Mr. Krabs with his right paw, only for the crustacean to roll under the incoming limb.

Springing upwards, Mr. Krabs swung his left arm up and uppercut Lagiacrus hard in the jaw, throwing his head back and causing him to fall onto his back. Flying downwards rear first, Eugene landed down hard upon his opponent’s underside, breaking his ribcage and making him spit out blood.

Marching up to his opponent’s face, Mr. Krabs gave a glare that could kill 100 elephants if looks could kill, Lagiacrus trembling in genuine terror. “So, ya tried to take a bite outta me, eh?” Mr. Krabs said coldly. “Well, now ya see why nobody ever manages to get a taste of ol’ Mr. Krabs.” Punching away at Lagiacrus’ face, Mr. Krabs knocked out several teeth and gave the sea monster a black eye. Hopping off his opponent, Eugene scuttled over to his opponent’s tail and grabbed onto it. Swinging Lagiacrus around faster and faster, Mr. Krabs tossed his opponent high into the sky, Lagiacrus howling in terror as he cried. Springing upwards, Mr. Krabs spun like a top as he collided with his foe, striking him again and again at a fast rate as he forced him higher into the air. Finally, Mr. Krabs suddenly jumped up and slammed his claws down on Lagiacrus, sending him crashing down upon the shore and creating a small mushroom cloud.

Groaning in agony as he lay on his side, Lagiacrus was helpless as Mr. Krabs scuttled over to him. “Alright, boy,” Mr. Krabs said as he approached his fallen foe. “Y’know what I’m gonna do now?” Lagiacrus’ eyes grew wide in horror at what Mr. Krabs said next:

“I’ll have yer rear end cut off and mounted over me fireplace!!!”

A few hours later…

Mr. Krabs calmly took a sip from his tea cup as he read his book. Beside him, Lagiacrus’ tail was stiffened out, the limb mounted over the fireplace as a roaring fire blazed inside. Just another relaxing evening for good ol’ Mr. Krabs.

Winner: Mr. Krabs
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 176: Scar vs Sharptooth

"Sire! Sire!"

The frantic voice of Zazu was heard as the hornbill flew through the air. The bird was in a panic, and for very good reason.

Flapping his wings quickly and frantically, Zazu reached his destination: The cavern of Pride Rock. Flying inside, Zazu landed on the ground, amidst numerous dry bones of animals long killed and eaten.

"Sire," Zazu said fearfully. "It's an emergency! A monster's been attacking the Pride Lands!"

Ahead of Zazu, laying on a flat stretch of stone shrouded in shadows, the king of the Pride Lands stood up from where he had been resting. Walking into the light, the ruler showed his scarred face as he looked at Zazu.

“What kind of monster?”


His taloned feet smashed apart the very ground he stood upon. A bellowing roar escaped his throat. Many animals fled as he rampaged across the land.

Sharptooth was going on a rampage. The monster of a dinosaur had been moving across the African lands in search of things to kill, massacring many animals in his path. The beast had reached the Pride Lands by this point, and was terrorizing its denizens. The relatively few animals that still dwelled in the barren land that used to be full of life were either fleeing this part of Africa or devoured by the great saurian.

Standing atop Pride Rock, Scar and Zazu watched on in speechless shock as Sharptooth continued his berserk rampage. Scar had previously thought Zazu to be over exaggerating, but seeing the beast before him...It was like nothing he had ever seen before.
“Get the lionesses to a safe location away from here,” Scar said to Zazu, the lion never taking his eyes away from Sharptooth.

“Sir?” The hornbill questioned.

“That’s an order!” Scar just said, looking down at the bird. Not needing to be asked twice, Zazu took off, whilst Scar headed down Pride Rock.

Chasing a small herd of zebra, Sharptooth let out a mighty bellow as he aimed to devour the lot, only for a roar to be heard towards his right. Pausing in surprise, Sharptooth glanced over his shoulder to see Scar standing a couple of meters away. The lion’s eyes were narrowed as he stood defiantly before the theropod.

It was a challenge.

Sharptooth’s one operating eye narrowed as he fully turned around to face Scar. In the past, many animals feared Sharptooth’s presence and fled when they could. Few were brave, or foolish, enough to challenge him. Fewer still lived to tell the tale. So why did this lion, this small mammal, stand before him unafraid? Did he wish to die?

Baring his teeth in a snarl, Sharptooth would be glad to grant his wish.

*cue battle theme*

A loud roar escaping his throat, Sharptooth lunged towards his feline foe, jaws parted to close down upon him. Scar proved faster than the tyrannosaur predicted, though, for he jumped out of the way, moving more towards the beast’s right. Before the larger predator could try to counterattack, Scar pounced atop the reptile’s neck, biting down upon his scaly flesh whilst gripping on with his claws. Angered, Sharptooth swung his head around in an attempt to throw off his smaller opponent, only for Scar to remain attached to his neck.

Seeing the futility in his previous attempt, Sharptooth brought his head down upon the ground, in an attempt to crush Scar between himself and the barren ground beneath. Releasing his toothy grip as he pushed against his larger foe’s head, Scar gave the theropod a couple of kicks to the jaw, making the beast pull his head away. Given breathing room, Scar rolled back onto his paws and once more jumped onto his opponent’s neck. This time, though, the lion climbed atop Sharptooth’s head, biting down atop his cranium while clawing at his scaly hide.
Rage making him roar out, Sharptooth once more swung his head wildly in all directions, this time with greater ferocity. Now, the theropod’s efforts were successful in dislodging Scar, though the cat did managed to bite down on Sharptooth’s snout as he fell, leaving behind several bloody trenches in his flesh. As soon as Scar landed on his feet, Sharptooth lunged at him, jaws open wide to crush his body. Once more, however, Scar dodged the incoming attack, the lion leaping to Sharptooth’s left and lashing out with his claws. The cat’s claws slashed open the flesh on the theropod’s left leg, the gashes bleeding as Sharptooth bellowed out in rage.

Swinging his left leg forward, Sharptooth kicked Scar hard, sending the lion flying across the land. Hitting the ground hard, Scar tumbled forward briefly before digging his claws into the ground, bringing himself to a halt. Up ahead, Sharptooth was already charging, the tyrannosaur aiming to bite his smaller foe in half. Baring his teeth in a snarl, Scar lunged upwards as Sharptooth came down at him with open jaws. Swinging with his right arm, Scar struck his bigger opponent across the face, making the beast recoil as a series of bloody gashes stretched across the left side of his muzzle.

Surprised by the strength of the blow, Sharptooth tried stepping on Scar, only for the lion to run underneath the tyrannosaur. Angered, Sharptooth looked down, trying to locate his opponent, only to find nothing but his own two feet. Suddenly feeling something latch onto his tail, the theropod turned his head to see Scar having jumped onto the tip of his tail. Growling with anger, Sharptooth snapped at Scar with his jaws, only for the lion to leap away at the last second. Sharptooth instead bit down on his own tail, puncturing his flesh and making blood ooze out. The tyrannosaur yelped in pain as he released his tail, blood trickling down the muscular limb, while Scar gave a smirk as he watched on.

“Seems you’re nothing more than a mere brute.” Scar commented as he smiled wickedly at his opponent’s pain.

His blood boiling with unrelenting rage, Sharptooth bellowed out in anger as he charged at his smaller opponent. Baring his teeth in a snarl, Scar charged as well, both predators quickly reaching one another in a few seconds.

At the last second, though, Scar jumped to Sharptooth’s left, swinging with his claws and scoring a series of long gashes across the beast’s side, blood flowing from the wounds. Landing as Sharptooth vocally reacted to the pain, Scar spun around and jumped at his reptilian opponent’s legs, clawing and slashing away at them. Blood flowed from an increasingly large number of cuts spread across the lower part of Sharptooth’s legs, this enraging the dinosaur even more. There was no way this little pest should be able to provide such a challenge for him.

Swinging with his tail, Sharptooth swatted Scar hard and sent him bouncing across the land. Bunching up his leg muscles, the tyrannosaur leaped into the air, soaring upwards as he bellowed out his fury. Getting back up, Scar looked up in surprise to see Sharptooth plummeting down towards him. The lion jumped back at the last second, causing Sharptooth to instead land feet first upon the ground. The surrounding land erupted upwards as a result of the impact, chunks of dirt flying everywhere.

Snarling, Sharptooth charged towards Scar, baring his teeth as he was ready to bite his opponent’s head off. Narrowing his eyes, Scar decided to break out the big guns for this fight as he stood his ground.

Bearing down upon Scar, Sharptooth was about to bite down on the lion, only for the cat to suddenly spin around, creating a small wave of fire that engulfed his face and mouth. Recoiling in surprise and pain as the flames burned the inside of his mouth, Sharptooth stepped away as Scar was now surrounded by trails of flame flying around him.

“This time you’ll burn!” Scar snarled as he jumped at Sharptooth’s right leg, slashing at the muscular limb with his claws as fire erupted upon the scaly flesh. The flames burned the gashes that Scar’s claws made, bringing out a roar of pain from Sharptooth as he attempted to stomp on his smaller opponent. Jumping away, Scar left behind a patch of burning flames that made Sharptooth lift his leg up to avoid the heat. Turning to face his opponent, Sharptooth was trying to comprehend how his opponent could do such a thing. Just what kind of creature was he fighting?

Bellowing in rage, Sharptooth snapped at Scar with his jaws, only for the lion to just leap away, letting Sharptooth bite down on nothing but dirt and fire. This repeated itself for a moment; every time Sharptooth tried to grab Scar with his jaws, the smaller combatant would just jump away, leaving behind a patch of fire to the theropod to burn himself with. Enraged, Sharptooth suddenly jumped into the air, coming down several feet in front of Scar and causing the ground around him to be sent flying upwards. Scar himself was knocked backwards by the force created by Sharptooth’s landing, the lion landing several tens of meters away on his side.

Seeing his opportunity, Sharptooth once more charged towards his smaller opponent, roaring loudly all the while. Quickly getting back on his paws, Scar looked up to see his larger foe closing in on him. Growling angrily, Scar conjured up more flames around his body, before he leaped through the air towards Sharptooth. Slashing with his claws, Scar tore open the flesh on Sharptooth’s chest as he fell downwards, his flames burning the tyrannosaur’s scaly skin. Recoiling in pain from the attack, Sharptooth was briefly left vulnerable as Scar followed up with another attack, but this time he didn’t use fire. Sparking across his body, lightning repeatedly struck Sharptooth’s legs, leaving behind patches of scorch marks that served to enrage the dinosaur.

Kicking Scar with enough strength to send him flying across the land, Sharptooth raced after his smaller opponent, wanting nothing more than to tear him apart. Scar attempted to get back up, only for Sharptooth to finally get his jaws around him as the theropod reached him. Shaking his head wildly, Sharptooth bit down with all his strength, satisfied to hear his opponent shout in pain and blood begin to fill his mouth. Spinning around, the dinosaur hurled the lion across the land, the mammal bouncing across the ground and occasionally striking dead trees. Roaring triumphantly, Sharptooth chased after his fallen foe, ready to end this battle.

His head spinning, Scar slowly pushed himself back up from the ground. Looking down, the lion king watched as blood began to drip down to the barren ground. His blood.

This was unacceptable.

Looking ahead, Scar’s eyes narrowed in anger as Sharptooth charged towards him. Baring his teeth in a snarl, Scar was more than happy to break out the big guns.

*cue new battle theme*

“My anger has grown for far too long!” Scar roared, his body lifting off the ground and shaking violently. As Sharptooth closed in on him, the lion was suddenly engulfed in an aura of dark energy. Coming to a halt, Sharptooth watched on in shock at the spectacle before him. The tyrannosaur would regret remaining stationary, for Scar suddenly came charging forward, numerous orbs of darkness trailing him as he blitzed Sharptooth. The cat slammed fullforce into his chest, knocking the predator clear off his feet. A loud crack filled the air as several of Sharptooth’s ribs broke from the sheer force of the attack. The scaly hide on his chest was also torn open, exposing the dark red flesh beneath.

Landing down hard upon his back, Sharptooth rolled over, trying to get back up to his feet. Scar, however, knocked him back down as he once more charged at him with his darkness attack, ramming him hard in his left side. Turning, Scar charged towards Sharptooth once again as the dinosaur still tried getting up. Ramming into his right leg, Scar brought out a crack as the beast’s ankle was fractured. As Sharptooth began to fall, Scar turned and yet again attacked, slamming into the left side of his opponent’s face and sending the beast tumbling away, knocking out several teeth and sending blood flying in the process.

“Bow to me!” Scar roared, the darkness around him dissipating as lightning replaced it. Lunging at Sharptooth as the dinosaur began to stand, Scar slashed and clawed away at his face, blood flying as his claws left behind many cuts and gashes across Sharptooth’s face. The lightning bolts also repeatedly struck the beast’s head, scorching his scales and burning his wounds.

Rage boiling his blood, Sharptooth pushed himself up as he bellowed out in fury. Swinging with his tail, Sharptooth struck Scar hard as the lion attempted to jump out of the way, sending the mammal tumbling over the land. Charging forth, Sharptooth leaped through the air, roaring to the heavens to release his fury in this battle. The tyrannosaur landed down upon Scar, pinning him beneath his left taloned foot. Snarling hatefully, Sharptooth began applying more and more pressure, aiming to crush Scar like a bug.

Pushing against his larger opponent’s foot, Scar clenched his teeth as he glared up at Sharptooth. Anger made him dig his claws into the beast’s scaly hide and helped him gather strength as he fought against Sharptooth’s weight. Pushing hard, Scar began to shove Sharptooth’s foot away, beginning to gain ground. Shocked by this, Sharptooth tried putting more weight down on his foot, but it was too late. Pushing away Sharptooth’s foot, Scar jumped up, running up the dinosaur’s leg as he charged towards his foe’s head.

Before Sharptooth could react, Scar leaped towards the left side of his face, the lion roaring as he spread out his arms and bore his claws. Latching onto the tyrannosaur’s face, Scar bit down on his one usable eye, puncturing the fragile flesh with ease and yanking back, tearing away a good sized chunk of eyeball.

The agony Sharptooth felt at that moment was all too familiar as his eyesight was now forever stolen from him. Howling as he swung his head wildly, the dinosaur was caught by the clawed grip of pain, unable to focus and use his sense of smell or hearing. By this point, Scar landed down on the ground, watching as Sharptooth continued to flail about madly.

Time to end this.

Engulfed by darkness once more, Scar rocketed forward, followed closely by several orbs of dark energy. Hearing his opponent coming, Sharptooth turned around, somehow perfectly facing his incoming foe despite his blindness.

He wouldn’t have been able to dodge what came next, even if he saw it coming.

Scar slammed fullforce into Sharptooth’s wounded chest, but didn’t stop there. Clawing madly as he continued to run in midair, the lion tore his way through the damaged flesh, past the cracked ribs, and finally piercing the beast’s nearly black heart. The Heartless kept going, tearing through Sharptooth’s spine as he finally reemerged into the air, having accomplished all of this in an instant.

A brief pause. Scar remained suspended in the air as Sharptooth was frozen in shock.

Then came the geyser of blood spraying out from both holes. Sharptooth was in utter shock as this turn of events. A small worthless-looking mammal killed the likes of him? Inconceivable!

Rearing his head back, Sharptooth let out one last long roar of pain and disbelief, his soul exiting with that cry as his body became cold with the chill of death. Then, the body that was once a great predator slowly fell back, collapsing down upon his back as the remainder of his life’s essence pooled beneath him, soaking the barren lifeless ground he had stood upon.

Landing on the ground as the darkness dissipated again, Scar turned and approached Sharptooth’s corpse. Climbing atop the dinosaur’s body, the Lion King reared his head back and roared out to the heavens, letting all who remained in the Pride Lands know of his victory.

For the hyenas, it was a feast that would last for weeks.

Winner: Scar
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Match 177: Gwangi vs Dinocroc

His muscles sore from lactic acid, the man ran as fast as he possibly could through the woods. It was a late evening, and the human had decided a late night jog through the local woods would do him some good.

Instead, it brought him terror.

Tearing down trees as he ran, Dinocroc let out a guttural bellow as he pursued his soon-to-be-prey. The man responded by continuing to run, gasping for air as he weaved around each and every incoming tree.

Soon, the man burst free from the forest, finding himself in a large clearing of grass. Ahead lay a large lake that reflected the full moon shining brightly.

Normally the man would be taking in the beauty before him, but in his current predicament he thought nothing of it. Sprinting across the grass, the human’s efforts at escaping his reptilian pursuer proved futile as Dinocroc swatted at him with his right arm.

Shouting in pain as he tumbled across the ground, the man clutched at his bleeding side, three gashes spread across his flesh. Approaching his fallen victim, Dinocroc let out a low hiss as he loomed over this poor man. Closing his eyes as the monster parted his jaws, the human braced himself for imminent death…

Only for another beast’s roar to penetrate his thoughts.

Opening his eyes, the man saw Dinocroc look up in surprise, before he too looked towards the source of the noise.

Gwangi snarled in irritation as he strode onto the scene. He had been just trying to enjoy his evening, the retrosaur in a foul mood, and then this motherskreeonker decided it was perfectly okay to run right into his territory. Gwangi would teach him a lesson in respect.

Seeing the opportunity presented, the man quickly pushed himself up and ran away into the woods as quickly as his wounds would allow him. Watching the man flee, Dinocroc snarled in frustration, before looking back towards Gwangi. No matter. This dinosaur will provide a much more filling feast.

Letting out a mighty bellow, Dinocroc lowered his head as he charged forward. Rather than charging as well, Gwangi stood his ground and braced himself, roaring in response.

*battle theme*

As soon as the beasts closed the distance, Dinocroc swiped at Gwangi with his right arm, only for the retrosaur to bite down upon the incoming limb. Howling in pain as his opponent’s teeth began cutting through his scaly hide and drawing blood, Dinocroc swung at Gwangi with his left arm. His claws struck the retrosaur’s head, failing to damage his scales, but the blow succeeded in making Gwangi release his toothy grip.

Snarling in anger, Gwangi snapped at Dinocroc with his jaws, only for the hybrid to swerve out of the way of the beast’s bite. Lunging downwards, Dinocroc clamped down upon Gwangi’s right leg with his jaws…

..Only to yelp in pain and recoil as several of his teeth had broken off upon impact with Gwangi’s thick scales.

Seizing the opportunity, Gwangi slammed his full weight into Dinocroc, biting down upon the crocodilian’s back. However, the allosaur’s teeth simply could not cut through his opponent’s osteoderms. Shoving hard, Dinocroc pushed Gwangi away, giving the hybrid enough time to back off a fair distance.

Gwangi let out another roar as he began to charge, but Dinocroc ran to the animal’s left, dodging his attempt of an attack. Lowering his head, the reptile sprinted across the ground, ramming his skull into Gwangi’s ribcage.

This, however, did not go so well for him, for Dinocroc stumbled backwards in a daze while Gwangi was unfazed. It was like a drunk man ramming his cranium into a brick wall. Needless to say, it was utterly useless.

Baring his teeth in a growl, Gwangi attacked again, but this time did not target Dinocroc’s head. Instead, Gwangi reached downwards, biting down upon his foe’s left leg. Unlike Dinocroc’s earlier attempt, Gwangi’s bite bore fruit in a sense, for blood quickly began trickling outwards. Yanking upwards, Gwangi successfully pulled Dinocroc’s leg out from under him, causing the reptile to fall upon his side. Releasing his enemy’s leg, Gwangi promptly started biting into Dinocroc’s unarmored underbelly, tearing through the scaly flesh with ease.

Blood spilled onto the ground as Gwangi began tearing out chunks of flesh from Dinocroc’s underside, the crocodile monster howling in agony as he kicked and clawed wildly. Finally, Dinocroc kicked Gwangi enough times in the gut to make him recoil, allowing the hybrid to roll onto his feet.

This opponent of his was strong. Much stronger than Dinocroc had anticipated. He was overwhelming on land, but perhaps in the water…

As Gwangi made his way towards Dinocroc, the croc beast suddenly pushed himself up and ran towards the lake. Snarling, Gwangi pursued his foe, the reptiles sprinting across the grassy ground.

Finally, Dinocroc reached the lake, wasting not a single second as he plunged himself beneath the waters. Surfacing a moment later, Dinocroc turned and roared at Gwangi, the retrosaur wading into the lake.

Uncaring that they were now fighting in Dinocroc’s turf, Gwangi roared back in response as he charged at his aquatic foe. Springing forward, Dinocroc slammed his mass into Gwangi, wrestling with the retrosaur as the reptiles attempted to overpower one another. After a moment of this, Dinocroc backed away from Gwangi, only to tackle the beast’s legs. The tactic proved successful, toppling the retrosaur and causing him to fall upon his side, splashing beneath the water’s surface.

Growing confident as they now dueled in his element, Dinocroc carried Gwangi down deeper into the lake, smashing the beast into the seafloor. Pushing off of his foe, Dinocroc began swimming around Gwangi as the dinosaur pushed himself to his feet. Gwangi snarled in irritation, bubbles rising from his mouth. Undaunted, Dinocroc lunged towards his opponent, striking him across the face with his left arm as he swam by. Gwangi snapped at his aquatic foe, only for his jaws to hit nothing but water as Dinocroc swam out of range.

This continued on for a moment. Dinocroc would swim in to strike Gwangi with his claws, and then dash away when the retrosaur tried to bite at him. Both were becoming increasingly frustrated with one another as this repeated itself more; Gwangi because he could not retaliate, and Dinocroc because no matter how many times he hit him, he just could not draw blood.

Upon his next attack, Dinocroc began picking up greater speed than before, deciding that enough speed could help deliver a blow strong enough to hurt his foe. Baring his teeth angrily, Gwangi braced himself for his opponent’s imminent attack.

Dinocroc swung his left arm forward, connecting with Gwangi’s neck.

There came a howl of pain…

As Dinocroc reeled backwards, blood trickling out from the stumps where his claws used to be, having broken off from the sheer force of the blow.

Unharmed by Dinocroc’s attempt of an attack, Gwangi seized his opportunity, lunging forward and biting down upon his foe’s right shoulder. Panicking, Dinocroc clawed and kicked at Gwangi, but there was no stopping the retrosaur as he began walking back towards the shore.

Breaching the water’s surface, Gwangi hauled his catch onto dry land, walking several feet away from the water before tossing Dinocroc to the ground. Enraged and humiliated, Dinocroc hurriedly pushed himself to his feet, turning and bellowing in anger at Gwangi. The retrosaur simply narrowed his eyes and growled, unafraid.

Snarling wickedly, Dinocroc sprang off the ground, his jaws open and his arms outstretched as he prepared to collide with Gwangi. Turning, Gwangi raised up his tail and swung it forward, the muscular limb headed straight for Dinocroc.

His eyes widening in horror, Dinocroc could do nothing but prepare for the imminent pain.

Gwangi’s tail smashed fullforce into the left side of Dinocroc’s face, a loud crack filling the air as Dinocroc was sent tumbling across the ground. Turning back towards his opponent, Gwangi watched as Dinocroc struggled to push himself to his feet. Blood flowed from his mouth, and both his jaws hung at odd angles. The hybrid was dazed, stumbling as he tried to stand.

Deciding that it was time to put an end to this duel, Gwangi charged forward, roaring as he parted his jaws. Fear filling his body, Dinocroc was helpless as his opponent closed the distance rapidly. Reaching downwards, Gwangi bit down upon Dinocroc’s left leg, yanking the limb out from beneath the croc and sending him crashing down upon his side. Before Dinocroc could attempt to rise, Gwangi stomped down hard on his side, making the beast cough up blood.

Snarling, Gwangi clamped his jaws around Dinocroc’s throat, his teeth sinking into the flesh as Dinocroc struggled weakly. Yanking his head back, Gwangi tore away a sizable chunk of flesh from Dinocroc’s throat. Dark red, almost black, blood promptly gushed out from the beast’s open throat, remnants of his windpipe struggling to take in oxygen. Dinocroc let out a silent cry as his eyes quickly went pale with the film of death.

Dropping the hunk of flesh, Gwangi reared his head back and roared triumphantly into the night sky. Stepping towards Dinocroc’s corpse, Gwangi began ripping open the underbelly with his talons, desecrating the body for a moment. Stepping back to view his work, Gwangi was pleased with himself as Dinocroc’s internal organs lay strewn around him, while he himself lay lifelessly upon his back.

The message was clear: keep out of Gwangi’s territory, lest you end up like Dinocroc.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 178: Gwangi vs Kiryu2012 Round 2

Somewhere in Ireland…

Kiryu was just chilling on a hill, minding his own business, when Gwangi suddenly crashed into the ground to the chimera’s left. Kiryu just calmly watched as Gwangi spazzed to his feet, the dinosaur twisting his head towards the chimera.

“Write more stuff about me!” Gwangi just shouted.

“When I feel like it,” Kiryu responded calmly.

“It’s taking too long! I want it now!”


“Write more stuff about me, or I promise you, pain without end!”




Gwangi just frowned at this, the dinosaur’s arms flopping down limply at his sides as Sound of Silence played in the background.

“It’s on now!” Gwangi suddenly roared, before the theropod lunged at Kiryu, the chimera standing up in preparation for combat.

*battle theme*

Jumping backwards as Gwangi swung at him wildly with his claws, Kiryu tossed an assortment of chocolate chips at his assailant. Gwangi was launched backwards as the chips exploded against his frame, the dinosaur collapsing on the ground and spasming in what appeared to be a response to his chocolate-based masochism.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kiryu fired GMK Godzilla’s Atomic Ray, only for Gwangi to suddenly fly out of the way, the beam instead slamming into the ground and blowing it open in a fiery explosion.

Landing down ahead of Kiryu to his left, Gwangi let out a savage roar as he barreled towards Kiryu with all piss and vinegar. Pulling back his left arm, Kiryu engulfed his fist in fiery blue energy, before he launched himself forward as he used Super Godzilla’s Super Punch. However, Gwangi would counter this attack by engulfing Kiryu’s arm up to nearly his shoulder. The dinosaur promptly began gnawing away at the chimera’s arm, but to no effect.

Disgusted, Kiryu promptly pulled his arm free from Gwangi’s mouth, before the chimera roundhouse kicked him across the jaw, sending the purple dinosaur stumbling backwards. Stumbling backwards from the blow, Gwangi spat out a tooth before he charged forward again. This time, he pulled a BLU Spy out of hammerspace, whipping it around like a pair of nunchucks. The dinosaur swung at Kiryu with the French mercenary, only for the chimera to block the incoming blows with his forelimbs.

Jumping backwards as Gwangi swung at him once more, Kiryu suddenly whipped out his trident, before he started slashing away at Gwangi. Each blow made Barney’s antithesis stumble around, until Kiryu smacked him hard in the jaw, sending him tumbling backwards and dropping the Spy. The Spy then laughed and slithered away while snorting.

Snarling, Gwangi suddenly flew at Kiryu, punching him hard in the chest with his left fist. A huge shockwave of kinetic energy was created from the sheer force of the blow, not only parting the clouds overhead, but also tearing open the ground as though a nuke had struck the land.

The force of the punch was enough to create a crater 500 kilometers wide, while Kiryu was sent flying away from the force of the punch. The chimera sped through the air like a lightning bolt, until he crashed down somewhere in northwestern Australia. His impact was strong enough to create a large earthquake as he slid across the ground, creating a big trench as he tore through the dirt at high speed.

And yet despite all of that, Kiryu was completely unfazed as he casually stood up and brushed the dirt off his fur. Right at that moment, Gwangi had landed down nearby and came flying at Kiryu, his tongue flapping around as he soared through the air. However, Kiryu turned to face Gwangi as the dinosaur flew at him, before his shoulders opened up and fired Dagahra’s Barem Toxin. The Barem coated various parts of Gwangi’s body and promptly began sizzling against his scales with their acidic properties.

Frowning at this, Gwangi started spinning like Crash Bandicoot, blowing away the Barem and any nearby trees and boulders as he spun faster and faster. All the while, Gwangi began hurling the letters P - A - I - N at light speeds towards Kiryu, only for the chimera to dodge each and every letter. The chimera was quick to retaliate with Bullet Hell, opening fire with a sheer wall of fire and water orbs. The many projectiles pelted Gwangi nonstop, smacking around the dinosaur for a short while. As soon as the projectiles ceased firing, Kiryu jumped at Gwangi, punching him hard with his right fist with Mach Punch. The dinosaur was sent smashing into the ground, creating a big shockwave as trees and dirt were blown away.

Kiryu casually floated down to the edge of the 100 meter wide crater as Gwangi pulled himself out, the dinosaur glaring venom and daggers at the chimera all the while. “Look, why we don’t just stop this nonsense now?” Kiryu asked. “Is it really worth trying to fight me just because I haven’t written anything about you in a while?”

“Yes!!!” Gwangi roared in response, before he suddenly pulled out a garbage can from nowhere and proceeded to start beating Kiryu over the head with it, Oscar the Grouch trapped within the can. Flipping backwards from Gwangi, kicking the dinosaur in the chin in the process, Kiryu fired off several of Hedorah’s sludge bombs, the balls of corrosive waste splattering across Gwangi’s body and Oscar’s can and sizzling away, the trash can quickly melting into a puddle while Gwangi’s scales started to melt off..

Baring his teeth bitterly, Gwangi suddenly seized the now homeless Oscar by his head and, without a moment’s hesitation, snapped the poor muppet’s neck. Gwangi than hurled Oscar’s lifeless corpse at Kiryu, the puppet smacking off the chimera’s body. Narrowing his eyes, Kiryu was having just about enough of Gwangi’s antics. Glowing blue Nordic runes started to appear across Kiryu’s body, as the chimera’s power grew steadily higher and higher.

Whipping out Natascha, Kiryu promptly began opening fire with the minigun. The resulting bullets came flying out in a grand stream, shredding through Gwangi’s body like tissue paper and sending blue jelly splattering everywhere. Gwangi tried vainly to escape from the assault, but he was greatly slowed down as a result of one of Natascha’s abilities. The dinosaur quickly realized he was actually in some deep poop and needed to do something quick.

Punching away like Popeye, Gwangi began punching away each and every bullet that came his way, all while slowly walking towards Kiryu. Kiryu kept firing, but Gwangi kept coming. Each bullet punched away by Gwangi would strike some random part of the surrounding land, leaving big craters in the ground due to how hard they were striking it. Eventually, Gwangi managed to reach Kiryu, and with pure determination, the dinosaur swung with his right fist, punching Kiryu square in the crotch.

This, however, did absolutely nothing but earn an unamused look from Kiryu, who immediately discarded his minigun. Suddenly putting a pair of boxers upon Gwangi, Kiryu moved behind the dinosaur and attempted to give him a wedgie. The dinosaur, however, escaped the attempt by jumping out of the boxers. Landing on his feet, Gwangi turned and tackled down Kiryu, attemping to stuff vegetables into the chimera’s mouth. Kiryu just went intangible and slipped right through Gwangi, before solidifying and striking Gwangi with an assault of Fire Blast, Dragon’s Bane, and Scorching Heat of the Sun.

Gwangi was smashed deep into the ground, the dirt around him being blown away as a massive 200 meter crater was created by the assault. Staggering to his feet as his body smoked, Gwangi realized he needed to give it his all in order to win this battle.

Quickly nomming a BLU Ubercharged Sandvich whilst a RED Medic Ubercharged him, Gwangi let out a mighty bellow as he glowed with purple energy. Springing forward far faster than the speed of light, Gwangi punched Kiryu squarely in the chest with his left fist, putting every ounce of his strength into the blow.

The result?

The entire universe split in half. The solar system and a majority of the Milky Way was instantly atomized. The fabric of the space and time continuum was burning up.

And Kiryu was completely unharmed.

Gwangi just looked up at Kiryu as the chimera gave him yet another unamused look. Before Gwangi had a chance to attack again, Kiryu flicked him once on the forehead with his finger. Instantly, Gwangi’s skull caved inwards, his whole head imploding in a nanosecond.

Instantly repairing all the damage Gwangi did, Kiryu teleported back to Ireland, once more chilling atop a grassy hill.
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 179: Green Iguana vs Savage Deviljho

Tearing through the trees, bellowing at the top of his lungs, the Savage Deviljho was on a rampage. Destroying the surrounding environment, devouring whatever creature lay in his path, the monster was out of control.

Finally, the beast tore away several trees in his way to find a small clearing before him, encircled by more trees. And there, sitting on a small gray rock bathing in the sunlight was the Deviljho’s next meal.

A little green iguana.

The iguana just stared blankly as the Savage Deviljho let out a bloodthirsty roar, before charging straight towards the lizard. His talons tearing up the ground, his jaws open wide, the Deviljho lunged forward to bite down on the iguana-

Without even looking, the iguana in question promptly whipped out a glock and put a hole through Deviljho’s skull in an instant.

A momentary pause. The Deviljho remained frozen in midair as the iguana put away his gun.

Then the beast just collapsed to the ground with a ‘ded’ sound as blood quickly pooled beneath him. The iguana just kept chilling on his rock.

Nobody interrupts an iguana’s sunbathing and lives to tell the tale.

Winner: Green Iguana
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

There's a 'God' in Godzilla for a reason...
gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: My Matches

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Match 180: Riptor vs Indominus Rex

The Australian outback.

Home to many species of marsupials, exotic reptiles, and deadly arthropods.

Today it would be home to bloodshed.

As the full moon shone brightly during the evening, Riptor came sprinting onto the scene, letting a stream of fire escape her mouth as she snapped her jaws.

Ahead of her, Indominus Rex walked onto the scene, the chimera letting out a roar before she glared at her cybernetic foe.

Both femme fatales were more than ready for combat as they faced one another. No other animals dared intervene in this confrontation, lest they wished for death.

Springing forward, Riptor came charging forth as Indominus roared once more and barreled towards her foe. Only one of them could rule the outback.

*battle theme*

Springing forward, Riptor dealt the first blow, raking her claws down Indominus’ face and quickly drawing blood. Snarling, I-Rex lunged forward, biting into Riptor’s right arm, purple blood flowing as her teeth punctured her foe’s flesh. Hissing, Riptor brought her tail stabbing into I-Rex’s right thigh, making the chimera howl in pain and release her grip on her cybernetic opponent.

Not wasting this opportunity, Riptor snapped with her jaws, tearing into the right side of Indominus’ neck and sending crimson blood splashing onto the dirt beneath their clawed feet. Before I-Rex had a chance to recover, Riptor pressed her assault by ramming her in the gut with her head. As the genetic chimera recoiled from the blow, Riptor leaned forward and brought her tail swinging upward. Like a scorpion, the tail stabbed away at Indominus a total of three times, until Riptor clamped her jaws around her opponent’s throat and spun around, tossing the theropod away.

Brutal Combo!

Standing up, a rather noticeable bite mark left on her neck, Indominus roared again before she charged back into the fray, Riptor standing ready for her. Swinging with her left arm, Indominus attempted to slash at her cyborg foe, only for Riptor to bring up her arms to defend herself. I-Rex’s claws raked ineffectively across the dromaeosaur’s forelimbs, unable to break her defense. Seeing this, Indominus instead went for Riptor’s underbelly, her right claws cutting through the orange scales and spilling purple blood onto the ground. As the cyborg raptor flinched from the blow, I-Rex swung with her left arm again, slashing Riptor across the face. Following up with another blow to the head with her right arm, Indominus returned the favor by biting into Riptor’s neck, tossing her to her left.


Springing back to her feet, Riptor was far from done as she leaped back into action. Indominus attempted to slash at her cybernetic adversary once more with her right arm, but Riptor was quicker on the draw.

Ducking down, Riptor kicked at I-Rex’s right leg with her sickle claw, making the chimera flinch and recoil slightly, allowing the raptor to press her assault. Jumping into the air, Riptor kicked out with her legs, her claws cutting through the skin on Indominus’ chest. Swinging with her arms, Riptor scored two direct hit on Indominus, leaving behind numerous bloody gashes that stretched diagonally over the front of the chimera’s body.

But Riptor wasn’t yet finished, for once again she jumped upwards, slashing I-Rex’s face with her talons. As Indominus was forced backwards, blood flying from the bloody cuts on her face, Riptor attacked again, but this time not with her claws. Parting her jaws, Riptor released a jet of orange flame from her throat. The fire lanced into Indominus’ abdomen, making the chimera roar out with pain as her scales were charred black. Pressing her assault, Riptor applied more gashes to Indominus’ body as she jumped up and sent her claws slashing downwards through her opponent’s pale scales.

Lowering her head, Riptor sprang forward, ramming hard into Indominus’ gut. The chimera was shoved backwards by the strength of the blow, allowing Riptor to jumping at her again. Punching her sickle claws into her opponent’s shoulders, the raptor used the chimera as a springboard as she hurled herself backwards, finally wrapping up her combo with a fireball to I-Rex’s face, flooring the beast in an instant.

King Combo!

Enraged, Indominus stood up again as she lunged for Riptor. Ramming her head into the raptor’s face, I-Rex sent Riptor skidding backwards slightly, before the chimera bit her enemy in the midsection. Blood filling her mouth, Indominus pulled upwards, ripping away a small chunk of flesh while causing her cyborg enemy to fall onto her back. Stepping forward, Indominus stomped down on Riptor’s abdomen, her talons digging into her flesh.


Indominus reached down with her jaws to bite down on Riptor’s throat, only for the raptor to let loose with a stream of fire into the chimera’s face. Howling in pain, Indominus recoiled, stepping off of Riptor as she shook her head, small patches of flame still burning on her face. Hopping back to her feet, Riptor brought her tail flying forward, stabbing Indominus in the right thigh twice. Snarling hatefully, Indominus turned towards Riptor while swinging her left arm. The chimera ended up decking the cybernetic raptor across the face with her outstretched limb, making the cyborg flinch and recoil slightly.

Stepping forward, Indominus struck Riptor repeatedly across the face and chest, until she bit into Riptor’s neck and turned, throwing her opponent to the ground. Just as Indominus reached downwards with her jaws, Riptor swung her tail upwards, smacking her pale opponent in the face and making her step away.

C-c-c-combo Breaker!

Standing back up, Riptor let out a brief snarl before slashing Indominus across the face, sending the chimera’s red blood dripping to the ground. Not yet finished, Riptor kicked with her right leg, slicing open I-Rex’s left leg with her talons, more blood raining down on the ground and staining it red. Riptor proceeded to jump twice into the air, each time kicking with her legs and slashing at Indominus with her sickle claws. As Indominus recoiled from each hit, Riptor wrapped up her attack by jumping on her opponent’s shoulders and jumping away. As she moved backwards, the raptor spat out a fireball at Indominus, the orb of flame exploding against the chimera’s face and flooring her.

Extreme Combo!

Rolling over onto her stomach, Indominus Rex pushed herself up to her feet as she roared hatefully at Riptor. The cybernetic dromaeosaur, however, simply snarled in response, flexing her claws as the theropods prepared for round two.



Springing forward, Riptor slashed open Indominus’ right shoulder with her claws, spraying blood into the air. Lunging with her jaws, the cybernetic raptor then bit into her opponent’s neck again, forcing out more of the chimera’s red bodily fluids as she turned and threw her to the ground. Rolling onto her stomach and pushing herself up, Indominus swung with her left arm, slashing Riptor’s face and drawing purple blood. The genetic experiment bit and slashed at Riptor, prompting the dromaeosaur to retaliate much the same.

Teeth tore flesh. Claws flayed open scaly hide. Blood, red and purple, fell upon the ground again and again. The snarls and growls of both predators filled the air as they clashed, neither yielding in this duel to the death.

Finally, Riptor reared her head back, causing Indominus’ incoming claws to only slice through open air. Seizing the opportunity, Riptor kicked and clawed at her white opponent, spilling blood across Indominus’ scales as more and more gashes spread over her flesh. After a total of seven hits, Riptor lunged forward with her jaws and bit down on I-rex’s neck, turning and throwing her to the ground.

Indominus attempted to get back to her feet, managing to get her legs beneath herself and beginning to push herself up. Her efforts were thwarted, however, by Riptor stabbing away at her back with her tail. Each time the raptor’s tail punctured the chimera’s flesh, dark red blood would spurt out upon the ground. Indominus by this point now had a back almost entirely red as Riptor kept up her assault.

Finally, Indominus managed to squirm away from Riptor’s tail, but the damage was done. Bloody holes littered her back, with blood constantly spurting up from the circular wounds. It was a sight that would give anyone trypophobia. Staggering to her feet, Indominus was having a hard time keeping herself steady thanks to all the blood she had lost in this battle. Riptor could plainly see this was the case, the cyborg circling Indominus as the chimera shook her head, trying to regain focus.

Seeing that victory was well in her grasp, Riptor lunged forward, catching Indominus off-guard as she went on the attack. The cyborg dromaeosaur slashed and bit away at her opponent, tearing open her flesh and sending blood spraying everywhere. By this point, Indominus was so weakened by her wounds that she simply could not defend herself from Riptor’s assault.

After stabbing Indominus twice in the stomach with her tail, Riptor stepped back, watching as her opponent stumbled and swayed on her feet. Her normally white scales were now almost entirely coated red with her blood. The chimera was too badly wounded to fight back, and didn’t have much left in her.

It was time to end this.

Letting out a mighty roar, Riptor discharged a burst of fire that engulfed Indominus’ head, scorching her scales. Cutting off the flame as soon as she started it, Riptor lowered her head ad lunged forward, ramming her cranium into I-Rex’s abdomen. The cybernetic dromaeosaur proceeded to go to town, slashing and stabbing away with her teeth, claws, and tail. The raptor constantly leaped around Indominus, ripping open her body with her pointed bits and spilling out even more blood as though she didn’t already draw enough.

Finally, after knocking Indominus into the air with a burst of flame, Riptor began to wrap up her assault, whipping her foe with her tail and slashing away her with her claws. Swinging upwards with her head, the raptor rammed her skull into Indominus’s body, launching the genetic chimera upwards into the air. As if to add insult to injury, just as Indominus would have hit the ground, Riptor struck her with a blast of fire, tossing her upwards one last time.


Landing down hard on her back, Indominus would have quickly died from her wounds were it not for Riptor pouncing on her and ripping open her jugular with her jaws, killing her much sooner.

Victorious, Riptor reared her head back, letting out a triumphant roar while discharging a stream of fire from her throat. Australia now had a new apex predator to fear.

Winner: Riptor
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

There's a 'God' in Godzilla for a reason...
gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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