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Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Kubo »

Welcome to TohoKingdom's Fan Fiction Subforum! This area is reserved for authors and readers, any and all! Do you have a collection of stories already on the forum? This is where you organize them into a single post for everyone else to see. I created this because I want everyone to have the ability to share their pieces without having to constantly scavenge when it comes time to find them again. I hope everyone takes full advantage of what this thread can do.

I do not control the "Directory". No, that's your job. That's right, you can customize your post so you can highlight your best pieces and provide even a little insight into them for those who are merely browsing.

• You may post once in this thread. That post is where you insert all of your story links. Any questions should be sent in a private message to Kubo.
• Do not insert trick links that lead offsite to potentially suggestive material.
• You must give your Fan Fiction's a MPAA Rating (G, PG, PG-13, etc.). We don't want Little Jimmy's mom finding out he's been reading stories with cuss words or sexual innuendos.
• All stories posted in your post must be your own.
• If you have stories on another site that you wish to share, make note of this in your post. You do not need to bring the stories onto this site.

Further additional rules pending.
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Cesar LaRoux

Post by Kubo »

King Caesar's Official Fan Fiction Collection

TohoKingdom Forum Adventures
TKFA: The First Adventure: (Rated: PG-13) My first major comedic effort. Characters are based off of real people from the forums, including the reoccurring troll Mike. Can Cesar and his misfit friends save the day? Well, there are three sequels, so you tell me! Click Here to Display

TKFA 2: The Christmas Special: (Rated: PG-13) The direct sequel to the original smash hit. Mike has initiated Operation COAL. Will Cesar defeat his evil henchmen and save the world from a bad Christmas? Click Here to Display

TKFA Goes on Vacation (TKFA 3): (Rated PG-13) Cesar, Hayes, and Airako go to the Overlook Hotel for a relaxing vacation. Too bad the hotel is haunted by evil spirits and terrible jokes. Click Here to Display

TKFA: 4Ever: (Rated: PG-13) It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the fourth installment in this hit series, jam packed with sexual innuendos and dry humor. Click Here to Display

TKFA: Season of the Witch: (Rated: R) In the small town of Macan, Mordecai LaRoux and a few friends visit an old house from the witch hunt days, only to get much, much more than bargained for in this horror story. Click Here to Display

Mechabara: The Emerald Cyborg
(Rated: PG-13) My first official Fan Fiction posted on this site. It is also notably my longest by far. Koichi, a new recruit in the Japanese Self Defense Force finds himself thrust into a sticky situation when he becomes a part of the Black Hole Aliens' plot to take over the world with their new weapon: Mechabara. Click Here to Display

Twilight Zone: Mini Series
Episode 1: Shadow Play: (Rated: PG) In a future utopia, every corner is lit up in fear of shadows. A man is brought forth for a trial on the account of murder, but he has more to fear than life in prison.

Episode 2: Mind Over Matter: (Rated: PG) All George wants is a little peace of mind in his work place. When he comes into possession of a stress management book, however he finds much more than he was looking for. Click to Display

Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror
Original, Unfinished Edition: (Rated: PG-13) Whule it was abruptly ended, I find that it was best that I shut it down before I went too far down the wrong path. If you would like to see it and speculate, by all means, go right ahead.

Rewrite Edition: (Rated: PG-13) A trio of friends go to the City of Stars for a vacation. However, they've booked themselves into a hotel that's been vacant for almost eighty years. The patrons are just as mysterious too...

Mystery Fiction Readers 3000
(Rated: PG-13) More of a group project than anything else, this series pay homage to the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 that as timeless as infinity (Twilight Zone reference). One of my favorite things I've been a part of in my time on this site. Keep circulating the Fics. Click to Display
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by GodzillavsJason »

GodzillavsJason's Official Fan Fiction Collection

Godzilla Series

The Rise of Godzilla: (Rated: PG-13) My first major story which just happens to be Godzilla. The kaiju and the humans are based on themselves in the movies. After breaking out of his frozen prison, Godzilla is let loose around the world as many other kaiju roam around the Earth such as Angurius, Rodan and Varan. While a returning threat begins to wreck havoc. Can Godzilla, man's creation save us? Or will he reduce this world into a world of fire? ... =18&t=5253

Hedorah's Massacre: (Rated PG-13) Five years after The Rise of Godzilla a new threat arises known as Hedorah as he plagues the world with pollution. Can Godzilla? Man's friend defeat this creature? Or will he be vanquished? Find out here! ... =18&t=5610

Godzilla's Darkest Hour: (Rated PG-13) The Earth is invaded by Spacegodzilla and his army of Gyaos but Godzilla and his allies will not stand by and let their planet be destroyed. ... =18&t=6082

Life in Toho Kingdom City Series

Life in Toho Kingdom City: (Rated PG-13) The first season of how ordinary people's lives can be changed from being a bored employee at K-Mart to hanging out with people such as bounty hunter, a pervert, a hairy man who's a writer and many other people. ... =18&t=6670

Life in Toho Kingdom City Season 2: (Rated PG-13) After their crazy adventures on being at an Ice Cream shop, Halloween infested with zombies, a horrible Christmas, and other wacky crazy adventures. Join Alex, Jake, Klaus and the others as they take an adventure on many more crazy trips and have just have more conversations with each other as they are also joined by many new characters such as Marisa. ... =18&t=8259

Life in Toho Kingdom City Season 3: (Rated PG-13 or R) They're back and they're black as they return in season 3 but this time with even more crude humor, more character development, and more intense episodes. (Warning not finished yet) ... =18&t=9417

The Noob

Rated R.

When a group of writers attend for a writing convention to share their ideas and come up with new story ideas, a strange occurrence arrives at the door step. A shoot arrives trying to kill a small nerd but that's only the beginning. After the death of the shooter, the writers take in the nerd but within hours something happens to all of them which is the truth that will shock you .

Story: ... 18&t=15578

Discussion Board: ... 18&t=15553

The Shade

Over a hundred years in the future the world has been changed. It has changed due to the recent creature sightings of Vampires, Werewolves, Gills, witches and other creatures. Not only have creatures have shown themselves but due to a nuclear reactor leak many people have received super powers. Though the creatures may seem intimating to us the majority have proved they just live along with us. This is only the back story of it all as the real tale of this story follows siblings David Harper/The Shade and Rachael Harper. David is a brother who has taken a job as a bounty hunter to get money for sister for her medication due to the large dose of radiation Rachael has received during the reactor leak. Though Rachael is willing to help David in his assignments but he refuses and doesn't want her to get hurt. David now takes up the mantle as The Shade being one of the most famous icons in the city. There's more characters than just those two as follow the adventures of Brock Simmons a detective, Azure a demon in disguise, Mad Mort and The Nuclear Nine a famous gang and many other characters in this story .

Story: ... 18&t=14976

Discussion: ... 18&t=14942
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by MothraRocks »

MothraRocks' Official FanFiction Collection


Pokemon: Kanto Adventures! (PG, Link in Picture)

Jake has grown up in Pallet Town, living a quite, ordinary, boring life...until he gets his very first Pokemon! Together, he, Charmander, and his two friends Alex and C.C., travel across the Kanto Region, challenging Gyms to compete in the Regional Championships! However, things aren't as easy as they appear; Team Rocket is up to no good, the poacher Klaus will stop at nothing to get rare Pokemon, and what's with this Yuna lady? Read to find out!


The Summon of the Monsters (PG-13, Link in Picture)

Three unlikely friends find themselves mixed up in an ancient legend about an uprising evil destroying Japan, and they need to stop them! To make matters even more complicated, each one of them can summon a monster at will. However, they aren't the only ones controlling monsters -- the bad guys have their own surprises. Monster vs Monster, sounds easy enough, right? Too bad they act like disobedient dogs .
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Giratina93 »

Flygon King's official Fanfiction Collection

Sins of the Ancestors PG-13

The first tory I put up here, and a collaborative with Giratina of RPGTopia. The Death God Crigan has had a rough and horrible life during the past 500 years, yet things seem to perk up when he meets a lovely woman by the name of Mara. However, an evil from his past comes to wreck havok on Crigan's peaceful life. What will the Legendary do to take back the one that he loves from the Devil's clutches? For display here.

Tales of Gensokyo PG-13/R (Leaning toward the latter)

My most popular story at this point, another collaborative project with Giratina, and a hybrid user-insert and Touhou Fanfict. A young man named Katsu finds himself wisked away into the fantasy world of Gensokyo, and meets up several others who wave likewise been wisked away. Together with the tengu reporter Aya, they set out to confront a new evil that threatens the land... and the Sleeping Terror that haunts their journey. For Display Here.

Youkai High PG-13/R

An upcoming and rising in popularity story that is part user insert, part AU, and all fun, fun, FUN! Youkai High is a school meant to teach demons, youkai, and the supernatural how to cope with humanity. But evil stalks the school's halls, seeking to bring about the worst case scenario sooner than expected! Can a group of students stop this evil, and prevent their very extinction from occuring? On Display and being updated Here.

Requiem of Eternal Darkness R

The latest FK Production, and hopefully the first to see completion. Life in NYC is going on much as normal, with gangs running the place, corruption running rampant, and every man for himself... that is, until a person appears, claiming to be a Fallen Angel come to turn the world into a new Hell. Is this girl being serious, is there something worse building up than she implies?

On Display and being updated here

Secrets of the High Queen PG-13

The Dark Lord Persephone... the Ruler of the Underworld, and a demon whose name has been etched in the last thousand years. She has gained many enemies, and few allies... but what lies behind the amnesiac mind of the evil dictator? What was her apst, that led her to become the person she is now?

On Display and being updated here
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Tim85 »

Tim85's Story Collection

*Winner of the 2013 Remembrance Awards "Most Underrated Writer"

The Kaiju Saga

JLA: War of the Kaiju (Rated PG-13 for adult language, adult content, graphic monster violence, and suggestive sexual content) The crossover that started it all!
When a scientist accidentally brings the Xilians from Godzilla: Final Wars into the Justice League's reality, the Controller unleashes an army of monsters upon the globe to defeat the JLA and continue their plans for world conquest! With the League and their allies out-gunned, it's up to the JLA's newest recruit: The Kaiju, a hero who has the ability to become any monster he wishes, to come up with a plan to defeat the Xilians: their own army of monsters! Will this plan work? Or are they just setting themselves up for more trouble? Find out here!

Winner of the 2011 Winter Emmy Awards: "Best Human/Monster Interaction" (JLA vs. Kamacuras, Kumonga, and Ebirah in Gotham City)
Winner of the 2013 Remembrance Awards: "Best First Finished Story"

Justice League of America: Planet Kaiju (Rated PG-13 for adult language, adult content, graphic monster violence, and suggestive sexual content) The highly anticipated sequel to the hit JLA/Godzilla crossover! After disappearing for some time: The Kaiju returns from another Earth where monsters have become the dominent beings: Earth-K. The monsters that fought alongside the JLA during the Xilian conflict have formed their own Justice League of Monsters and sent Kaiju back home to recruit the JLA for help. The Secret Society of Monsters: led by the GMK Godzilla, has discovered a way to control the minds of others and could potentially conquer all of creation. However, when the JLA does arrive to help the JLM on Earth-K, the battle becomes much more personal when the Society targets the one thing Kaiju loves the most: Wonder Woman! Can Kaiju save his beloved? And will the humans and the monsters stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to save their teammates? Find out here!

Winner of the 2011 Winter Emmy Awards: "Best Fight Scene" (Justice League vs. The Secret Society in the Watchtower), "Best Goriest Scene" (The Kaiju dismembering Ultra-Godzilla)
Winner of the 2013 Remembrance Awards: "Best Comeback Story/Chapter" (Chapter 10 "The Final Showdown")

Blackest Night: The Kaiju and the JLM (Rated PG-13 for adult language, adult content, graphic monster violence, and suggestive sexual content) Part 3 in the acclaimed series! A few months after the wedding of The Kaiju and Wonder Woman: the Blackest Night prophecy has began and the dead are rising! The Kaiju must now face people he cared for who now want to see him dead and must once again seek the help of the JLM in hopes of stopping the dead from eradiacting the living. Will they succeed? Find out here!

Winner of the 2013 Remembrance Awards: "Best Saddest Story" and "Best 'wish someone could draw this' moment" (Monsters as Lanterns)

Chronicles of Universe Matches

Wonder Woman and Godzilla vs. Circe (Rated PG-13 for adult language, adult content, and graphic monster violence) The fight few saw coming! After Godzilla learns that he was used as a puppet for Circe, he makes a beeline for her location to get revenge on her. This leaves Wonder Woman in a predicament: does she stop Godzilla or Circe? Find out here!

Fire Rodan and Anguirus vs. Barugon (Rated PG-13 for adult language and graphic monster violence) An example of an average mission for the Justice League of Monsters! When Barugon attacks Chicago; it's up to League members Fire Rodan and Anguirus to stop him. Will they accomplish their mission? Find out here!

Tales of The Kaiju

Together at Last! (Rated PG-13 for adult language, adult content, and suggestive sexual content) The first in a line of stories revisting aspects of The Kaiju's past! As brought up in "Planet Kaiju", after Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord to save Superman; he and Batman want nothing to do with her. Kaiju calls them out for abandoning her and quits the Justice League in disgust and joins her on Themyscria to help deal with this incident and leads up to them entering into a relationship. Have you ever wondered about the whole story? Find out here!
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Mincecraft »


Fall of the Golden Dragon (PG): A What If? scenario. Set 5 years after Godzilla: Unleashed, Ghidorah has made off with samples of the SpaceGodzilla Crystals. He now has a last chance to gain power, but things don't go as planned... ... 18&t=10425

Discussion Thread: ... 18&t=10430

The Cold Ones (PG-13 to R, most likely): An ongoing saga I'll be writing. The epic war between man and beast. A cautionary tale of what prejudice and hatred can do to a once noble people. ... 18&t=10984

Discussion Thread: ... 18&t=10985

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Gojira21 »

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by SpaceG92 »

SpaceG92 Fan Fiction

Godzilla: Threats From Beyond the Stars (PG-13 or R) (8-29: Currently being rewritten)
(May contain swearing, graphic violence, blood, drinking, smoking, disturbing images and mind games)

A threat from the far in the stars lands in Japan. With Godzilla no were to be seen for several weeks and this new threat slowly taking over who will rise to stop it? Godzilla's son Junior rises to the throne and takes charge against this new threat but it beaten back as more Space Monsters arrive at Earth. With the cloak slowly ticking away as these new terrors become ever stronger humanity is forced into action with new weapons of war to help combat these astral titans. Will the combined might of humanity and earth's monsters be enough to stop these space terrors? Or is will the earth be consumed it the invaders master plan?

Discuss Here: ... 18&t=13426
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by scarecrow »

Scarecrow's Fanfics

Godzilla Vs. Slenderman Acts : Something awful has been taking interest in Godzilla, a deadly interest. A humanoid of darkness with an obsession to the king of the monsters. He has conquered many different dimensions from every world in the cosmos. Gods have even fallen apart due to this wicked creature. Humans are his typical prey but this demon wants a better prize to add to his collection. A monster that is known in three different dimensions: Showa, Heisei and Millennium. Removing his existence form the three worlds will almost feel like he’s doing the humans a favor. When in fact he isn’t. He’s plan is to replace Godzilla from all of three dimensions and become the new King of the monsters. This demon is known as: Slenderman a modern day boogieman with an obsession to rule all worlds. (Rated PG-13)

Act 1: Showa ... 42#p550090

Act 2: Heisei ... 42#p556831

Act 3: Millennium ... 42#p561132

Act 4: Reincarnated ... 42#p570588

There might be a sequel for this small trilogy with human characters and new monsters such as: Varan & Maguma. ... fid=8&_rdr

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by gzilla46 »

My Fanfic:

Pacific Rim: The Series
My vision for a Pacific Rim animated series, it follows 3 years after the Kaiju War from the movie. It turns out not all the Kaiju were destroyed, and they have multiplied, and evolved to create new species. The Kaiju proceed to launch a counterattack against the human race. The Jaegers are ready for them this time. It's the start of a new war. (PG)

Shadow Arena Records:

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by pta917 »

The Immortal Fight
This is a Mass Effect/Highlander crossover the for the most part follows the Kurgan ,the villian from the movie and in this fanfic, as he fights the immortals that live on Omega and assumes his position as a power figure on Omega. ... 18&t=14629


The Master Plan (finished)

This is a Mass Effect/Doctor Who crossover, for the most part it follows the Doctor while he tries to stop a Cybermen invasion. ... 18&t=15166

Moon of the Daleks (canceled)

A year after the Cybermen attack the Doctor goes back to see Garrus and the rest of the crew but ends up meeting his most powerfull enemies. ... 18&t=15417


Terror of Yapool (finished)

After being defeated by both Ultraman Ace and Taro, Yapool traveled to another universe to where the Ultra activity isn't as present but he founds out that it is still protected.



Call of Zetton

Call of Zetton follows the plans of a cult obsessing over the idea of taking the monster Zetton, into his most perfect and powerful form. ... 18&t=22133
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by RamshackleRanger »

Giral's Fan Fictions

Ender's Aftermath

10 years after Andrew Ender Wiggin, the brilliant boy who conquered battle school and ended the bugger war, was killed two days after sent to colonize by a new sentient race called The Saurians, Earth finds a new, brilliant group of children to combat the invading forces.

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by ernesth100 »


Agents of KAIJU-Trilogy-(Join Godzilla, Gamera, King Kong, The Cloverfield Monster, and Ultraman in saving Earth from alien threats!)

1.I finished Agents of KAIJU it you can read here
Final Version

2.Here's Agents of KAIJU Return ... IJU-Return
Final Version

3.Agents of KAIJU: Wars Revamped ... s-Revamped

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=15180

4.Gamera: The Gaurdian

Story: ... e-Gaurdian

Ernest's War Series

5.Card of Duty: Warfare Revamped-(In the future weapons are transmitted onto cards. Warfare itself is revamped.) ... e-Revamped

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=15303

Other Spinn-Offs

6.Scholar in a Locker-A spin-off of Doctor Who. Need I say more?

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=16046

7.TKAT(Toho Kingdom Areana Team)-Me and TitanoGoji save the Toho Kingdom Forums from the evil Brawlex10.

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=16784

8.Zone_Fighter_27(I simply helped a friend[gotengomantango] on this one. It's about a young man who finds something he shouldn't have. Now he must show the world or die trying.)

9.TKFT(Toho Kingdom Fiction Team)

10.Power Ponies: Mane-iac Returns- Chrysalis's Ultimate Plan
Link & Disscussion: ... 18&t=17073

11.Equestria Rim
Link: ... 18&t=17072
Discussion: ... 18&t=17071

12.The Writers Guild
Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17739
Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17740

13.What If

Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17225

Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17226

14.Ernesth's One Shots!

Story: ... 18&t=23630
Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17684

15.Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe
Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17308
Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17283
Art&Videos: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19002&hilit=Mario% ... l+Universe

16.True Gamr
Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17923
Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17924

17.Minecraft: Mod Wars
Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=18202
Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=18083

18.Monster Egg K
Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=18805

19.Super Jaws vs. Gigasaurus
Story and discussion: ... 09#p860209

Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20490

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20491

21. BearZilla and Prehistoric Rim Saga
Story and Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20982

22. Young Altered Mercanary Apes
Disscussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20901

Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=21099

23. Toho Kingdom Arena Team: New Franchise
Story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=21571

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=16784

24. Supernatural Times: Begginings
Story: ... 18&t=22459

Discussion: ... 18&t=22460

25. The Men Who Saved America
Discussion(Story in Post): ... 18&t=22629

26. Experience At Jurassic World
Discussion(Story in Post): viewtopic.php?f=18&t=22792

27. The Kaijero
Story: ... 18&t=25272
Discussion: ... 18&t=25273
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Biogoji »

Biogoji's Stories

WWF Attitude [TV-14]

Story ... 18&t=21958

Discussion Board ... 18&t=21957

Summary: Featuring the stars of WWF's Attitude Era. WWF Attiude brings the smackdown the Toho Kingdom Forums in the form of Raw is War, Shotgun Saturday Night and a monthly PPV and if you're not down for that, We got two words for ya! Suck It!
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

Post by Stimpy »


Fuzz and Dustbunny's Big Movie (Rated PG)- Image

When the city of New Jersey is in danger from a giant monster, and modern weapons are useless, only Fuzz and Dustbunny can save the city from destruction.

Rise of the King (Rated PG-13) "Language, Monster Violence, Blood and Gore"

The year is 2054, 100 years after the first Godzilla attacked Tokyo. After the year 2007, no Kaiju have attacked since then. Japan has been kaiju free! Until now. Since today November 3 2054 is the 100th anniversary of Godzilla's first attack, the king has been revived and he is alive. The original Godzilla comes to Japan and destroys the city. Weapons are useless as they always were, and nothing can stop him!But, them military has been building a secret weapon for all of these years just in case this would happen, and it might just stop Godzilla's rage. It is called Mechagodzilla 4. The biggest, strongest, and deadliest robot since Kiryu. (kind of a new Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla)

Godzilla and Ultraman: The Series (Rated TV-14 or TV-PG) I will add new episodes soon

Season 1

Episode 1 'Kaiju from the Underworld' Two mysterious Kaiju come from the under ground, and they are identified as Baragon and Neronga, and only Godzilla and Ultraman can save the day.

Episode 2 'Sonic Beams' The past few days have been weird in Japan. Yellow sonic beams have been striking buildings in Japan and no one knows what to do. The M-Force was sent out to see what it was, but they saw nothing. Days later the kaiju arrives showing everyone it is Gyaos. And only Godzilla and Ultraman can stop his rage.

Episode 3 'Son of Godzilla' The egg of Godzilla has finally hatched Baby Godzilla. But Kamacuras and Kumonga have came to eliminate Baby Godzilla before a new king of monsters is born.

Episode 4 'Gamera' When Godzilla is showing Ultraman around Monster Island they see huge fires in Tokyo. The two swim and fly to the scene to see Gamera destroying the city. They have figured Gamera has turned to the dark side and he plans on destroying Tokyo. But this time, the super monster is stronger than he was before.

Episode 5 'Water Kaiju' Titanosaurus, Zigra and Jirass have come back from the dead to destroy Kyoto. But to their luck, Godzilla and Ultraman was not there to stop them. It seemed like they didnt even know! With Kyoto half destroyed Godzilla and Ultraman finally arrive to save the day.

Episode 6 'Trapped' This episode shows why Ultraman and Godzilla didnt arrive until late in Episode 5.
Godzilla and Ultraman have been held hostage in a giant spaceship controlled by the new aliens The Darkness. Godzilla and Ultraman keep trying to escape but it was no use. And each time they did something the Darkness would observe them seeing their powers, identifying how they were created, how strong they are, and other stuff.

Episode 7 'UltraGoji' A new kaiju has arrived. Named UltaGoji, a mix of Godzilla and Ultraman. Created by The Darkness. The darkness was taking DNA from Godzilla and Ultraman when they were trapped trying to make their own monster to destroy the city. But Godzilla and Ultraman of course cum to save the day but the battle is a tough one. The battle goes on for hours. Nearly killed, Godzilla and Ultraman combine their strongest powers and use it on UltraGoji to defeat him.

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

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Toho_guy01's Stuff!

Bemular vs King Kong: A fan fiction that was the first one I ever made.
You can find it here: ... 18&t=17996

Toho_Guy's BrawlFest!: The new place for my fan fictions! The special thing about it is that it has a vote where you can vote on which monsters will fight! ... 18&t=18355

The Hōki sa reta Heisei taimu rain Saga!

There was a idea flying around in my mind and I think its time to tell everyone it. I like to think Godzilla Jr is MireGoji, now that I can write good fan fictions I will do a saga which may or may not have a story having Godzilla travel to a different dimension :roll: .

Godzilla vs Clonezilla ... 18&t=19101
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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

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(You will need deviantART account to read story.)


Pilot: "When the Deputy Mayor is murdered and the local mafioso is the main suspect, The Skull is brought in to investigate. But when the "Don" of Sylvatica City has already told The Skull to fake the case, will The Skull be able to hold an objective eye?"

Black Butler Season III

The end of the Black Butler saga had transpired. Or so you thought! The story of this sadistic series continues on in this original story by DeadpoolsbetterThanU.

Follow the return of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis as they deal with a new butler, new cases, and the mysterious man known only as The Vicar!

Entire Season

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Re: Fan Fiction Directory

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The full title is too long for the topic title.
Gentleman Robo - A Science Fiction Adventure Book for Reading
Gentleman Robo is a parody of the classic conventions of Giant Hero shows
like Ultraman. If I had to compare it to things that are better than this it's Venture Bros meets Ultraman meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, probably.

Here's the description from Amazon.

Nick has just been dumped by his girlfriend. His self-esteem has been crushed, and he's looking for something to give his life renewed purpose. So of course he joins MATS, Monster Avoidance and Tactical Squadron, a team dedicated to fighting Kaiju! Between the re-emergence of kaiju in the area, the instability of the MATS team, and Nick being gifted with a strange alien power things are getting somewhat hectic for this waste of manflesh!
Read this book with your eyes to discover the science fiction wonderment of GENTLEMAN ROBO!
Hopefully you'll give it a read and have a laugh. That's what it's here for.

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