Three Eagles And A Dragon - An Alternate History of The World

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Three Eagles And A Dragon - An Alternate History of The World

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Now, an official thread!

From the other thread :mrgreen:
I'm working on an Alternate History series called 'Three Eagles and a Dragon'. This is a world where the Nazis won in Europe, but the Allies were able to defeat Japan. It's the year 2022, and tension is brewing between the four main superpowers, which the series is named after. The Eagles (United States of America, German Reich, Kingdom of Italy) and the Dragon (Republic of China).

I plan on going very deep into the lore, and I have some reddit posts based on this series. Basically, after the Great European War, and the Pacific War ended, the Axis collapsed and were now bitter enemies, with Germany and Italy forming two blocs to counter one another. Throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s however, these strongholds over Europe and Africa collapse, with German's colonies revolting and Italy relinquishing rule over most of their African lands.

I won't go full in depth now, but just know tensions are raised. If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

Map of the World (Jun, 2022)

Reddit Threads: ... y_althist/ ... 022_three/

Let’s meet the big players!

United States of America
President: Hillary Clinton (2021-)
Population: 331 Million
Languages: English, Spanish
Significant Religion(s): Christianity (Catholicism, Protestant, Mormon)
Ruling Party: Democratic Party
Ideology: Liberal Conservatism, Neo-Liberalism
Allies (Full): United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, South Africa
Allies (Not Really That Much): Ireland, Iceland, France, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama
Enemies: Germany, China, Rhodesia

Fun Factoid: Because there was no involvement in Europe, instead of Eisenhower becoming president after Truman, it was MacArthur! Riding off the success of the Pacific War, he won with the slogan “I beat Tojo!”.

German Reich
Führer: Klaus Goebbels (2013-)
Population: 126 Million
Languages: German
Significant Religion(s): Germano-Paganism, Nazist Christianity
Ruling Party: NSDAP
Ideology: National Socialism, Goebbels Thought, Pan-Germanism
Allies (Full): Bohemia and Moravia, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway
Allies (Not Really That Much): Hungary, Baltic Union, Finland, Estonia
Enemies: USA, Italy, USSR

Very evil and disgusting Factoid: When Germany won in Europe, the Holocaust and Generalplan Ost were set into full gear, with total casualties sitting around 100 million…

Kingdom of Italy
Emperor: Victor Emmanuel IV (1983-)
Duce: Alessandra Mussolini (1983-)
Population: 92 Million
Languages: Italian, French, Slovenian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Greek, Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic
Significant Religion(s): Christianity (Catholicism, Orthodox), Islam (Sunni), Judaism
Ruling Party: PNF
Ideology: Fascism, Pan-Abrahamism
Allies (Full): Greece, Croatia, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania
Allies (Not Really That Much): Iran, Ethiopia, Portugal, France
Enemies: Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Fun Factoid: Despite being a Kingdom, Italy’s sovereign presents themselves and is officially known as Emperor. This is due to The Summer ‘83 Crisis, when the PNF split into two factions surrounding the state of the Monarchy. The Pro-Monarchists won, headed by the young and energetic Granddaughter of Mussolini, Alessandra. To make sure this would never happen again, the monarch declared himself Emperor, strengthening his ties back to Rome and Napoleon, which would further legitimise his power.

Republic of China
President: Han Kuo-yu (2020-)
Population: 1.7 Billion
Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, English, Tibetan, Mongolian, Kazakh, Uyghur, Russian
Significant Religion(s): Buddhism, Taoism
Ruling Part: KMT
Ideology: Anti-Communism, Nationalism, Conservatism, Authoritarianism
Allies (Full): Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar
Allies (Not Really That Much): Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
Enemies: USA, India, USSR

Fun Factoid: Democracy comes in all shapes and forms, and you might learn that the hard way in the ROC. China is by no means a fully open nation like the members of the WTO, and is pretty authoritarian. Don’t expect to protest free elections this season! This “desecration of democracy” is why the US is generally hostile towards the Young Republic.

Other Notable Countries include: France, Turkey, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, India, USSR, Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Byelorussia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Rhodesia, Congo, Syria, Iraq, Biafra, Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina.

This is just a first opening post to introduce the titular nations, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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Re: Three Eagles And A Dragon - An Alternate History of The World

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Do you go to any alternate history forums?

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