Your own original fiction thead

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Your own original fiction thead

Post by LegendZilla »

Is there any interest in discussing our own original science-fiction or fantasy stories? This thread is for us to discuss what ORIGINAL works of fiction we have in mind. What kinds of stories do you have planned? How long has it been lingering in your mind? Let us hear a synopsis! If any of us have struggles with ideas or how the plot goes, maybe we can give each other a hand when the time comes.
I'll start with my own.

For over a decade, I have been working on my own high-fantasy saga in the same vein as Tolkien's Middle Earth or CS Lewis's Narnia. It revolves around a fantasy world called Morgard. Morgard is a planet which has resided in a nebula for millions of years. Said nebula was vast resource of magic for Morgard's lifeforms, playing a pivotal role in evolution. However in recent millennia, the world has slowly drifted away from its home nebula, causing the magic to slowly decline. This eaves a drastic impact on the affairs of whatever form of life that inhabits it, particularly the main cast of characters. I have mapped out several century's worth of history of the planet and its peoples, species and destiny.

I will love to hear what you have in mind. If you have any further questions about my storyline, I will be happy to answer. Peace out.

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Re: Your own original fiction thead

Post by Voyager »

I'm working on an Alternate History series called 'Three Eagles and a Dragon'. This is a world where the Nazis won in Europe, but the Allies were able to defeat Japan. It's the year 2022, and tension is brewing between the four main superpowers, which the series is named after. The Eagles (United States of America, German Reich, Kingdom of Italy) and the Dragon (Republic of China).

I plan on going very deep into the lore, and I have some reddit posts based on this series. Basically, after the Great European War, and the Pacific War ended, the Axis collapsed and were now bitter enemies, with Germany and Italy forming two blocs to counter one another. Throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s however, these strongholds over Europe and Africa collapse, with German's colonies revolting and Italy relinquishing rule over most of their African lands.

I won't go full in depth now, but just know tensions are raised. If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

Map of the World (Jun, 2022)

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