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^ Yeah, its not as exciting a release as it could have been. But I still like the novelty of it, plus I don't have any Power Rangers figures, so I'll grab one. Also, looks like the Dragonzord is a new release and wasn't part of their previous Power Rangers line.
Mac Daddy MM wrote: Tue Jun 21, 2022 2:28 pm I absolutely LOVE these things. They're neat, cheap and look great hanging on the edges of shelves. I really, REALLY hope these keep getting waves. They could make some great future entries. Already placing my bets on Wave 5: Godzilla '74 with electric towers, Zilla, Keizer Ghidorah, Gigan 2004, Kumonga, Super MechaGodzilla, Battra Larva, Rose Biollante, Xillian Controller, Shobojin 1 and Shobojin 2.

But I suppose there is a MULTITUDE of choices they could go with. We still have yet to see Shin Forms 2 and 3 pop up, for example. And I think the likes of the 2004 Gotengo or any Super Weapon is just as likely as any of the human/alien characters. But I will be surprised/disappointed if at least half of my guesses don't come to pass.
Fully agree, I hope they keep the line going, but they've always seemed to be somewhat popular in stores and on Ebay, so it makes me think sales are good enough to keep them going. I must say you have some good choices there too, most will probably end up happening; I especially like the idea of an Xilien and can easily see it happening. Personally, I'm feeling dancing Godzilla '65 or flying Godzilla '71 are in the running for the Godzillas of the set. That or either of the Anime-Gojis.

IMO, Kumonga, Mechagodzilla 1993, Zilla, and Keizer Ghidorah in particular are musts for the next wave. I'd also love to see them continue with some non-Godzilla Toho monsters like their Manda 1963 and Rainbow Mothra; the Gargantuas or Mysterians Moguera would be lovely. They could even put the Gargantuas together as a single bag clip locked in battle like the Revoltech accessory.
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