Improve up to 3 kaiju.

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Improve up to 3 kaiju.

Postby Rhedosaurus » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:34 am

1. Manda: Make him a ying-lung, the final winged form of the Chinese Dragon. He would live in Lake Tianchi, a lake on the border of China and North Korea. (It used to be known as Dragon Lake before Mao and his forces took over China). He powers include the traditional fire breath (for over a mile) the ability to fly and to tuck in his wings when underwater, and the ability to shoot venom like a spitting cobra. The ability to shoot a powerful stream of water from his mouth for a mile. (Inspired by the French water dragon, garguliloue.)

2. Spacegodzilla: Mind control over lesser kaiju (Kumungoa, Ebriah, Kamacurus, etc.) as well as humans to do his dirty work for him. The abilty to cover his arms with space crystals to be used as punching daggers. If anybody has heard of the katar, the punching dagger from India, then this would be Spacegodzilla's version on it. The ability to regain health by draining brainwaves from healthy people and lesser kaiju until they are braindead.

3. Kiryu: Make him FAR more durable, give him a fusion generator so he won't run out of battery power, make him the younger brother of Godzilla, make him go outright rouge and join his brother, the ability to repair himself via nanomachines and magnetics to reattach limbs and use steel scraps from destroyed buildings, cars, etc to heal openings in his armor.

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Re: Improve up to 3 kaiju.

Postby edgaguirus » Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:50 am

I'd give Kumonga the ability to cast off hair like a tarantula. However, Kumonga's hairs would be like needles, piercing flesh, or eyes if well aimed.
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Re: Improve up to 3 kaiju.

Postby GojiDog » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:30 am

1) Megalon = Make him look more like a beetle rather than just a humanoid creature with a bug head. Six limbs would help. Letting him actually use his wings would help. Keep the firebomb attacks and the drillbits just to give him more flare. It really disappoints me that we got Kumonga, which looks like a spider, and then we got this thing that looks more like a Power Ranger villain. Also, from a characterization standpoint, it makes Megalon look like a bumbling oaf when he needs a robot to point him the right direction of where to smash things, and when he loses that robot, he just goes haywire. Why diverge from "monster appears, monster goes after city and smashes stuff". And Megalon is supposed to be a worshipped god. It really kind of diminishes that when he can't even attack a city without a flying robot to lead the way.

2) Gabara = To be fair, this one does look like something a kid would come up with, so it fit the movie...I guess. But Gabara's appearance was always ludicrous to me, even by kaiju movie standards. Instead of making him blue, why not make him like something to fit better with the cat like features like orange with black stripes like a tiger...okay nevermind, then he'd just look like Tigger. Okay, but at the very least, could you give him a tail? Or make him less of an eyesore with a color like grey or something?

3) Minilla = Make him look like Godzilla. Plain and simple. Look at the Baby Godzilla design in 1993. Something closer to that would be ideal.

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Re: Improve up to 3 kaiju.

Postby Kaiju-King42 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:26 am

Wait why make Manda a Chinese dragon? He's supposed to be a Japanese dragon – only three toes as opposed to five.
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Re: Improve up to 3 kaiju.

Postby Living Corpse » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:51 am

Monsterverse King Ghidorah: Remove the man eating, food was never this things motivation. Have him switch back and forth between walking on two legs like a man and wing walking, standing upright on two legs and standing on wings.

Three heads is three monsters so I'm done. ;)

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