Launching a kaiju podcast and would love some input!

For discussions covering more than one Toho film or show that span across more than one “era.”
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Launching a kaiju podcast and would love some input!

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I posted this yesterday, but after it was approved I didn't see it anywhere on the board and figured maybe I should try again.

I, along with a partner are going to be recording and producing a podcast centered around Godzilla and other giant movie monsters. There are MANY podcasts out there, so I'd like to hear from some of you fans as to what you would like to hear in a monster movie podcast. I have been a longtime fan and my partner is brand new to the kaiju world and we are going to be talking about his take as a new fan and my take as an older fan as well as looking at some of the history surrounding the films, trivia, the music, our favorite iconic moments from each film and a rating system from 1-5 atomic breaths and the length of the monster's appearances in each film. We will also talk about the differences between American cuts vs. the uncut Japanese versions and will be exclusively viewing the films in Japanese and not the dubbings.

The feel of the podcast is to imagine it is a Sunday morning chat with coffee as we talk about our love and appreciation for giant monster films. We will NEVER lampoon or tear apart the movies, but will occasionally poke fun at some of the sillier moments as the franchises went on.

What would make our podcast stand out from the others that would also include items you, the fans would like to hear?

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Re: Launching a kaiju podcast and would love some input!

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I'm always up for a good kaiju podcast. It's not longer around but if you listen to the old episodes of Kaijucast (www kaijucast com) I thought that their format and style was great myself. Beyond you two - try to get some other folks (and a mix of folks) to join in once and a while to keep it fresh.

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Re: Launching a kaiju podcast and would love some input!

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I too am up for a good kaiju podcast. Keep it entertaining and amusing (with natural delivery), even if it's in basic synopsis+review form and I'll personally enjoy it.

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