What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

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What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era?

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What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by Jermobooka »

I’ve always been interested in what TK fancies and why. From what i’ve seen on YouTube, Reddit, and other discussions, the common consensus is that the Heisei era is the best and the usual favorite of the fandom, but we’re a bunch of Godzilla hipsters, so that obviously won’t be the case here

My favorite era (so far) would have to be the Monsterverse. Am i biased because the MV is a dream come true for me? Yes. But i also like pretty much everything about it. All the other era’s tie and are extremely close seconds. I love all of them and can’t really find a lot of things i dislike about each of them either
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by Voyager »

Showa, easily. It has so many good films with a variety of tones and genres. It's very artistic, and the kaiju action is the best, bar none. The characters in this era blow all others from the water, and the stories and plots never cease to engage me.

Edit: I hate being called a hipster, I'm 17 :cry:
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by Destoroyah of Worlds »

Showa for sure.

One thing i really LOVE about the Showa era is that they have extremely long takes of the monsters. The Millennium era has VERY choppy editing - just go and rewatch the Baragon fight in GMK. Or some of the fights in Final Wars.
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by godjacob »

My fav Era is the MonsterVerse. I think it has the most versions of Kaiju I would call definitive versions of them for me and I have yet to see a film I disliked overall. I also enjoy the way they introduce least one new Kaiju each film to keep the faces fresh as well as just an interesting world built around these creatures.

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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by CrimsonBloodX »

I like the Showa era because of the large amount of movies from that era and how different they are from each other in terms of story, tone and action.
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by Rando Yaguchi »

Showa, because the movies generally had stronger scripts and better direction than other eras.
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by eabaker »

I've got to go with Showa as well, for basically the reasons that CrimsonBloodX and Rando Yaguchi gave. The quality and the sophistication of the storytelling was more consistent than at any other time in the series' history, and the sheer number of entries and the relative freshness of the genre lead to incredible creative variety. Also, my personal aesthetic tastes tend to run towards movies of the 60s and 70s anyway.
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by Keizer »

I will be following the crowd here by saying Showa, albeit for slightly different reasons. I tend to like it the most for its visuals, monsters, tone, and creativity. I am not quite sure how to put my finger on it, but the miniatures, sets, and suits made back then seemed to be made with a lot more flair and creativity. The same applies for the monster designs; even the worse ones on the list had a lot of character and creativity. I swear, they just don't design monsters like they used to, for better or worse. There were definitely good monsters made after the Showa era, but it had the best and most creative ones, if you ask me. I will say that I think the Showa era starting faltering after Destroy All Monsters; even if it added cool new monsters, the actual stories suffered, if you ask me, only getting better with the Mechagodzilla movies. There is also the fact that there was a clear lack of budget with the latter day Showa films, which was especially apparent in Godzilla's Revenge and Godzilla VS Gigan. In the end, though, I think the creativity of the first era shines through.

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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by Dynomy-DX »

While I have favorites in each era, I’m a huge fan of the Monsterverse. They take what works about the monsters in previous movies and expand it in ways that tie to mythology and crazy sci-fi in the latter half of the movies. It feels like a little bit of everything, which weirdly works for me, if that makes sense.
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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by gomezm6 »

This was difficult as I enjoy both the Show and Heisei periods equally, and I would agree as I have also enjoyed Monsterverse Universe very well. I did pick Heisei mainly due to it including some of the best model work, Return of Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Biollante, and Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II which are some of my favorite Godzilla films, and while some of them used quite a bit reputition on their soundtracks, I feel the Heisei soundtracks are much more complete and done. I will say that this period also holds a special place in my heart since I was able to get the videos of these films (Japanese versions with subtitles) way back in 1996, after getting them either via a company in California or a cousin who lived in Japan. After seeing certain scenes in magazines in 1994-1995 (not to mention the articles which came out about Godzilla's death in Destroyah), I spent much time obtaining the films.
I will admit that out of all the eras, the Millennium and Reiwa eras I feel are the weakest. That is not to say the films are bad, I just don't enjoy some of them as much (such as the anime films and the colossal mix-up of Final Wars which could have been an excellent film, but it got bogged down by too much Hollywood influences, and monsters and fights which lasted too short of a time). Hopefully we will see more films in the near future (live-action) either from the Monsterverse or Toho which will give the Reiwa period much more power.

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Re: What Is Your Favorite Godzilla Era And Why?

Post by edgaguirus »

I prefer the Showa era. The main reason is that those are the movies I saw growing up, but they also have some great films. The level of creativity they had produced interesting kaiju and stories. They also had skilled actors/actresses and music scores to highlight those stories.
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