DVD Box Set Title
 The Godzilla Collection
Company: Classic Media Release: 2007
Region: 1 Discs: 7
DVDs Included:
  - Gojira - Godzilla
  - Godzilla Raids Again
  - Mothra vs. Godzilla
  - Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
  - Invasion of Astro-Monster
  - All Monsters Attack
  - Terror of Mechagodzilla
Andrew Nguyen (submission)

Released in November of 2007, this collection consisted of all of the Godzilla DVDs that had been released in the US by Classic Media during their second string of DVD titles for the franchise. While the first five had been released on individual DVDs by that time, the release of this boxset would also include the first chance for consumers to get the "new" DVD releases of both All Monsters Attack and Terror of Mechagodzilla from Classic Media.