DVD Title
International Title
DVD Length
Original Length
116 Minutes
116 Minutes
Year of Manufacture
English, Japanese, French
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Aspect Ratio
- Menus (English)
Chapters (28)
- Trailers: Returner (US), Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (US), Cyborg 009 (US) , So Close (US)
- Production Diary, with or without commentary (54 minutes)
- Action Coordinator, Takenari Tsuneyoshi, interview (5 minutes)
- Art Director, Takenari Tsuneyoshi, interview (6 minutes)
- Visual Effects, before and after shots (8 minutes)

Returner, a film which enjoyed a limited theatrical release in the United States, is Tristar's first non-kaiju Toho release. The DVD has, like their other releases from Tristar, excellent video and audio quality; however, the disc goes above and beyond as it contains numerous worthwhile extras, a rarity for a Tristar DVD of a Toho film.

The video quality found on this disc is, more or less, superb. The colors are vibrant, with no signs of color fading, and the brightness is set at just the right level on this disc, which is fortunate as the film itself tends to be rather dark during most scenes; however, the contrast is a little low, and colors aren't quite as vibrant as they could be. The picture quality is noticeably sharp, but does show small signs of artifacting and noise levels could be better. Thankfully the print used in the transfer is in perfect condition, containing no noticeable scratches, which can be expected from a film only 2 years old.

The audio presentation on this disc is especially note worthy, and it makes one wish that other companies when this extra mile, as the DVD is intact with the original Japanese audio track, a adequate English audio track and a French audio track. The audio tracks are complemented with subtitles, available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese; furthermore, it should be noted that, unlike Tristar's previous two Godzilla releases for 2004, the English subtitles correspond with the Japanese audio track, not with the English dubbing. The audio quality itself is superb, with no pops in any of the three audio tracks, and the stereo moments shine through perfectly (such as when the Daggra craft fly over head in scenes, and the audio tracks them).

The extras found on this disc are really top notch, as there is over a hour of bonus material to be found on this DVD. We are presented with a modest collection of trailers, two of which belong to Anime films/series; unfortunately, the trailers are all for the US versions. Also included on the disc is a awesome "Production Diary," which documents the making of the film, and clocks in at well over 50 minutes in length. The "Production Diary" is available without commentary, or with commentary from the director (Takashi Yamazaki) and lead actress Ann Suzuki (role of Miri in the film). The disc also includes interviews with the film's action coordinator, Takenari Tsuneyoshi, and art director, Anri Johjo, each of which clocks in around the 5 minute mark. The last extra, and probably the most interesting one, is a scene by scene comparison between scenes without added CGI and the end result once the CGI is in place.

Bottom line, anyone, who has even a remote interest in the film, should pick up this disc as the video and audio presentation alone make this a worth while DVD, but it also comes backed with enough extras to really make the disc a worth while addition into most collections.

-Anthony Romero