DVD Title
 Super Star God: Gransazers 11
International Title
 The Gransazers [Episodes: 40, 41, 42, 43]
Movie Length: 97 minutes Original Length: 97 minutes
Company: Toho Release: 2004
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Anamorphic: No
Region: 2 Discs: 1
Japanese (2.0 Stereo)
· Menus (Japanese)
· Chapters (20)
· Character Intros (1 Minute)
· "Next Time" Outtakes (14 Minutes)
· Commercials (6 Minutes)
Anthony Romero

The 11th volume of The Gransazers show contains episodes 40-43, which covers a two-parter with Logia and the first two episodes of the popular Bosquito story arc. As for the quality of this DVD from Toho, it's a pretty good release, sporting a solid video and audio presentation along with a decent selection of extras.


About as good as one could expect, given the source material. The video track is presented in a 1.33:1 format, matching the show's original full screen aspect ratio. The colors on this transfer are generally superb, presenting a very vivid and rich array. The source is also in excellent shape, presenting very little noise which is complemented by the lack of noticeable digital inconsistencies. The video also looks fairly sharp when one takes into consideration that this wasn't produced using film stock. In fact, the only real complaint to be had is that there is a noticeable amount of window boxing (the black area around the image), which is particularly odd considering that it's a full screen transfer anyway and, thus, totally unnecessary.


This disc includes one audio track, which is a two channel stereo presentation of the show's original Japanese format. The audio quality is generally great, with no noticeable distortions to be noted during the duration of the four episodes. In fact, the only thing holding it back is the lack of more robust options, like a multi-channel surround mix.


The 11th Gransazers DVD has a decent selection of extras, although nothing in particular to write home about. The best feature on this disc is the "Next Time" Outtakes. This is an odd supplement, as it contains 14 minutes of alternate "Next Time" sequences, the kind of which play at the end of each episode to state what's coming up. A lot of this is footage from the episodes themselves, and not really noteworthy, although a good portion of the footage is also brand new, such as Youhi walking through the countryside, and ended up never being used at all. Overall, it's worth viewing, although the music, which is the same theme looped endless, can get fairly grating.

As for the other extras, the disc includes a six minute collection of Gransazers commercials, and a brief one minute "introduction" video, that has each of the Sazers stating their name and striking a pose. Sadly, neither of these is all that interesting.


Bottom line, it's a good DVD, presenting a solid lineup of episodes from the show with good quality and a decent selection of extras. The only thing to be wary of, not surprisingly, is the rather hefty price tag, which is a little hard to stomach given what's included.