DVD Title
Cursed House: Bloodthirsty Eyes
International Title
Lake of Dracula
DVD Length Original Length
82 Minutes 82 Minutes
Company Year of Manufacture
Toho 2005
Language Subtitles
Japanese Japanese
Region Number of Discs
2 1
Aspect Ratio Sound
2.35:1 (Anamorphic) 1.0 Mono
Menus (Japanese)
Chapters (20)
Trailers: Lake of Dracula
Audio Commentary with Fumio Tanaka

A very decent release from Toho, featuring a beautiful presentation of the second film in Michio Yamamoto's "Bloodthirsty" trilogy.


The image quality is stunning. Lake of Dracula no doubt features the prettiest cinematography of any of the Bloodthirsty films and on this beautiful DVD Rokuro Nishigaki's stunning Mario Bava-like photography is no doubt nearly as nice looking as it was when the film was in presented in theaters 35 years ago. The colors are beautiful as well. Many of the Toho DVDs I've seen have a slightly muddy hue to them, the colors are quite vibrant on this disc, however. My only two very minor gripes with the transfer is that there is a layer of fine grain that covers the film throughout and the fact that the image is more severely window-boxed than the average Toho DVD. But those two little nit picks aside, its damn near perfect.


The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono audio is unspectacular, but sounds just fine and is very decent and servicable, and anyways, this is one film that would not really benefit much from a 5.1 remix.

There are also optional Japanese subtitles for the hard of hearing and no English subtitles, but the plot in Lake of Dracula is very simple and easy to follow.


This DVD doesn't offer much in the way of extras, mainly an audio commentary from producer Fumio Tanaka (which I can't review since my Japanese is amateur at best) and the film's theatrical trailer, but again, its quite servicable and the fact that there's an audio commentary on the disc adds extra points.


For fans of Yamamoto's Bloodthirsty saga, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

- J.L. Carrozzas