DVD Title
International Title
DVD Length Original Length
108 Minutes 155 Minutes
Company Year of Manufacture
Miracle Pictures 2002
Language Subtitles
English -
Region Number of Discs
0 1
Aspect Ratio Sound
1.33:1 2.0 Mono
. Menus (English)
. Chapters (8, 6 selectable from menu)
Rule of thumb about region 0 releases, they tend to suck. Miracle Pictures' release of Virus lives up to this reputation, with a pretty poor video presentation, a mediocre audio presentation, and no extras to speak of, save a hardly functioning menu. Sadly, though, this release is better than Diamond Entertainment's region 1 Virus disc.


Virus' video presentation is heavily flawed. The good part is that the colors on this release are vibrant; however, they tend to bleed into areas they shouldn't (best example of this can be seen here). The colors themselves appear to be all over the place, too, with the green levels to the magenta levels being too high all in the same scene. To demonstrate this, here is a screen capture taken at the 10:55 mark, and here is screen capture taken at the 10:57 mark, only two seconds later. Notice the incredibly shift in colors just in the general's face during that same scene. The entire film is plagued by these "shifting colors." As for the brightness level, it tends to be turned up a little too high here along with the contrast, which tends to mute some details (as seen here). Granted, it's better than the overly dark presentation found on Diamond's region 1 release. In regards to the amount of digital inconstancies, artifacting is a huge problem on this disc as the entire film appears pixialted and slightly blurry.

As for the print used in the transfer, it's the international version of the film, meaning that around 47 minutes of footage in total has been cut. The quality of the print isn't perfect either, there are some scratches that appear, although not enough to become a severe problem. In regards to the grain level, it's hard to determine because of the level of artifacting present, although it's safe to say there appears to be quite a bit. As for the aspect ratio, it's, disappointingly, the "ready for TV" ratio of 1.33:1.


The disc has a mono presentation of the film's audio track, which is a combination of English and Japanese spoken dialogue, although mostly English with the minimal Japanese dialogue that remains featuring English subtitles. The track here is a mono presentation, so no speaker distinction, but none of the dialogue is drowned out by the music here either. As for the quality of the audio track, there aren't any pops to be heard, but there is a very faint static noise that is heard through out the movie. One glitch, that should be noted, in the audio track occurs here around 10 minutes into the film, where a couple of the general's lines are curiously muted on this release for some reason.


Miracle Pictures' release has no extras. In fact, the menu on the film hardly works, with the DVD shifting to the scene selection menu if nothing is selected after a few seconds before the movie itself plays after a few more seconds if nothing is selected.


Bottom line, this disc is a pretty poor release, the unattractive cover should have been enough warning of that. Fortunately, the disc tends to be sold at dirt cheap prices, at the time of writing this Amazon has several copies being sold through other outlets which all charge less than a $1, so one will end up paying more for shipping than the actual disc. So, if it's a choice between this and Diamond Entertainment's region 1 Virus, go for Miracle's release. Or, better yet, one could go for the excellent, two disc, region 2 release of the film from Kadokawa if one is willing to spend $50 on the title.

-Anthony Romeros
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