DVD Title
Sword of Vengeance
International Title
DVD Length
Original Length
83 Minutes
83 Minutes
Year of Manufacture
Unit World Movie Inc.
Aspect Ratio
- Menus (English)
Chapters (10)

To sum up this DVD in one word: horrible. Sold in the UK and Ireland by Unit World Movie Inc, this DVD is region free and will play on all DVD players. To say that this DVD could be considered for the worst Toho DVD on the market would be unjust, the Region 1 Godzilla vs. Megalon by Alpha Video takes that honor, but this DVD is still bad enough to not belong in anyone's collection. The most noticeable flaw with this DVD is the brightness, which is turned way down. Any scene that takes place during night is completely unwatchable, and many day time scenes will even take on the appearance of night because the brightness level is so bad; furthermore, details are near impossible to determine as a result. As far as artifacting: well honestly because the movie is so dark its hard to tell. However, judging by the subtitles, which aren't removable, and the intro which is a very light scene, the artifacting appears to be quite awful as well. The movie appears quite grainy, and is very blury, especially the main menu for some reason. Scratches, when its not too dark to tell, are frequent during some scenes, like the intro, but don't detract from the viewing experience much. The audio could have been worse, as it appears to sound scratchy whenever the volume reaches a certain level, which compared to the video quality is a blessing. The scene selection menu, beyond looking pretty bad, has some rather odd audio. It takes about 8 seconds tell it kicks it, at which point it just has random segments of audio lifted from the movie playing for a little over a minute till it repeats. As far as any kind of actual extras go, you'll have to look else where as the DVD is devoid of 'em. Bottom line, avoid at all costs. Thankfully there is a Region 1 release of this film which is much better, so even if you are interested in the film there is a alternative.

-Anthony Romero