DVD Title
Hanzo the Razor: The Snare
International Title
Hanzo the Razor: The Snare
DVD Length Original Length
89 Minutes 89 Minutes
Company Year of Manufacture
HVE 2005
Language Subtitles
Japanese English
Region Number of Discs
1 1
Aspect Ratio Sound
2.35:1 (Anamorphic) 2.0 Mono
. Menus (English)
. Chapters (16)
. Trailers: Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice, Hanzo the Razor: The Snare, Hanzo the Razor: Who's Got the Gold?
. 2 pages of liner notes by Michael Raine found in the booklet

The second DVD in HVE's Hanzo the Razor box set, The Snare continues the trend established by the first disc in the set, but doesn't contain the same damage to the print that Sword of Justice had. The Snare here is a pretty good release overall, with superb video quality and a well done audio presentation, although it is lacking in terms of extra content.


In all respects, the video presentation found on HVE's The Snare is nearly flawless. The DVD has a very vibrant array of colors to show off here, while the brightness level is set just right. In regards to digital inconsistencies, they are all but unnoticeable here, as there aren't any heavy signs of artifacting while edge enhancement is handled well, with the film looking very sharp. Noise levels are also good, as grain or digital noise is hardly noticeable. The print used in the transfer is also in great shape, or has been restored to the point where it looks pristine with no scratches to be found. Sadly, the frame isn't stable here, and does jump a little during the main title. It only occurs once, and it's the only thing holding this disc back from getting a full score in regards to the video presentation.

The Snare is presented in its original aspect ratio of 2.35:1, and is Anamorphic for widescreen TVs.


Like the first disc in the set, the audio presentation is pretty faithful to the source. The Snare is presented here in a 2.0 mono presentation of the film's Japanese audio track. The track itself is well preserved here, with dialogue and the soundtrack sounding very clear here. There isn't any speaker distinction here, due to the mono format, and a speaker or surround presentation would have been nice, although at least the mono track sounds faithful here. The audio track is accompanied by, removable, English subtitles.

 Extras: Star Rating

As with the other discs in the set, the extra content found on The Snare is a pretty weak showing. The same three trailers (Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice, Hanzo the Razor: The Snare, Hanzo the Razor: Who's Got the Gold?) are found here, all three looking incredible in terms of video and audio presentation. There are some liner notes included too, compiled by Michael Raine, which discuss the more controversial aspects of the film and the subtext behind them.

On a side note, the same "tunnel of love" themed main menu screen is used here, which is, again, fairly painful to watch for a extended period of time.


Bottom line, this disc is a pretty solid release with a outstanding video presentation and a well established audio presentation. The lack of extras is disappointing, but it's hard to argue with considering the bargain retail price that the Hanzo the Razor set sells for.

This disc can only be purchased in the DVD box set Hanzo the Razor.

-Anthony Romero  
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