DVD Title
Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon
International Title
Yamato Takeru
DVD Length Original Length
104 Minutes 104 Minutes
Company Year of Manufacture
ADV Films 2003
Language Subtitles
English, Japanese English
Region Aspect Ratio
1 1.85:1
Color Sound
Color Stereo
- Menus (English)
- Chapters (24)
- Trailers: Gamera: Revenge of Iris (ADV Films), Destroy All Monsters (ADV Films), Princess Blade (ADV Films), Yokai Monsters: Along With Ghosts (ADV Films), Daimajin Trilogy (ADV Films), Dragon Blue (ADV Films)

In a surprising move, ADV releases a Region 1 DVD of Yamato Takeru, Japanese with English subtitles, before Toho releases a Region 2 disc in Japan. Possibly Toho has changed their stance on the importing of Region 1's conflicting with sales of their own releases, or they just simply had no plans to release the box office dud, Yamato Takeru, in Japan anytime soon. Either way, the video presentation found here is pretty subpar, while the audio presentation is overall very good, but the disc lacks any noteworthy extras.

The video quality found on ADV's disc for Yamato Takeru leaves some to be desired. The aspect ratio is 1.85:1, which is the original presentation ratio for the film. Furthermore, this DVD has the cut credit sequence from the VHS tape, which in itself is rather nice. However, the film does suffer from some noticeable artificating. The picture appears slightly grainy and blurry through out, which is very noticeable, but no where near as bad as Simitars releases. The print used is not perfect, as there are mild scratches found through out. Fortunately, the number of scratches on the print never detract from the viewing experience.

The audio is easily the disc's strongest point. The Japanese audio track is presented, flawlessly, in its original stereo format, and never sounded better. The English, dubbed, audio track, however, isn't quite as perfect. Beyond the overall performances by the dubbed actors, what one could expect from Toho's International dubs, the English track just sounds weaker, like it was recorded at a much lower volume (and it obviously was when comparing the two), and loses the flare of the stereo format that the Japanese has.

The extras here are pretty bad, as the only extra to speak of is six trailers for some of ADVs other live action DVD releases.

Bottom line: its Yamato Takeru, and its in Japanese with subtitles; that will likely be enough of a selling point for anyone interested in the film. However, with the lack of extras and noticeable artifacting, people who don't already have a interest in the film would probably be better off skipping it.

-Anthony Romero