DVD Title
Gamera: Attack of Legion
International Title
DVD Length
Original Length
100 Minutes
99 Minutes
Year of Manufacture
ADV Films
English, Japanese
Aspect Ratio
- Menus (English)
- Chapters (24)
- Trailers: Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (Teaser, #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5), Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (ADV Films), Farscape (ADV Films), Princess Blade (ADV Films), Zone of Enders: Dolores 1 (ADV Films), Rahxephon (ADV Films), Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (ADV Films)
- TV Spots: Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (10 in total),
Interview with special effects director Shinji Higuchi (Second of three)
- Gamera 2: Advent of Legion press conference footage
Gamera 2: Advent of Legion behind the scenes footage
- Footage from Toshi Expo Dome's Gamera exhibit, Sapporo Youth Museum's Gamera World, Tenmaya Fukuyama Branch's Great Gamera exhibit 
- Gamera 2: Advent of Legion opening night footage
Dubbing Outtakes
- Lake Texarkana Gamera (ADV short using Gamera 2 footage)

Everything done wrong on ADV's Gamera: Guardian of the Universe DVD release is corrected for the second entry in the series. While the video quality isn't as good as it could be, the excellent audio presentation and numerous extras more than make up for it.

The video presentation found on Gamera: Attack of Legion is a mixed bag. Artifacting is less noticeable than the previous disc from ADV, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, but still leaves some to be desired as the film appears a little blurry through out. The colors appear rather vibrant on this disc, however, its still noticeable that the contrast and brightness have been turned down slightly from their correct levels. The print used for the transfer, though, is all put devoid of scratches; furthermore, its the Japanese version of the film, not one which ADV tampered with, which means no ugly black boxs with green English text inside to cover Japanese text found in the film and the original Japanese title sequence is present.

Like ADV's Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, audio presentation is a strong point here. We are presented with a flawless Japanese language track, complete with removable English subtitles, along with ADV's English dubbed version of the film. The dub track is nothing to write home about, as one would expect, but there are far worse efforts out there. Both tracks are presented here in Stereo.

The extras on this disc are really above and beyond, without a doubt the best for any Region 1 DVD currently reviewed on the site. We are presented with trailers, TV spots, an interview with special effects director Higuchi (part two of a three part series), the press event, behind the scenes footage, footage from various Gamera exhibits, and footage from Gamera 2: Advent of Legion's opening night (for general note: all of this was taken from the Region 2 release of the film). ADV went the extra step, however, by adding "Outtakes" and a short called 'Lake Texarkana Gamera.' Now first off, before anyone gets their hopes up, these "outtakes" are actually, intentional, "dubbing outtakes" that poke fun at some of the lines and situations in the film. They range from funny to embarrassingly bad, such as the scenes where they dub for Gamera, but its worth a look. The Lake Texarkana Gamera short is actually the better of the two. The premise is that the Legion have found their way to other parts of the world, Texarkana in this case, and are launching a global attack. So the short, taking a key note from Woody Allen's dub job of Key of Keys as What's Up Tiger Lily?, picks scenes from the movie and re-dubs them in a "red neck" fashion. The result is sometimes comic gold, although it also "misses its mark" quite a bit as well. It should be noted that both of these extras are, arguably, unsuitable for young children which might be a concern for some. To end on a high note, ADV seems to have fixed the problem with Gamera: Guardian of the Universe's measly number of chapters by tripling the number to 24 for Gamera: Attack of Legion.

Bottom line: an excellent DVD in most regards, with enough extras to make most other DVDs, not just ones for Toho films, blush. Easily the best of ADV's Gamera releases.

-Anthony Romero