Tsuchigumo 土蜘蛛


Conceived By : Takao Okawara

Powers / Weapons

Webbing from mouth


Yamato Takeru (1994)

Series // Unused Character

Official concept artwork by Minoru Yoshida


Created in the early stages of Yamato Takeru (1994), Tsuchigumo was intended to battle the heroes Yamato Takeru, Oto Tachibana, Seiryu, and Genbu. In an early script, the headstrong Kumaso Takeru would have had a younger brother, who would end up transforming into the hideous Tsuchigumo through the powerful magic of Tsukinowa. Its defining traits would have been its half-human and half-spider appearance, with the face or torso being comprised of its original body and the rest being that of a large spider.

In the end, it would be director Takao Okawara's idea to scrap both Kumaso Takeru's younger brother and Tsuchigumo in favor of the lava-born deity, Kumasogami.


  • The mention of this monster and its various concept artwork can be found in the 1994 Japanese publication, Yamato Takeru Super Complete Works (ISBN: 4091010229).
  • Its Japanese name literally translates to "earth spider" or "soil spider".