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Jojiro Okami

Space Mons

Japanese Title

[Supesu Monsu]

Born from the Van Allen radiation belt, an invisible menace called the "Space Mons" appear outside of Earth's orbit. The creatures are attacked in outer space by P-Ship rocket planes, but the assault has no effect. Altering shape, the monsters begin to consume the planes. A nearby universal space station becomes aware of the danger. However, as ships mobilize around the station, the creature ascends on the giant structure, quickly destroying it.

On Earth, defense preparations are prepared as the beasts make their way through the atmosphere. Ground-to-air missiles are utilized, but prove ineffective. The creatures' first target is America, as they appear on Broadway in New York, consuming any diamonds that they find. After gorging, the "Space Mons" travel out to sea, lifting a giant cruise ship on the way. The menace then ventures across the United States. Emerging in San Francisco, they attack the Golden Gate Bridge, ripping it from its foundation and carrying it away.

Later, the invisible monsters appear in Russia, feasting at high-grade coal mines. The beasts then travel across the Pacific, destroying more ships on their way to Tokyo. Appearing in the city, the monsters seek out diamonds while claiming the lives of thousands. During the assault, they lift Tokyo Tower and also a bullet train. Eventually they come across a nuclear power plant, destroying the reactors in a bid to feast on the carbon rods.

Luckily, a trap is sprung and one of the "Space Mons" is captured in Japan. Analyzed by the world's scientists, the molecular composition is discovered. From this research, an attack plan involving powerful Beta-Ray Generator cannons is put into effect. The beams neutralize the monsters, converting them into another substance as they are all destroyed. As it turns out, this new substance can be used as a powerful source of energy, giving hope to humanity as global recovery efforts begin.

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This early 1960's space opera depicts an invisible threat, called the "Space Mons", that terrorize the earth. Written by Jojiro Okami, the movie would have followed the futuristic settings of his later two films: Battle in Outer Space (1959) and Gorath (1962). It also contains an ongoing theme of his work: humanity uniting on a global scale to address a threat, which after aliens and a rogue star is now monsters. In terms of the production crew, the story treatment was set to be turned into a full script by Shinichi Sekizawa while Ishiro Honda would direct and Eiji Tsuburaya would handle the special effects.

However, the concept lamented at Toho for some time after the initial pitch in 1962. It was dusted off, though, in 1964 and renamed to "Earth's Martial Law" (地球戒厳令 - Chikyu Kaigenrei). This title didn't last long, though, as another draft was submitted with the name "Space Monster" (宇宙大怪獣 - Uchu Daikaiju), dropping the unique "Mons" name of the original concept. During this process the project went through a heavy revision by Shinichi Sekizawa. Gone was the futuristic setting that had been a stable of Okami's other films. Instead it was set in modern times with elements that would be relatable to audiences. For example, the initial attack on the space station and rocket planes was replaced by a short sequence of the creature destroying a modern television satellite. The global angle was also downplayed, talked about but the story always stays in Japan. A jewel heist concept was also added, which became the side story to the movie. Finally the Space Mons were adapted into a monster called Dogora, of which other alterations occurred. The two still shared an appetite for carbon, like diamonds, but instead of always being invisible throughout the film the Dogora do eventually take an on screen, squid-like appearance. A weakness to venom for the monsters was also added, that would be used in the climax.

The concept went through more drafts, and had its title eventually changed to "Space Monster Dogora" before being released in 1964.


Space Mons
Space Mons

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Background and Trivia

  • Note: the "Space Mons" are invisible in nature, and the image in this article is Toho Kingdom's interpretation of making them more tangible and does not reflect how they would have appeared had the movie been made.
  • A full color story treatment was created for this concept, with over 20 images developed to showcase various sequences that would have been in the movie. These images are found in the Godzilla & Toho - Tokusatsu Pictorial Sketch (ISBN: 9784798617442) publication.
  • The story treatment, seen in Godzilla & Toho - Tokusatsu Pictorial Sketch (ISBN: 9784798617442), notes the creatures as "Space Mons", always in quotes although never refers to them by another name.

Concept Evolution

Space Mons Concept Evolution Dogora
Space Mons   Dogora