Rokmutul ロクムトゥル


Conceived By : Josh Nizzi

Powers / Weapons



Godzilla (2014)

Series // Unused Character

No Sound


A six-legged creature armed with a spiked tail, Rokmutul was created as an opponent for Godzilla to fight. Despite appearing in several pieces of concept art, the monster was ultimately dropped in favor of the MUTO somewhere down the line.

  • The concept art featured above was created by Josh Nizzi, and used with permission. Another of his drawings has Rokmutul engaged in combat against Godzilla. Both can be viewed on his website.
  • According to the date on the monster's artwork, it was either completed or submitted on April 29, 2011, while the date on the monster's battle artwork with Godzilla is May 12, 2011.
  • Concept art by Frank Hong depicts a battle scenario with Rokmutul and Godzilla near San Francisco, the two roaring at one another, as military aircraft pass by overhead.
  • The corpse of another multi-legged monster appeared in the 2012 Comic-Con teaser trailer for Godzilla (2014), though its similarities to Rokmutul are more coincidental as Max Borenstein was still in the process of writing the movie's script as the teaser was being produced.