Intended Release: 1978

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The Loch Ness Monster, Nessie, begins a series of attacks on humanity. Venturing out from the North Sea, the monster starts attacking ships in the Pacific Ocean.


A Toho and Hammer co-production, the film was first proposed back in 1976; however, delays kept pushing it back tell it ended up being a project for 1978, and was featured in Toho's annual lineup for that year. The project was far enough along that advance posters were already created as well. Although some reports point that the film might have still been in production as late as 1979 before the movie was finally canned.

The cast from the project, as stated on the poster, are: Bryan Forbes as director, Teruyoshi Nakano as special effects director, David Frost, Euan Lloyd, Michael Carreras, and Tomoyuki Tanaka as producers.

Work on the film had actually already commenced on Toho's part by the time that the financial backing from Hammer fell through. Art director Yasuyuki Inoue had already designed and created the Nessie prop by the time the project was finally axed. Furthermore, a 250 page script had also been created for the concept. This wasn't the first time a co-production between Toho and a foreign company resulted in one of the companies pulling out after production had started though, the first being the TV version of Varan in 1958. However, after the rights issues involving another failed joint venture, Latitude Zero (1969), following its initial theatrical release, this project was most likely best deemed left unfinished.

The project is also sometimes referred to by its longer title: Nessie: The Loch Ness Monster.

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