Mikado Zombie
  Intended Release: 1989

Conceived by: Tomoo Haraguchi

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A World War II soldier rises from the dead to become a zombie and begins to terrorize the citizens of modern Japan.


A simple horror movie concept created by makeup artist Tomoo Haraguchi. The project was beginning to take off as props were created, including one of the Mikado Zombie that is pictured above, while the film's crew was readied as the production was going to be primarily independently produced. Unfortunately, the timing for such a movie in Japan was off.

In 1989, just before filming started, the controversy surrounding real life serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki had began to pick up steam. Miyazaki's crimes became popular tabloid fodder that year and a hot topic throughout Japan as his graphic and inhuman slayings of four young girls hit headlines across the country. As the killer's background was explored, it was revealed that Miyazaki was an avid collector of horror films, and that he even re-enacted some of the onscreen murders with his victims. Consequently, this made the horror genre in Japan a controversial issue around this time. Fearing this climate, Mikado Zombie was canceled.

Haraguchi didn't give up on the concept though, and instead molded the idea into more of a science fiction film by basing it on a World War II era cyborg that would be resurrected in modern times. To adapt the idea, various script writers were brought in, including Hara Masami, although Junki Takegami was the one to finally finish the screenplay in 1990, giving birth to Mikadroid which would start filming on January 20th, 1991.

It's interesting to note that the models created for this project would eventually get used in Mikadroid, with the zombie props doubling as aged corpses in the final film.

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