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Conceived By: Shusuke Kaneko
  Powers/Weapons: Unknown
Considered For: Godzilla vs. M (2001)
Unused Character  


Once an ill fated astronaut named Takegami, "M" was born after the man was exposed to an extraterrestrial virus. The virus caused the host to lose his humanity, transforming him into an alien looking creature and growing to an immense size. The beast still had a mental bond with his daughter, and remained largely benevolent as it tried to defend Japan from the threat of Godzilla.

M was the brain child of director Shusuke Kaneko, his original monster concept after he decided against having Godzilla fight the Kamacuras for his 2001 film. On the most broad scale, the creature shared at least a few plot similarities with the monster Frankenstein from Frankenstein vs. Baragon (1965): growing from a human size to several meters tall and being a misunderstood creature against the real threat. The bond the creature shared with his daughter, however, brought a very different angle to the production. Ultimately, though, the ideas was scraped as Kaneko looked for a concept that would translate to a film that wasn't as dark in its ending.

Note: The concept for the monster above was created by artist Raf Gonzalez for use by Toho Kingdom. It was not created by Toho nor is it their official look for the unused character.