Invisible Man vs. the Human Torch

A man with the power to ignite himself, as well as others, begins a rampage across Japan. Meanwhile, a policeman stumbles upon a way to make himself invisible. Using this new found power, the policeman goes to confront this Human Torch that has been terrorizing Japan, and put a stop to him.


The project was written by Jun Fukuda, and was no doubt the project he was going to work on while Ishiro Honda was going to take the reins of the next Godzilla film, Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975). It appears though that the film didn't get that far beyond the script and some conceptual art. In fact, it would be two years later before Jun Fukuda started work on another movie, The War in Space (1977), which consequently would be his last film for Toho.

Invisible Man (2nd Generation), Human Torch