Lost Project: Godzilla vs. Bagan (1991)

Unmade Film
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Kazuki Omori

Godzilla vs. Bagan

Japanese Title

[Gojira vs. Bagan]

The reawakened Godzilla does battle with the ancient god of darkness, Bagan.

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After the cancellation of the ambitious Mothra vs. Bagan, director Kazuki Omori and staff returned to the drawing board. Not confident in Mothra's ability to draw in moviegoers, the moth goddess would be rotated out in favor of Godzilla for a 1991 big screen appearance. One of Omori's earliest scripts for a sequel to Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) consisted of Godzilla vs. Bagan, with the king of the monsters squaring off against the scrapped antagonist of the 1990 movie. However, as King Ghidorah had proven to be highly popular with polled Japanese audiences during Biollante's run, and with the 60th anniversary of Toho on the horizon, the three-headed monster was eventually chosen to be Godzilla's opponent in what would become Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991).


Background and Trivia

  • The article picture featuring the Bagan model was created by digital artist dopepope using Yasushi Nirasawa's concept art as a basis and commissioned for use on Toho Kingdom by staff. This and other renders can be viewed on dopepope's ArtStation and deviantArt pages.
  • The mention of this movie can be found in an interview with director and writer Kazuki Omori conducted by Brett Homenick in July 2006. In the interview, Omori mentions that Godzilla vs. Bagan was just one of several drafts where Godzilla was pitted against a variety of different foes in other unspecified "versus" movies, and that it was "another year that went by" following the cancellation of Mothra vs. Bagan before he wrote the script for Godzilla vs. Bagan. Special thanks to Brett Homenick of Vantage Point Interviews for his permission to share snippets of his article on the site.
  • Despite sharing the same title, this unmade movie has no similarities to the 1995 screenplay Godzilla vs. Bagan.

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