Godzilla vs. the Asuka Fortress

Unmade Film
Intended Release:

Conceived by:

Shinichi Sekizawa, Tomoyuki Tanaka

Godzilla vs. the Asuka Fortress

Japanese Title

[Gojira Tai Asuka Yosai]

Amongst revolt within the government, Godzilla does battle with a giant mech constructed by the Self Defense Force.

Background - Images - Concept Evolution


The concept for this production was penned by longtime series writer Shinichi Sekizawa along with producer and then Toho president Tomoyuki Tanaka. Despite what the title might suggest, Godzilla's rival in this production was to be a humanoid robot constructed by the Self Defense Force, either as part of the "Asuka Fortress" or it was to be the title character.

Details are unfortunately very scarce. Among those things uncertain is what type of role Godzilla was to play. Due to the revolt within the government, which was certainly an interesting story vehicle on the part of writer Sekizawa, it's quite possible that the "Asuka Fortress" was going to be manned by a rogue part of the government and the movie could have seen Godzilla slip into his hero persona to defeat it. In fact, it's quite possible that this movie would have continued the Showa series, although given the lack of details it's hard to say for sure either.



Background and Trivia

  • The article picture featuring the Asuka Fortress was done through Toho Kingdom's interpretation to give a visual representation of the concept. It does not represent what Godzilla's opponent might have looked like in the film and is not based on concept art.
  • Mook's Kaiju You Don't Know: Big Encyclopedia (Anata no Shira nai Kaiju Maru hi dai Hyakka or あなたの知らない 怪獣マル秘大百科) collects a variety of information on lost monster concepts, not just for Toho although aborted projects like Nessie are covered as well. The contents of this publication have been reprinted a number of times, including in 1997 (ISBN 489691242X) and 2003 (ISBN 4896917340). Volume 7 of this series covers Godzilla vs. the Asuka Fortress and cites that this concept started as early as 1977. Like many projects of this period, the concept struggled on as a possible revival for Godzilla before being shuttered.