Lost Project: Godzilla: Great Naval Battle

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Yosuke Nakano

Godzilla: Great Naval Battle

Japanese Title

[Gojira Dai Kaisen]

The abuse of limited nuclear weapons in conflict zones in the Middle East attracts Godzilla, who is drawn to the various energy sources. Additionally, three new monsters appear in countries around the world, transformed into monstrous creatures due to the influence of the nuclear weapons used in the various conflict zones.

Time is of the essence as the three rivaling monsters destroy everything in their respective paths to prey upon Godzilla, the ultimate nuclear energy source. Keenly aware of the ensuing devastation, G-Force deploys their latest and greatest weapons across the globe in an effort to save as many human lives as possible from the threat of the four monsters, to include a new serpent-like Mechagodzilla built specifically for underwater warfare.

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Following the completion of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994)'s filming, a "proposal tournament" was held among assistant directors of Kawakita's staff group to see who could pen the next film in the series. One submission included Godzilla: Great Naval Battle by Yosuke Nakano (referred to hereafter by his professional name, Yo★Nakano), which would have largely centered around G-Force responding to the appearance of four monsters terrorizing the world.

The three new monsters introduced in this proposal were based on rare sea creatures such as ammonites and sea scorpions, and all three monsters were to converge in a climactic battle against Godzilla. Despite being of low intelligence and sporting different abilities and appearances from one another, the origins of the new monsters were intentionally made to mirror Godzilla's own birth, monsters born from war and nuclear weapons due to human folly.

Yo★Nakano's primary objective was to write a proposal that took full advantage of the sea, a setting typically reserved for the first half of Godzilla movies, all the way up to the story's climax. In addition, troops from around the world were written into the story to participate in the battle against the four monsters, providing a movie rich in realistic military action. An underwater-adept Mechagodzilla was also involved in the story in some capacity, a machine created by G-Force in the form of a sea serpent from an ancient legend.

Despite the unique ocean-focused setting and grand scale of the story, Godzilla: Great Naval Battle was never realized for the big screen.


New Monster A
New Monster A
New Monster B
New Monster B
New Monster C
New Monster C
Underwater Mechagodzilla
Underwater Mechagodzilla

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New G-Force Weapons
New JSDF Weapons
New JSDF Weapons

Background and Trivia

  • Some minor details regarding this story proposal can be found in the 2017 book, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Perfection (ISBN: 4798615811).
  • The new enemy monsters introduced in the story were never given actual names, instead simply referred to as "New Monster" (新怪獣 - Shin Kaiju) A, B, and C, though Yo★Nakano supplied concept art for the monsters and their confrontation with Godzilla to Toho. Deep-sea creatures were used at a motif for these monsters as such underwater creatures carried a sense of mystery and "romance" about them. In addition, while concept art was not necessary to accompany his proposal, Yo★Nakano felt it necessary to more properly convey the story's appeal to Toho's executives: "The story is important in a monster movie, but I think the visual power - especially the charm of monsters who appear in it - is as important as the story."
    Special thanks goes to Yo★Nakano, who shared a wealth of information concerning the specifics of his story with Toho Kingdom staff. Upon further reflection, he also concluded: "This movie costs too much."

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