Frankenstein vs. the Human Vapour
  Intended Release: 1963

Conceived by: Shinichi Sekizawa

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Mizuno, the Human Vapour, returns after the explosion at the theater. This time he is searching for a scientist by the name of Gildor. As it turns out, the doctor has recently stolen the body of the Frankenstein monster from a cemetery in Germany and managed to revive the creature in his laboratory in Hong Kong. This news reaches Mizuno, who visits Gildor's lab in hopes that the doctor might be able to resurrect his lost love, Fujichiyo Kasuga, who perished in the explosion at the theater house.


Since the dawn of the 1960's, Toho had wanted to make a film that incorporated the Frankenstein monster. This 1963 effort by writer Shinichi Sekizawa marks one of their earlier attempts after halting their first effort on Frankenstein vs. Godzilla. This project, which had its first draft completed by Sekizawa on February 20th, 1963, pits the Frankenstein creature up against Toho's the Human Vapour. As expected, the project had both Ishiro Honda signed on to direct and Eiji Tsuburaya on board for the special effects. Unfortunately, the production never got very far past the initial draft stage, although Sekizawa would try his luck again with the character for another draft on Frankenstein vs. Godzilla.

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Frankenstein Human Vapour