The Flying Battleship
  Intended Release: 1966

Conceived by: Shinichi Sekizawa

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The adventures of a mammoth craft called the Space Battleship that is capable of both air and sea travel.


This concept by Shinichi Sekizawa saw a lot of evolution during its development before it was finally canceled. Early concept art indicates that at one point this film would have starred the Gotengo and would have been a follow up to the 1963 production Atragon. More concept art for the project shows the α (Alpha) class ship from The Mysterians (1957), and another the SPIP from Battle in Outer Space (1959), although the name "Past Future" is cited. However, by the time Sekizawa submitted his first draft on October 3rd, 1966, the craft had changed to a totally new design called the Space Battleship that was done by Shigeru Komatsuzaki. Reportedly, the project was going to be co-financed by Henry Saperstein before it fell through. The work would not be in vein, though, as Eiji Tsuburaya took the concept and produced a show out of it called Mighty Jack in 1968 through Tsuburaya Productions, while Sekizawa would also reuse his ideas for the ship in Latitude Zero (1969).

Note: no finalized picture exists for the Space Battleship, and the above design is merely Toho Kingdom's interpretation.

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