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Conceived By: Tetsuo Kanoshiro, Inoue Mitsuda
  Powers/Weapons: -
Considered For: Godzilla vs. Redmoon (1972)
Unused Character  


Erabus was conceived for the joint Toho and Tsuburaya Productions project Godzilla vs. Redmoon (1972). The creature was to be the female component of the monster pair, and the mother of the young Hafun.

After Godzilla vs. Redmoon (1972) was shelved, the creature was never considered for another project again. However, it did have an almost spiritual successor in the form of Daigoro's Mother's in Daigoro vs. Golaith (1972), the movie which ultimately resulted from the initial concept.

Note: No picture of the Erabus suit exists; the above image was created through modifying a picture of Daigoro's Mother's suit.